Get Ahead Start for LC : 5th year 10 Week Programme



Every year, most of our Leaving Cert students have completed our 5th year programme. To be exact 2/3 of our current Leaving Certs completed our 5th year programme last year.  I have asked them why and here are a few of the comment we received back :

“I was hopeless when I started EF and planned on doing pass.  Doing the 5th year programme let me stay in the honours class in school.  Im actually now in the top 10 in my class! Merci!”

” My sister did the EF course only in LC and she said afterwards that she would have preferred to get ahead start on it in 5th year to cover lots of the basics to make Leaving Cert easier”

“Doing the 5th year programme I really fell in love with French and I must admit that I love the LC course even more.#ProudToBeAnEFer”

“Now I can face the Leaving Cert knowing that French is a subject I wont have to worry about. Getting so much done in 5th year has made the LC year much more manageable.”

“We got a good start in 5th year and now Im miles ahead! Im soooo glad I decided to start with ye last year – it has cut the course right down for me in LC. Merci beaucoup mes amis!”



The most overwhelming response though was that completing the 5th year EF programme, our EF students did not feel the need to go on a French exchange / French summer course / French College during the summer before the Leaving Cert.  The fact that we equip all of our students with exclusive and personalized answers – all guaranteed to impress, along with our foolproof method of learning and maximizing potential – means that parents and pupils have 100% faith in our programme and in our tutors.

Parents too love this aspect of the EF system because it saves a fortune on foreign visits to France or French college.  Most of our students have NEVER been to France when they sit the LC exam every June.

The Leaving Cert year is a tough and challenging year! Take the summer off and take the time to recharge your batteries, get a part-time job and relax and get refreshed for September.  By completing our 5th year French programme you can face the summer knowing you are well on the way to a great Leaving Cert French exam result.

Our 10 week programme will give students a taste of what it is all about – through the weekly 1.5 hour classes, free extra classes, free online support (via Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Vine as well as email!), access to our free SOS Leaving Cert seminars in a host of different subjects.  The grammar basics will be covered, along with the main areas for the oral exam, and not fogetting the all important vocab packs we provide which helps pupils with the listening / reading comp sections of the Leaving Cert.  Reading comps and listening practice will be done weekly also and pupils will face regular assessments to ensure each is working to their full potential!

Give us a call or an email to have a chat about where you need help and where we can help you go from good to absolutely AMAZING – and what’s more?  We promise that you will enjoy the ride!



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