Timing of the Leaving Cert Paper – here’s what to do!



It is vital to get the timing correct for this exam – as it is very tight!

A 2 and half hour exam – once you get the paper – go straight to the written questions and make your selection! Selecting the wrong question could ruin your exam – so please take the time to do this! Do NOT attempt a question that you do not FULLY understand! At this stage you are only selecting the questions you will answer. Once you make your selection – get working on your answers!

PLAN! Planning is everything – get the planning wrong and you WILL fail the question.

Analyse the title – and make sure you are relevant. If you are not relevant you will score very badly!

ie if they question is on alcohol and advertising – and you discuss the consequences of alcohol for your health – this is IRRELEVANT! you SHOULD be discussing “the consequences of ADVERTISING for alcohol” – see what i mean? Its only a very small point – but getting it off centre – you could huge marks!

Timing for written – 20 mins for each question; allow yourself an extra 5 mins for the 90 word as this has 10 more marks than the 75 word or the diary.

this gives a total of 2 hours 5 mins.

the 25 mins left over – the reading of the written questions at the start of the exam; the choosing of your questions and the planning for these questions; REREADING the answers at the end!

Do the reading comps – 1/2 hour per comp MAX (including the 50 word piece in english) – which means 1 hour between the 2 reading comps


The choice is up to you.  Do not try anything new! Whatever way you did it in your mocks / pre exams stick with that order.

did you find this useful?? why not print this up and take it out again tomorrow morning!

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Remember that almost HALF of our students obtained an A in the LC last year (compared with 10% nationally)!

ps now enrolling for Sept!



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