Guest Blog #4 Project Maths Advice and Tips for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert

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This time around our guest blogger is the famous Eamonn Toland, founder of  He has put together this exclusive blog just for ye!  Remember if you are an EFer you can access all of his online lessons FREE OF CHARGE!  Contact us for more details on this!  His award-winning lessons have now been extended to include Leaving Cert honours lessons too!



Maximise Your Maths Grade!

With the new Project Maths syllabus coming into play for the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert, maths is a hot topic this year.  Here’s our top tips from team, on how to learn maths, and how to engage with Project Maths to maximise your maths grade !

How Do I Learn Maths?

Everyone has their own learning style, but bear in mind that learning maths is not the same as learning a language or other subjects.  We recommend the following approach :

1.  Start With The Basic Topics of Arithmetic and Algebra

Make sure to master the basic methods of maths before attempting more advanced topics. Deal with the basics, don’t hide from them

2. Be Active When Learning

Don’t just passively read the maths book, get stuck in to trying some examples as well. And if there’s something you don’t understand, get a friend, family member, teacher or online resource to help you.  It’s easy when you know how

3. Practice Practice Practice

Do lots of examples until you are completely fluent in the ideas and methods for a maths topic. It gets easier the more you do it

4. Test Yourself

Use revision exercises from your textbook and questions from past papers and sample papers. Then you’ll know when you really have it sussed

5. Thrash It Out

Have a study buddy or study group, or use an online forum, and discuss any issues. It’s a great way to get things clear in your head

6. Master The Next Topic

Once you’ve done that, get another maths topic sorted using steps 2 to 5.  But keep going back to revision exercises and sample papers for the old topics as well. Keep it all fresh

7. Share The Load

Divide up the topics with your study buddies. Everyone has to master their topic, and then help the group with what they have learned.  Teaching someone else is the best way to master a maths topic. You can even help other people by answering queries online, good for them and even better for you!


So What About Project Maths?

We have two key tips about Project Maths

       1.  Project Maths Is Your New Best Friend

Does that sound crazy to you?
OK, then ask yourself this: do I want to be one of those stress bunnies who is happy to spend loads of time and energy giving out about Project Maths, wallowing in the doom and gloom, and using it as an excuse for doing badly?
Or do I want to rise above the debate, get stuck in, and realise that the people who did that last year are the ones who did really well, and got the highest points?
Project Maths is here to stay, and is here to help you to succeed with it.  Get your positive mental attitude on, and leave the stressing to the bunnies.

2.   Get Your Exam Technique Sorted team has created the Bible on maths exam technique for Project Maths, and we’ve already distributed 50’000 copies of it to Irish schools and students.  Exam technique is where you can really squeeze out those extra marks. We’re not going to rehash it all here, just click on the link and get your copy. Start sussing it out as soon as possible and make sure you ‘Mazimise Your Maths Grade’! is Ireland’s leading online resource for Project Maths. Their system is based on video lessons, interactive exercises, and online forum support.  Students can avail of a free trial, with all of Algebra, Probability and Trigonometry available free of charge to Irish maths students.

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