LC Christmas 2013 revision tips

These tips are to help you to get the most out of your time over the festive season! Remember to follow us on Facebook (Essential French),Twitter @PetitTweetCork and on Vine EFerVines for regular tips and tricks!

Twenty minutes daily + listening work: (10 minutes)            Total: 30 minutes

Twenty minutes daily: pupils to do 1 + 2 + 3 below  along with 10 mins listening practice.

To do listening work: see study pack guidelines from September

1 To perfect comprehensions and listening

· 5 minutes ® vocabulary pack pages 1-4

Pick a page or pick a column


· 5 minutes ® reading-comp. / listening vocab lists

Pick a page or pick a column

NB: Alternate packs each day

2. To perfect written  (if done orally, this will  perfect oral work too!)

· 5 minutes     – essay padding

  • Use English sheet (given to you in class 1). Write out the French on a separate page.
  • Check against essay padding card
  • Highlight errors made on the card itself


  • 5 minutes – blue tenses card
  • Write out front and back of card on a page                                       
  • Check against your card

NB Alternate between padding and tenses card each day

3 To perfect written

  • 10 minutes             diary pack  – 1 section      
  • revise for 5 minutes
  • use English sheet + write out the Frenc
  • circle errors made on the diary pack itself


  • 10 minutes ® sentence composition
  •  revise 1 page only for 5 minute
  • then try to write out as many as you ca
  • check the answers on the sentence composition car
  • circle errors made on the card itself


  • 10 minutes – must haves revision
  •  revise for 5 minutes
  •  use rap we learned + write out the French
  •  circle errors made in the pack

NB: Alternate the 3 areas each day

Weekend work: Try some of the extra grammar classes worksheets and leave them at reception for correction. See SOS kit for worksheets.

Oral: see study pack for guidelines. Rewriting oral notes is not study so it can be done in front of TV / during spare time on week-ends.

Reading comprehension: Try one in exam conditions and leave at reception for correction. (time limit: 30 minutes). Do not use a dictionary. Do not choose a reading comprehension. Open the papers and do one. All available on SOS ki

Now for some festive cheer before we show you a sample study timetable!





DAY 1 :

Vocab pack            +  Green Card revision                     + listening practice

DAY 2:

Do a reading comp in exam conditions  + listening practice

DAY 3 :

Vocab pack           + diary pack revision                        + listening practice

DAY 4 :

Oral revision – pick a part of a pack and practice         + listening practice

DAY 5 :

Do A worksheet from the SOS kit (use your EF material to help you complete the exercises) + listening practice

These can be returned to reception for correction


Redo an extra class worksheet and check your answer against those given in class

DAY 5 :

Vocab pack ……… + must-have revision                 + listening practice

Repeat Day 1-5 again


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