Easter Hols – Essential French Leaving Cert Seminars in Dublin


For Bookings please email us TODAY : natasha@essentialfrench.ie

As most of you know our Leaving Cert results remain unmatched every year – almost half of our students obtain an A in the honours paper.  In fact in 2011 OVER half of our students obtained an A – and most of those students obtained an A1.   With almost 18 years experience under out belts we have the Leaving Cert French paper perfected in every way possible.

We went To Dublin last May 2013 and hosted our first ever Dublin Leaving Cert seminar and the response was FANTASTIC!  So much so, word has travelled so we have been bombarded with requests these past few months to head up there again this year.

So we are heading to Dublin again this year to share Essential French with Leaving Cert students there through two-part seminars.  We will be holding the first seminar at the end of the Easter Holidays with the follow up seminar one month later.  The reason for this is to allow students to take away our material, familiarize themselves with our methods and answering techniques. In Seminar 2 we can then revise and refresh the material from the first seminar and take the answering technique to a seriously high level, guaranteed to impress the examiner.  Between the two seminars all students participating will be given access to our private Facebook page where they can contact us day or night to help them with their french study and to clarify any questions or issues that arise.

We are keeping these workshops exclusive in every way – material, knowledge, expertise and numbers.  Our max will be 35 students so places will fill very fast once the word is out! As the Leaving Cert is so close our plan is to ensure LC students come away with key phrases, answers, technique and study methods, so that the last few weeks of cramming will be extremely focused and time will be very well spent.

What will we cover in the workshops :

Reading Comprehensions (30% of LC) – how to work out answers FAST, how to make accurate guesses if stuck, grammar questions, 50 word piece

Listening skills (20% of LC) – how to listen correctly to improve all areas of the course – we will share our EXCLUSIVE method with you that teachers in Munster are now using effectively in their classrooms.

Written (25 % of exam) – how to do a perfect opinion piece and diary answer; what to study for it and how to answer ANY question you are asked – material here is copyright and guaranteed to WOW the examiner

WARNING : this workshop is fast-paced and we will work all students hard during the session – we don’t waste our time and don’t intend to waste yours. We give a variety of suggestions – advanced ones for the A students and easier ones for the weaker pupil too.  That said – we do not have time for messers and any students not actively participating in the workshop will be immediately removed.  Material will be provided but students must complete worksheets and fill out the packs to ensure they are taking in and understanding all of the concepts and material.  There will be a 15 min break half way through.

Seminar One Details                                                                 Seminar Two Details   

Date : Sunday 27th April 2014(end of Easter Holidays)                 Date : Sunday 25th May 2014

Venue : Dublin City Centre Hotel – TBC                                       Venue : Dublin City Centre Hotel – TBC

Time : 2-5pm                                                                           Time : 2-5pm

MAX : 35 students                                                                     MAX : 35 students 

FEE :* €195 ( this is for BOTH seminars and includes all course material; online help on Facebook and Twitter right up until exam)

* We are offering unlimited “recommend a friend” discounts – please contact us for further info on this scheme.

LC LEVEL :  all students participating in the seminars must have obtained at least a C in Higher Level Mock French 


PLEASE NOTE : Advanced booking for this workshop is ESSENTIAL.  We will need details from you when you contact us to register for this workshop to see what areas you have problems with to try our best to include it in the session! Students MUST attend BOTH seminars.  The course will not work by attending one only. 

Here is a sample of what our last Leaving Cert students have to say about our programme.  Check out “they talk about us” section for over 100 student testimonials!

“Doing EF was without doubt the best decision I made this year.  There is so much support there. The oral work is fantastic along with the learning methods they teach us.  Without doubt the best grinds imaginable!” Jack White. LC, CBC, Cork

“The way French is taught in EF is genius.  Natasha is on twitter and Facebook so she can answer any questions we have when we are not in EF. #ProudToBeAnEFer”    Jennifer Barry, LC, Regina Mundi College, Cork

“Essential French is def one of the best things that anyone can do to help with their French exams.  They put in so much effort to ensure that all their students reach their full potential. Def a great investment!” Sean Geaney, LC, Rochestown College, Cork

“It is really a pleasure to be taught by such a passionate team.  As an EF student you are given all of the material, help. Guidance and support you could possibly need and more.  Failure is not an option.”   Sarah Mc Cann, LC, Colasite Mhuire Crosshaven, Cork

“The sheer dedication of the EF team. I joined the EF family in Sept with very poor French. Ten months later I sat the LC and walked out with an A in the bag.  It was a terrific achievement and a true testament to the teaching skills of Natasha and the EF team.”   Paul Feehely, CSN, Cork

“When I sat my oral exam I have never in my life been so prepared for an exam.  In EF you are taught smart study skills.  You are not given endless A4 pages of irrelevant, useless material – you are given the essentials”     Meghan Wallace. LC, St. Mary’s Midleton. Cork

“Because of experiencing EF, French is now my favourite subject and I’m even hoping to study it in College.  I feel totally relaxed for my exam in June – I am so grateful to EF”  Eadaoin Mc Donagh, LC, Mount Mercy College, Cork

 “The EF teachers are really helpful and they give loads of unique material to suit you and can be used for all aspects of the course.  It is 100% worth joining!” Ciara O Mahony, LC, Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal, Cork 

“Absolutely great course.  They make you feel like you are the only person there with all of the attention you receive.  I was an average student who didn’t like French and now I’m one of the top in my class. They really turned it around for me”        Dan Colbert, LC, Midleton CBC, Cork


Essential French  – Leading tuition in Leaving Cert grinds in French and Irish in Cork City since 1996.



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