Tip of the Week!

What is a synonyme ?

This often appears in the reading comprehension questions.  It means 2 words that have the same meaning.

For example : vite / rapide

Quiz : Can you give me  a synonyme for “le feu”?

Leave your answer in the “leave a comment” above.  First correct answer wins a ticket for our 50 euros draw at Christmas!  Only 5 students will receive a raffle ticket …….

A la prochaine!

5 responses to “Tip of the Week!”

  1. Lidhan Barrett says:


  2. Jennifer Ryle says:

    le feu/la flamme

  3. Michéal Lyne says:

    un incendie

  4. Maggie Keane says:


  5. cormac deasy says:


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