Essential French holds its first Vino and Verbs Party!

This afternoon Essential French held its first Vino and Verbs Party!!  We invited former Essential French students who are currently studying french in college.  It was great to see so many familiar faces – spanning LC exams since 2006.  Those who attended ranged from first year Arts, 1st year Mary I (buckets of ye!!) , 2nd year Law and French and Final Year Arts.

After a good catch-up, we looked at all 65 sentence compostions being used this year by our LC pupils.

I hope that the info was useful to those who attended!

One disappointment !  To those who attended – cant believe that ye left so much wine behind!!

Hope to organise something like that again soon….. any ideas on how to mix vino and grammar will be warmy welcomed!!

A la prochaine!

ps – by the way – there WAS a hole in my wine glass – thats why my glass needed regular top-ups….

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