The first SOS BLOG is in keeping with this time of year – Valentine’s Day!

We have chosen a lovely soppy song from the animated film “Beauty and the Beast”. Please find below the youtube clip of the song from the film, the lyrics and then the vocab list of the important words, useful for the LC!  The BLOG finishes with a couple of phrases from the text, very handy for opinion pieces!

To study effectively and smartly – follow our listening method – and WE PROMISE – this will be the smartest study session you will do this week!

Teachers, feel free to use this material in your French lesson in school.  We hope that teachers and pupils will leave feedback (see “speak your mind” at end of BLOG)  – and make suggestions as to future themes !

ps – our next SOS BLOG will cover sports – very useful material on rugby and the Six Nations – especially for the oral exam!


Before listening to the song :

1.   READ the lyrics of the song – translating as you go, if possible. The words in bold are translated in the vocab list below!

2.  READ the vocab list and use this to help you with translating the harder words in the text.   FEEL FREE TO PRINT THE LYRICS AND VOCAB LIST – to practice again at a later stage.  Make sure you file the material somewhere safe – as in all of our SOS BLOGS you will be printing up material – so keep it all together to facilitate revision.

3.   LISTEN to the song a couple of times while reading the lyrics.

4.  ARE YOU READY???   SING the lyrics along with the youtube clip – to ensure you have the correct pronunciation!!!  Do this a few times so that you are getting more and more comfortable with the accent and pronunciation of the harder words.

5.  SIT BACK – and listen to the song without looking at the text.  Do you understand it a little better now?  Can you recognise the new vocab?

6. DOWNLOAD the song onto your ipod / MP3 player – so you can sing to your heart’s content – and revise this vocab at the same time!

The key is the follow the above method EXACTLY as it is!!

By following the above method – you are perfecting listening technique  (20% of LC), oral skills (25%) and reading comp vocab (30%) – isn’t that fab??  You are covering all of these parts of the paper from just the one listening clip!

“l’histoire éternelle” –  de la Belle et la Bête

(“the endless story” – from Beauty and the Beast)

Histoire éternelle, qu’on ne croit jamais,

De deux inconnus, qu’un geste imprévu, rapproche en secret…
Et soudain se pose, sur leurs cœurs en fête,
Un papillon rose, un rien pas grand chose, une fleur offerte….

Rien ne se ressemble, rien n’est plus pareil,
Mais… comment savoir la peur envolée que l’on sait tromper

Chanson éternelle, au refrain fané,
C’est vrai c’est étrange, de voir comme on change, sans même y penser…

Tout comme les étoiles, s’éteignent en cachette,
L’Histoire Eternelle, touche de son aile,
La Belle et la Bête.

L’ Histoire Eternelle, touche de son aile,
La Belle et la Bête…

Vocabulary :

histoire (f) :  story, history
éternel : eternal, endless
ne … jamais : never
croire : to believe
un(e) inconnu(e) : a stranger
un geste : a move / a gesture
imprévu(e) : unexpected                                              (comme prévu : as planned)
rapprocher : to bring closer
un cœur : the heart
un papillon : a butterfly
rose : pink
un rien : the slighest thing
rien : nothing
se ressembler : to look alike                                    (this is a reflexive verb – “se”)
pareil(le) : similar
la peur : fear                                                                     (j’ai peur : I am scared.  In French you say I HAVE fear)
s’envoler : to fly away                                                 (this is a reflexive verb – “se”)
tromper : to cheat
fané(e) : withered
étrange : strange                                                           (une langue étrangère : a foreign language)
sans même y penser : witout even thinking about it
une étoile : a star                                                          ( une vedette : a (tv) star)
s’éteindre : to die out, to fade away                      (what sort of verb is this ?? reflexive verb – “se”)
en cachette : in secret                                                (cacher : to hide)
une aile : a wing

Sentences from the text that you can use in the opinion pieces :

*on ne croit jamais : one never believes… / it is hard to believe ……

-on ne croit jamais que les examens sont si proches : it is hard to believe that the exams are so close

– on ne croit jamias que la violence est partout : it is hard to believe that violence is everywhere

* comment savoir : how to know …. / who knows …..

– comment savoir si la situation va s’améliorer? : who knows if the situation will improve?

– comment savoir si je fais le bon choix? : who knows  if I am making the right choice?

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