As you know the LC oral exam accounts for 25% of the LC exam.  These marks are extremely easy to achieve PROVIDED you are well prepared and know how to play the game to maximize marks.

INTENSIVE PROGRAMME :We provide an intensive “no nonsense” oral programme focusing on EXACTLY what is needed to get maximum marks.  The oral programme consists of 4 sessions of two hours during the Feb midterm 2018 ( total 8 hours).  The student leaves with everything needed for the perfect oral exam. A month or so later there is a FREE revision session where students return to practice everything learnt over midterm.

Total Number of Hours : 8 hours (group tuition) over Feb midterm 2018 + a FREE 2 hour revision session in March (Date to be confirmed). The 2 hour sessions will be Mon, Tues and Thursday (12th, 13th and 15th Feb)  11am-1pm during Feb midterm.

STREAMED CLASSES : All Essential French classes are streamed. This is to ensure each student is challenged  in a positive way without feeling intimidated during each session.  Weaker classes concentrate on revising basics before moving to more advanced material. The advanced groups focus on perfecting accent, pronunciation and learn those phrases guaranteed to impress on the day.

EXCLUSIVE AND TIME EFFICIENT PROGRAMME : Due to the small number of students per session in our programme, our tutors will ensure that your oral  material is UNIQUE.  We will show you how to build on what has been  learnt in school,  in order to develop answers that makes you stand out from your school mates – all to impress the examiner.  We concentrate on all of the oral themes as well as the topical issues of the moment. We guarantee that your oral will stand out from the crowd.

The Essential French oral programme saves you TIME – we DO NOT give out buckets of notes to learn. You have enough of that from school! Instead we help you build up oral material that is personalised and exclusive – with every phrase aimed to impress the examiner. So you learn exclusive and personal material that will wow on the day!

FRENCH NATIONALS : All of our tutors are French nationals and each team member is experienced at teaching the infamous “Essential French Oral Programme” to guarantee authenticity of the language. 

MAX OF 7 PUPILS PER SESSION :We have the best teacher / student ratio in Munster –7 students per class.  This allows you to actively participate in class and to reach your full potential during each session. The key to successful learning for the oral is small class numbers to give everyone a chance to practice what they know!

Cost :€195.

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