5th years – Christmas Revision!

Due to recent requests we have compiled a study guide for 5th year students in prep for the French Christmas exam in school. Hope you find it useful and that it will reduce panic and last minute cramming!

You want to make sure you are studying the right material in the right way – we hope the following will help you focus on what is important for your exams!

Revision for READING COMPS :

What to revise :

Practice makes perfect! For Essential French students, we have reading comps at reception for you to do – you can hand in the reading comps  and we will correct them and give them back to you.  For non EFers, try some and ask your school French teacher to correct them.

VOCAB VOCAB VOCAB !!! Revise as much vocab as you possibly can : from French to English!  This vocab revision  is equally useful for revision for the listening part of the exam.

time for un cafe au lait…… mmmmm….. where are the Hob Nobs???

Revision for LISTENING COMPS :

VOCAB VOCAB VOCAB again here – for both listening and reading comps.  Revise all of your vocab – over and over – spend no more that 5 mins on this in any study session

If you have a cd, you must listen to it for 10 mins daily, following our exclusive 3 R method.   This type of listening will help every part of the paper, not just the listening part, provided you follow the 3R method!

This area can not be crammed – so you should have been listening to your cd all through the year.  If you haven’t been doing much listening since Sept – shame on you !  You must start listening to your french cd ASAP  for at least 10 mins EVERY DAY!!!  Starting NOW!

3R Method :



1. Listen and Read

Listen to your cd, reading the text paying particular attention to any new words.

Underline the answer  to the question asked in the exam. Play the CD, listening out for the answer.


2.       Listen and Repeat

Listen to the section. Stop the CD. Repeat the sentences orally. Concentrate on highlighted words. This helps your accent and pronunciation.

Once comfortable, read along with the CD. This helps confidence, fluency, speech and accent.


3. Listen and wRite

Listening to two sentences over and over without the text. Write down exactly what you hear. Check the written text. Note your errors. Excellent for mastering grammar.


4.       Finally sit back with no text. Play the CD. You will clearly understand each sentence perfectly.


Time for a smile!!

now let’s get back to business……

Revision for WRITTEN PIECES  :

Do NOT revise letters in any shape or form as they are a COMPLETE waste of time!  They don’t appear in the LC exam – don’t ask me why teachers still choose to cover this rubbish in school!  With the choices in the LC written part of the paper – even if a letter did come up – there are still other choices that you can make – so DO NOT LEARN LETTERS!  ENUFF SAID!

What to revise :  Diary / message question

EFers : revise blue tenses card and the messages blue cards. We won’t be doing diary work til the New Year – but feel free to hand in ones you are doing in school and I can make suggestions as to what you should learn from these.

Non EFers: revise all of your tenses and any vocab done in school that you can use for messages and diary work!  If you need advice on what to learn – leave a post on our EF FB page and i will private message you and give you a hand!

What to revise : Opinion piece questions

EFers :  Ye have just started the green cards – learn this stuff off perfectly for now!  In the New Year we will be doing these in a LOT more detail.  Feel free to send me private message regarding extra help you may need in any particular theme.


We will post a sample study timetable over Christmas for JC, 5th year and LC pupils – showing you how to divide up each area to revise most effectively, even in front of the telly with a mince pie and Willy Wonka on!



All of the above material is copyright and remains the property of Essential French.

Any using, reproducing or photocopying of this material will be seen as direct breach of copyright law and

Essential French will issue legal proceedings against those in breach of such laws.

To study effectively and smartly – follow our listening method – and WE PROMISE – this will be the smartest study session you will do this week!

Teachers, feel free to use this material in your French lesson in school.  We hope that teachers and pupils will leave feedback (see “speak your mind” at end of BLOG)  – and make suggestions as to future themes !


PS Hope Santie is good to you this year and spoils you rotten!

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