PetitTweetCork – Overview of Week 1

Bienvenue and Welcome to our first overview of Week 1 with PetitTweetCork!

I hope you have enjoyed your first week of petit tweet! Let’s take a look at the tweets from this week and go through a few more points!

1.  Je me présente. Je m’appelle Natasha.  (je me pray-zont.  Je ma-pel …….)

This is a great way to introduce yourself!


2.  Je viens de Cork.  (je via de Cork)

I come fromCork

The verb “venir” means “to come”.

Leaving Cert students : je viens de + infinitive = I have just

This is very useful for diary work!

ie je viens de rentrer chez moi = I have just returned home

je viens d’annuler le rendez-vous = I have just cancelled the date / meeting


3.  J’aime le rugby surtout Munster. (jem le rugby sur-too…..)

I love rugby, especiallyMunster

“surtout” (sur-too) – especially – is a very handy word to use!

4. J’adore la Murphys.  C’est délicieux. (ja-dor la mur-feez. Say day-lis-ee-u)

I love Murphys. It’s delicious.

J’adore = J’aime

5. Je déteste le nouveau Tanora. (je day-test le new-vo Tanora)

I hate the new Tanora

You can also use – je n’aime pas…. (je nem pa)  I don’t like…….


If there is any particular theme you would like us to include – please let us know!  We can’t wait to hear your suggestions!  We want to keep things as fun as possible – so ALL ideas are welcome!  We are thinking of a rugby theme for next week ….  6 nations and all that…

A la semaine prochaine, mes amis!  – until next week, my friends!


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