Our Exclusive 3R Study Method!

This study method is the easiest one to prepare and probably the most enjoyable. It focuses on listening technique – and if done properly, will help EVERY part of the Leaving Cert French paper.  You do not need any teacher to improve your listening comprehension. It is just a question of listening as much French as possible daily, to tune your ear to the sounds of the French language. This is done easily by listening to your French CD daily. The more you listen to your material, the more you will understand and the better your performance on the day of the exam.

This is the one area of the Leaving Cert exam that students often perform badly in!!

How to listen to your CD:


  1. Choose a short part of a listening text already done in class
  2. Highlight / underline the more difficult words in the text
  3. Make sure you have written down the English of the highlighted / underlined words. These words should have been translated already in your french class. These must be learnt. Every new word you learn is gaining a valuable point.
  4. Read through the text to make sure you understand everything.

So far now you are helping your reading comprehension skills.

 METHODS OF LISTENING : 3R© Method  :  Listen with a purpose

1.      Listen and Read

Listen to the section, reading the text paying particular attention to the highlighted words.

Underline the answer to the question asked in the exam. Play the CD, listening out for the answer.

 2. Listen and Repeat

Listen to the section. Stop the CD. Repeat the sentences orally. Concentrate on highlighted words. This helps your accent and pronunciation.

Once comfortable, read along with the CD. This helps confidence, fluency, speech and accent.

Once familiarised with highlighted words, “Tipp-Ex” them off your text. This is useful to perfect intonation (voice rising and falling). Imitate the voice on the CD as much as you can! Then listen to the CD and fill in the blanks.

 3.      Listen and wRite

Listening to two sentences over and over without the text. Write down exactly what you hear. Check the written text. Note your errors. Excellent for mastering grammar.

 4.  Finally sit back with no text. Play the CD. You will clearly understand each sentence perfectly.


You should master each section by following the above guidelines. Each day you should handle a new section of the text. Eventually you will complete a paper in this way. All of the sounds re-appear in texts every year. Mastering one paper will bring you one step closer to a higher grade in the listening comprehension.

Remember: The key is to listen over and over to a small section. In this way, you will master all of the sounds of the section as well as all of the vocabulary.

By using the above methods you are not only perfecting listening skills but also your reading comprehension and oral skills.


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