5th year : Tip of the Week #3

This week’s extra class focused on grammar terminology for the Leaving Cert.

This area is often overlooked by pupil and teacher – it is so confusing!  However, there are valuable marks going for these questions in the reading comps – spending time on this is time well spent!

Let’s look at adverbs :  un Adverbe

An adverb describes the verb.  Example : He eats quickly : il mange rapidement

Adverbs in English usually end in “ly”  (quickly);  in french it usually ends in “ment” (rapidement).

Trouvez un adverbe :

“Au fil des ans, son discours s’assagit.  Il renonce à la révolution. Devenu député en 1986, il rassure suffisamment les classes pour être élu président, seize ans après 61% des voix”.

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