20 Top Tips For Study!

Salut! We hope you find this info useful!  We want to help you any way we can to make these final couple of weeks a little easier mes amis…


Mind Coach : Brian Colbert’s top 20 tips for getting the best results!

1 – Create the right environment. Make it free from noise and interruption. Ensure it’s
clean, uncluttered and with everything you need to hand.

2 – Sit upright, allowing your head to tilt slightly to the left or right – whichever is most
comfortable for you – and rid your mind of all other concerns.

3 – Give yourself frequent mini-breaks – eg a two-minute breather every 20 minutes. And
after one-and-a half hours, take a 15-minutesbreak at least.

4 – Keep your brain hydrated and thus more sharply focused by drinking small amounts
of water often.

5 – Increase your intake of Omega-3 and Vitamin B for memory and sharpness.

6 –Get sufficient rest. Don’t overwork.

7 – Take exercise – walking is ideal while running through information just studied.

8 – Get a study buddy and share the workload.

9 – Focus on what you are getting done not on what you have left to do.

10 – Learn/revise/study with a purpose. Set yourself a goal and a time limit. Pace yourself.
The brain works well with a deadline.

11 – Recognise your personal learning preferences – do you like to read the material, hear
it, speak it or even draw it?

12 – Use mnemonic devices and mind mapping if you find it helpful.

13 – Use all five senses to store the information, so bring the information to life: make a
move/story out of it; use humour in it; hear it, give it sound and drama, and connect with
the feelings in it.

14 – Arrange your information into chunks – eg, numbers, events, people, dates etc.

15 – Translate as much as you can into your own language.

16 – Do one task at a time and mix activities. Start with material you enjoy. End the
session with another bout of more enjoyable study.

17 – Use record card for note taking.

18 – When you have learned something, examine yourself or get someone to examine you
on what you have learned.

19 – Revisit your studied work within 24 hours to help remember and make sure your
notes make sense.

20 – Take time to get lost in another activity – this help the information to be absorbed.


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