FREE Online Help til Midnight!!

Essential French is leading the way, yet again, in innovative ways to help and advise our students!  To date, this service is the first of its kind in Ireland !

We are offfering  FREE online chats and help via facebook to our LC students doing the oral exams.  Believe it or not, I have sent over 650 messages and held over 200 online chats, and we still have the rest of the week to go!!  It has DEF paid off – fantastic feedback from our students so far.  Its so reassuring for them to know there is someone there to help – only a fb message away – til midnight!!

Absolutely thrilled with LC students this year with how they performed in their French and Irish oral exams!  The work has clearly paid off!

So keep those emails coming lads – thoroughly enjoying this new adventure !  Watch this space for even more new services available exclusive to our students!

If you are one of those students to have benefited from our online support – can you leave a comment to let me know your feedback!

One response to “FREE Online Help til Midnight!!”

  1. Daniel M says:

    I was chatting with Natasha for the few days coming up to the exam and she really helped me out a lot. She looked over the stuff I sent her and gave me suggestions on what I should and shouldn’t say, I’m only sorry I didn’t hear about her and her course sooner. She gave me some great sentences and phrases to use which were unique to me and really impressed the examiner.

    Just to point out, I live no where near Cork, and my only interaction with Natasha was through Facebook. Really helpful stuff.


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