A little give and take goes a long way !

With the ongoing recession, I am so impressed by the number of people who have taken the plunge and gone out on their own.  Our upcoming Debs event hopes to give some of these brave individuals a chance to showcase their products and services.  Advertising can be a costly business – and us business owners need to stick together and give each other support and advice.

We are in business 14 years this month and I still learn new things about business everyday.  Indeed, I find chatting with new business owners gives me a renewed sense of belief in myself and my work.  New business owners have contagious enthusiasm and energy, that us golden oldies have sometimes  lost along the way.   A new business owner has a fresh and innovative way of looking at a business – something that all business owners need.

In return for this enthusiasm and freshness, us, golden oldies can give new business owners a few words of wisdom – based on our experience in the work place.

So golden oldies and new business owners – get together and share a little …… it goes a long way!

And speaking about sharing ………

Elsa and Gogo boutique

Best of luck with going live tomorrow Olivia x

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