Calling all Former EFers

We are looking for former EFers to help us help LC students with their studies. We are starting a series of guest blogs – where former EFers will give tips, tricks, advice and anything else they feel essential to facilitate LC study!  It could be subject specific – as in giving info on subjects that you scored an A1 in; alternatively it could be general, especially if you did well all round (500+ points).  You could give examples of how you studied the subject – divided it up – resources you used (books. revision notes, websites, youtube clips); remembering that this is the final stretch for the LCs at the moment – so it needs to be related to what you did on the run up to the exams!

Plus it would be an interesting addition to your CV too…….

After all mes amis – EFers do it better x

if you are interested – why not email me on

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