Breaking the Rules in Grind Tuition – yet again !!!!


I have spent the summer working on new ideas that break the traditional grind mentality!! As you all probably know at this stage – we are not just a grind school!! From our Facebook online service to our extra free classes – we continue to break the rules of grind tuition.

This summer i met former students to see what new facilities they feel would be of benefit to our new students this coming year!  So what’s in store for our students this year???

Our first new facility which is the FIRST of its kind in Ireland to date :

As suggested by our students last Sept – it took us the full 12 months to perfect this fab new facility!!!  We have put together a “Student Resource Kit” – accessible via our website – exclusive to our Essential French and Essential Irish students this year.  We will give each of you your own username and password – to access this invaluable kit.

Once you are logged into your account you will have access to a variety of info –           exclusive packs, worksheets, study guides, CD downloads etc – all at your fingertips from the comfort of your own home!!  You can print up the exercises – give them a go – and leave at reception for correction!! It’s that simple!

We have a few more surprises on the way – all EXCLUSIVE AND FREE OF CHARGE – to our students – all again breaking the rules in grind tuition!

Another First……

We are looking at introducing an Essential Irish Facebook Fanpage – where we will have an Irish teacher online outside of class hours to help all of our students (whether enrolled in the irish or the french!)  with their irish homework or any questions they may have.  Let us know your thoughts on this !  (another first of its kind in the country!!!)

Keep an eye on our facebook page along with this site for more EXCLUSIVE AND INNOVATIVE facilities that we will be offering our students over the coming weeks!


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