5th year Programme Jan 2018

There are so many reasons that 5th year students join the EF gang in Term 2.  Some wish to get ahead for the Leaving Cert year in Sept.   Many of our students choose EF to help identify and resolve problems they are having with the language. Others start the programme to stay ahead and maintain their high grades easily and effortlessly. This easy step by step programme guides the 5th year students through all areas of the course at a comfortable yet challenging pace.

  • 2 ½ hours per week – the Weekly Class (1.5 hours) and the compulsory 1 hour grammar class
  • All tutors are native French speakers to ensure authenticity in accent and pronunciation
  • All classes are streamed
  • Max 7 students per weekly class
  • Homework is given weekly and corrected the following week
  • Assessments given every 2-3 weeks
  • All areas of the course covered: reading comprehension, listening, oral, written.
  • Check out below all of the additional facilities at no extra cost, including workshops with Natasha our Director.


Compulsory Grammar Class (1 hour per week) :

  •          Held on different days to suit students’ busy schedules
  •           Booked online via our Mindbody Booking Site
  •           Specifically tailored to facilitate study and revision

Additional Facilities (included in the fee) :

  • 2 Workshops to be held during Term 2 given by our Director, Natasha, where she will bring all of the 5th year EF students together in a city centre Hotel. During these workshops Natasha will share her nuggets of wisdom and show the students how to use the EF material they are learning to WOW in the exams. She also shares an exclusive insight into the LC programme offering tips, tricks and advice to maximize potential.
  • Extra worksheets and material on our Online Kit for completion at home and returned to us for correction
  • Summer Exams – corrected by us and returned with our detailed feedback
  • Online support 24 hours a day via Facebook or email
  • Progress Reports are sent to parents at the end of the term
  • Parents are notified if students do not complete their homework or are not performing to the best of their ability



Oral: Due to our streamed classes, all areas of the oral are covered at a level that each student is comfortable with.  Our oral teachers are French nationals so that accent and pronunciation is perfected.  With our very small class sizes, the programme is individual to each student and the attention to detail is excellent.

Listening : Students will start with easier listening material and progress to more challenging texts.  All students are given the work on CD to practice at home, along with study guides and tips on how to approach this tricky part of the course.

Comprehensions:  We use a variety of texts to challenge students, while also looking at past LC pass level comprehensions to build up vocab and confidence before attempting the honours comps.

Written: We drill the 3 main tenses into our pupils in 5th year to ensure that these are perfected before heading into the LC year.  We also focus on opinion pieces, messages and diary entries.  All of our written material is unique to Essential French students, so that each student will clearly impress the examiner with the style of writing that is mastered with us.

On completion of the course, we continue to offer additional classes free of charge right up to the Summer exams. Students are also offered a free oral practice session in preparation for the oral, in school summer exam.

COST : approx. €34 per week (based on payment choice).  Further details are included in our Info Pack that you will receive when you come in to sit our 5y assessment.

Essential French Language College – French and Irish Tuition for Secondary School Students.

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