GREAT NEWS MES AMIS!!  We are continuing our series of Study Seminars to help students throughout Cork over the Easter Holidays.

“We held our first ever SOS seminar almost 3 years ago and the response has been phenomenal! The fact that they are free of charge and we offer them to ALL students, not just EF pupils, causes a genuine flurry of excitement among Cork secondary schools. As well as providing French seminars, we also invite specialist guest-speakers to the events to share their knowledge, tips and tricks all aimed at maximizing each student’s potential” said Natasha.

“This time around, on Wednesday 3rd April, we are holding our very first Business Studies seminar aimed at Junior Cert students and their parents. We are thrilled to announce that Fachtna O’Mahony a Partner in Quintas, the progressive Cork based Accountancy Firm has agreed to speak to students and parents on the topic of Junior Certificate Business Studies. Quintas have run seminars on this subject for their clients for a number of years and it has proved to be very successful. On the day he will give an overview of the subject to demonstrate its importance and cover critical areas such as exam question prediction, time management, the chief examiners report and the potential pitfalls to look out and time allocation.  He will equip students with the essential information on how to excel in Junior Cert Business Studies.” 

The Junior Cert Business Studies seminar will take place Wednesday 3rd April at the Clarion Hotel, Cork City.   To register please contact Essential French at 021-4277474.

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