workshop 2018 pic dublinAs you may know, our Leaving Cert students in Cork have obtained the highest grades in the country in French for the past 15 years.   Last year was no different –  while 5.6% of students obtained a H1 nationally, over 30% of our students obtained this grade.  This is due to the smart no-nonsense approach we take in preparing our students for the exam as well as the fantastic learning methods we have developed over the past 21 years in the grinds industry. Due to the huge demand around the country from our followers on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook we will be continuing our Dublin Workshop series during the 2018-2019 academic year.  This programme is a complete support system where students receive 3 workshops along with a series of 20 exclusive Facebook live streaming lessons as well as Facebook messenger facility. The three part series will be complemented with exclusive Facebook Streaming Videos to ensure students have regular contact with the programme director, Natasha Lynch. The programme also will include access to our Quizlet App – where much of the content has been uploaded so that students can revise and practise the course content on the go using their phones.

The programme includes online support from October 2018 right through to the LC exams and online Facebook live streamings to practise what has been covered in each workshop.

Topics to include :

How to complete a perfect Reading Comp (30% of the LC exam) including grammar terminology for the grammar questions; 

How to studying for the Listening Exam effectively (20% of the LC exam)

Oral (25% of the LC exam) : We will provide exclusive content that is guaranteed to impress the examiner. We will also share exclusive tips and tricks – how to WOW the examiner in the oral exam  – how to lead the conversation – all guaranteed to achieve maximum marks.

Written (25% of the LC exam): Diary and Opinion Pieces (Qu’en pensez-vous style questions) will be tackled during the programme. Exclusive content will be shared at the workshops and then practised during the Facebook live streamings to ensure that students have grasped everything. We will NOT include letter-writing or emails as these questions are marked harder following the Chief Examiner Reports from the Department of Education.

All students will receive workshop handouts and packs with all content included – exclusive oral and written material; worksheets to be completed on the day and at home to perfect the structures taught; exclusive tips including how to cut down learning quickly, how to maximise points in the Language and Communication part of the written paper, and how to study effectively to ensure students reach their potential for June. We will show students how our material can complement what is being taught in school to ensure that time is wisely spent learning school material.  We will equip each student with skills in knowing how best to manipulate the material they have already learned to get most marks. This is the smartest approach to the paper.

All those participating will be invited to join an exclusive Essential French Facebook Group. In this group we will hold a series of 20 Facebook live streaming videos to further enhance the programme and material taught. In keeping with the learning community we have fostered in Cork, students are encouraged to share and swap study tips in different subjects.  Furthermore, due to the fantastic feedback from this year’s students, we have decided to continue to offer an additional Study Facility at no extra cost.  Sean Smyth, Study Guru, former EF student who sat his Leaving Cert June 2017 and obtained 625 points (including a H1 in French) will give a STUDY SKILLS presentation at each workshop.  He will also upload Facebook Livestreamings on different aspects of the LC exam, throughout the year, sharing his tips and tricks on how to maximise points for the LC in all subjects. 

The workshops and Facebook live streamings will be presented by Natasha Lynch, BCL, MBS, Director and Founder of Essential French.

Dates of Seminars  : 1.  Start of Oct Midterm (Sat 27th Oct); 2. Feb Midterm (Sat or Sun – to be confirmed) 3. Easter Holidays (Sat or Sun – to be confirmed) Dates to be confirmed shortly!

Venue : Gibson Hotel (on Luas line for those travelling from Heuston Station) We specifically chose this hotel to make travel as easy as possible – our students this year travelled from 15 counties all over Ireland!)

Time : 1pm-5pm (break of 20 mins during this session)

Cost : €355. The Early Bird Offer is now closed.


Fee includes : attendance to 3 Workshops (12 hours face-to-face tuition). a minimum of 20 Facebook Live Streaming sessions, all programme material, online support on Messager in between workshops via our private Facebook Group; also exclusive access to the programme content via our Quizlet App.

This programme is open only to students studying for the Leaving Cert French exam. Teachers, parents etc will not be permitted to attend.  Content is Exclusive to Workshop students and Intellectual Property rights apply. T&C apply.

Before you make your mind up – why not read the reviews from this year’s students?  Some travelled across the country to attend the workshops, some were 5th year students looking to get ahead for the LC year. If you are interested – contact Louisa

“Doing the Dublin Workshops helped me so much! French was not one of my strongest subjects and because of that I found it hard to enjoy it. Natasha’s innovative way of teaching French cuts out all of the pointless information and you actually enjoy learning it. As well as that she gives you strategies to help you approach all parts of the exam, for the first time ever I actually felt confident going into the oral because I knew that I was in control the conversation. It was also really fun to meet people from all around the country. Natasha is an amazing support all year round, answering messages day and night! I would highly recommend the workshops to anyone.”
(Pamela Earl, Leaving Cert, Carlow)

“Doing these workshops has really built my confidence in French. Natasha breaks down the heavy work load of the French course and teaches it in a simple and effective way and her teaching is driven with passion. All the notes she gives can be used to tackle every type of question that could come up. I’d strongly recommend this course to everyone. Thanks for everything Natasha !☺”  (Lee Collins, Leaving Cert, Limerick)

“I can’t stress enough how much essential french has helped me, from the very start to the preparation for the orals and the final exam. the content is of such a high standard and my grade definitely improved. i got more help from the Dublin workshop and the Facebook service than i did in all the 6 years of studying french in school. If you follow Natasha’s advice and learn the material, there is no doubt that you’ll get the grade you want. i would definitely recommend to attend their workshops and book your place ASAP” (Sarah Abdullah, Leaving Cert, Dublin)

“Really recommend the Dublin workshop to any student trying to pass LC french or anyone going for a H1! I found it so helpful and not only the three workshops but having Natasha’s support online nearly 24/7.. great study ideas for all parts of the exam and just overall so helpful!” (Paul Dunne, Leaving Cert, Westmeath)

“I absolutely loved the Dublin workshop this year, it was so worth the journey from Donegal!! Natasha and all the EF team are so so lovely and so willing to help with everything, would 100% recommend to everyone interested!! ❤️💙” (Caitlin Finn,5th year, Donegal)

“Doing these workshops really helped as I always struggled with French.  With the amazing EF notes, 3r method for listening and tips for reading comps it greatly improved my grade.  Natasha’s constant online support. positivity and no nonsense approach got me through the struggles I had with French.  I was certainly worth the trips to Dublin and I would highly recommend it” (Danny Mc Sweeney, Leaving Cert, Killarney)

“This course is really helpful and Natasha helps you prepare for each individual section.It is clear to see that Natasha is an expert and gives valuable notes that will help you with each written piece. I Couldn’t have done a better french course”. (Maram Mukhtar, Leaving Cert, Dublin)

“I would recommend this course so much. It helped me to condense my learning instead of learning pages and pages of notes from my teacher.  The oral notes and advice made the whole thing less stressful and the study tips really aided my motivation”.  (Roisin Keady, Leaving Cert, Co. Laois)

“I really enjoyed the workshops.  I learned so many tips an the constant help throughout the year was very beneficial.   I would definitely recommend doing these workshops as you will see an improvement in your grade.  I am so happy I did”. ( Ava Hanratty, Leaving Cert, Dublin)




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