Revision for the Leaving Cert French Pre-Exams

We hope the following will help you focus on what is important for the LC pre-exam!

Revision for READING COMPS

Marks : 15% per Reading Comp

Timing in exam : 30 mins per comp (including the 50 word piece in English)

What to revise :

At this point of the year it is now too late to start practicing reading comps for the  pre exams .  Spend time doing past paper reading comps once the pre exams are over!  For Essential French students – we have reading comps at reception for you to do – you can hand in the reading comps  and we will correct them and give them back to you.  For non Essential French students – hand them in to your teacher in school – and hopefully they will correct them for you!

Revise as much vocab as you possibly can : from French to English!  This vocab revision  is equally useful for revision for the listening part of the exam!

Essential French students :  Practice and practice your vocab packs from both the grammar and the 1 hour part of the weekly class.  Also go through the blue Reading Comps tips sheets you were  given in your weekly class – read very carefully to understand how exactly to approach each part of the reading comps.

Non Essential French students : Hopefully you have a school copy with all of the useful vocab that you have done during term 1 – learn this thoroughly!  If you do not have a vocab copy – start one NOW and go back over last term’s work and add in all of the new words that you have come across.


Marks : 25 % for the full writtten section

Timing in exam : 1 hour for the written section = 3 pieces (20 mins each)

For this part of the exam – it is QUALITY that is marked well.  If you are stuck for time revision wise – learn less but learn it properly and perfectly!  Having lots of material half learnt will NOT impress the examiner!! Be selective – there is no point half learning stuff!

Do NOT attempt a forth question!  If you do have time left over – go back and re-read your work – check for agreements of adjectives and nouns; proofread your reading comp answers.

What to revise :  Diary / message question

Essential French students :  blue tenses card; “must haves rhyme” – practice writing it out by heart .  Then practice writing out the FULL sentences and double check what you write against the spellings on your blue message pack.  Learn off by heart diary vocab in the pack! Use the English version as a base.  Finally, try learning the message pack – section by section, using the English version as a base.

Non Essential French students :  revise your 3 main tenses – present , future and past.  Revise all vocab connected with diary feelings and messages that you have been given is school.  If you do not have a copybook dedicated to this yet – start to compile one over the hols!

Revision : Opinion piece questions

Essential French students :  Learn 10-12 paddings perfectly; learn the spelling of your RSVP and RSVPP on the back of your padding card – perfectly.  Write out the grid of sentence comps – 1 word to represent each sentence, as we have been doing in the extra classes this week.  Now try writing out these sentence comps in FULL – using your green card to check for spelling and accent errors.  Finally go through your brainstorming sheets and try to learn as much vocab as possible!

Non Essential French students :  Revise all vocab, structures and phrases given to you in term 1 in school that will help you to put these pieces together.  If you do not have a copybook for this yet – start one over the hols!!


Marks in exam : 20 % of paper

Timing in exam : 30 mins

This area can not be crammed – so you should have been listening to your cd all throughout term 1.  If you haven’t been doing much listening since Sept – shame on you as this is 20 % of the exam!  You must start listening to your french cd ASAP  for at least 10 mins EVERY DAY!!!

Essential French students :  Go through the vocab for reading comps and listening comps – all vocab learning is vital to help both the listening and reading comps!  From today –  listen to your cd or 10 mins daily, following our listening guidelines in our Study Pack (available for download on our Resource Kit online).

Non Essential French students : As above!

* Essential French students – check our Resource Kit !  We have just uploaded details for timing of the paper and a step by step guide on what to do in the exam itself!  Also look at our Christmas Revision Tips – a comprehensive guide on how to revise  – well worth a look to make the revision easier and faster!




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