Name that Song EN FRANCAIS!!!

Do you know the chanson that these mots are from??

J’espère que it will be vraiment difficile for ye!

” je ferme les yeux pendant une seconde est tu m’a attrapé en train de glisser”

Bonne chance!

7 responses to “Name that Song EN FRANCAIS!!!”

  1. Karen Coleman says:

    Until you were gone – Chipmunk and Esmee Denters

  2. David murphy says:

    chipmunk feat esmee denters- until you were gone.

  3. Susan Whyte says:

    I know it! 🙂 am I allowed enter?? I am fb mailing you the answer just incase I give it away and you kill me! 🙂

  4. Sinead Bevan says:

    Chipmunk ft. Esmee Denters- Until You Were Gone

  5. Aoife Burke says:

    Chipmunk Ft. Esmee Denters – Until You Were Gone

  6. cormac deasy says:

    Until you were gone by chipmunk and esemee denters

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