Parents’ Role at Exam Time

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Exam-time is stressful for the whole family, not only for the exam student.  From personal experience, the whole household is in turmoil on the lead up to exams!  You as the parent, are unsure how best to support your child.  You want to give them space, yet let them know you are there should they need you……

Please find below a very interesting article on this, taken from the Irish Examiner :

“Parents and families of exam students have an important role in supporting those sitting the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate over the coming weeks, according to the president of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors, Frank Mulvihill.

Mr Mulvihill said that a quiet atmosphere in the home is crucial for students doing their intensive last-minute preparations.

“Sometimes parents can get very worked up about the exams and it often transfers to the students themselves. The best idea is to play things down as much as possible and place as little pressure as possible on someone doing exams,” said Mr Mulvihill. “At this stage, an atmosphere at home that is conducive to study is worth a fortune, which is important to keep in mind in homes where there are younger children,” he said.

He also stressed the importance of proper rest every night. “Burning the midnight oil might serve a purpose once, but it catches up in the end and students are better off going into an exam relaxed than being tired,” said Mr Mulvihill. “Students should keep to a routine, I would recommend half-hour sessions with short breaks in between, rather than going for three or four hours at a time,” he said.

When it comes to the exam itself, Mr Mulvihill said the importance of, firstly, reading the entire paper cannot be highlighted enough. “Students should attempt the questions they think they can do well in, but they should be sure to write what is being asked and not just what they know about the topic,” he said.

His final piece of advice is to avoid analysing the papers afterwards and ensure students move on and think about the next exam. “They should be conscious that they have probably given a good account of themselves, even when things haven’t gone 100% in their favour. Most students are unhappy with at least one or two of their exams every year,” he said.


Niall Murray, Examiner, June 2007.

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