Name that Song!

The first quiz for 2010.  Remember that anyone can enter this quiz – not only existing Essential French students – so dust off the French dictionary!

Do you know the song that these lyrics come from?

je te veux,  je monte et je descends dans la ville.

je te veux près de moi, chaque jour

je t’aime pour toujours.

rejoins-moi à mi-chemin

If you know the song’s title in English, reply by using the “leave a comment” above.

Winner will receive a ticket for our raffle, held every 5 weeks, for a voucher for 50 euros for a shop of your choice!

A la prochaine!

11 responses to “Name that Song!”

  1. Emma White 5y8 says:

    Meet me Halfway!!

  2. Jennifer Ryle says:

    Meet me half way-Black eyed peas

  3. Michéal Lyne says:

    Meet me halfway

  4. Emily Forde says:

    not too sure but
    Black Eyed Peas Meet Me Halfway 😀

  5. Jenna Ellis says:

    Black Eyed Peas – Meet Me Halfway

  6. Emer Tuohy says:

    Meet me halfway

  7. lynn kennedy says:

    meet me half way,black eyed peas!

  8. Katie Hayes says:

    meet me half way.. black eyed peas?

  9. Jessica Brosnan says:

    Meet me halfway , Black eyed peas ?

  10. Avril McCarthy says:

    Meet me halfway. Black Eyed Peas..

  11. Lidhan Barrett says:

    Meet me half way, black eyed peas.

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