Winner of “Liam O Regan” Award 2010 : just announced!

As you know, we have set up this award in memory of Liam O Regan, an Essential French student, who passed away June 26th 2006 unexpectedly.  With his parents’ blessing, we now give this award out every summer to the LC student who, we feel, has showed dedication and commitment to their work throughout the year.

The recepient of this award must be an Essential French student for both the 5th year and LC programme. Since last Sept, myself, Louisa and  all the french tutors monitored and assessed each LC student.  In June  Emma Higgisson was chosen unanimously.  This afternoon I met Emma and gave her the good news along with a cheque for 1,000 euros.

Emma Higgisson, Mount Mercy College.

Well done, Emma – I know everyone is thrilled for you !

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