Who Wants To Win €1500?

Great competition – open to EVERYONE!

As ye know for the past number of years  we give a 30 euros voucher (for shop of your choice)  to each person who recommends us to a new student.  To make things a little more fun we added an exciting TWIST!!!

For recommending us to a new student you will receive the usual 30 euros voucher PLUS you are automatically entered into a once off raffle for 1,500 euros, to be held at the end of September.  For those of ye who have already recommended us in the past year and already received your 30 euro vouchers – ye are automatically included in the raffle!

This competition is open to everyone – students, parents, teachers, friends of students etc….

REMEMBER for EVERY student that starts based on your recommendation you receive the 30 euro voucher AND raffle entry – the more you recommend the more vouchers and entries into our raffle!

So dust off the megaphone and get out there to spread the word!!  Have fun mes amis!!!

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