About Us – The Story So Far

Natasha Lynch established Essential French in 1996 as part of her thesis in her Masters Business Degree in Entrepreneurship from University College Cork.  Establishing the business at such a young age has allowed Natasha to push the boundaries in teaching methodology where she has developed a unique, vibrant and innovative way of teaching French and Irish.  As a result, 23 years on, Essential French’s grades remain unmatched anywhere! EF students have obtained THE HIGHEST GRADES IN LEAVING CERT FRENCH FOR THE PAST 16 YEARS!

Furthermore, Natasha and her team have spent the past 23 years analyzing the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert programme and how best to maximize points. The Essential French legendary notes, swot sheets, flashcards, rhymes, tips and tricks are the key to the superb results each year.  All of the material is copyright – to guarantee exclusivity to EF students.  What makes Essential French so unique is the level of commitment shown to each student by the provision of additional facilities, available exclusively to Essential French and Essential Irish pupils, all at no extra cost!  All of the tutors have been extensively trained in the Essential French method of teaching.

Essential Irish was established in September 2009 in response to the Department of Education’s decision to increase the oral exam from 25%to 40%

With a max of 7 students per class, we have the best teacher / pupil ratio in Munster!  We are also available online 24/7 if our students have a question outside of class time – we are the first and only grind school to provide this service in Ireland!

What do you look for in French and Irish tuition?

Highly Trained Teaching Team:

French nationals, our teachers have been trained exclusively in the Essential French teaching method, guaranteed to maximize each student’s potential.

Our Irish tutors are specialists in the Leaving Cert programme, with a dynamic approach to the language.

Student Friendly Programme:

Having listened carefully to our students over the last 19 years, we provide you with what every student needs : vocabulary pack, swot sheets, flash cards, study tips, revision notes.  All exclusive to our students!  All proven to score maximum marks in the exam.  Along with this we have developed unique tricks, tips, rhymes etc to enable our students to learn the material effortlessly!!

Individual Attention:

Maximum of  7 pupils per class , so we can focus on your problem areas.  We are also the only grind school in Ireland that provides online help 24/7.  You can rest assured that we are there to help you outside of class hours!

Classes At Your Level:

Our classes are streamed. Weaker pupils revise basics before moving forward. Advanced pupils follow more challenging programmes to guarantee “A” grades.

What do we look for in a potential student?

Pupils need to have enough time to:

  • Attend weekly 1 ½ hour lesson and an additional one-hour extra class during the week (included in cost).
  • Complete homework each week and perform well in regular assessments.

Pupils need to be motivated and determined!

We want students who want to succeed and are willing to put in time and energy to get the best grade possible for them. All of our students must follow our advice carefully so we can guide them on the road to success.

The personal touch

We have a limited number of places on each course – to guarantee you maximum personal attention.  Despite increased demand, we have not increased our numbers.  We will not compromise the quality of your tuition.  We promise you exclusivity in the material and in the programme we provide to you. We at Essential French Language College promise to maximise your potential regardless of your level.

Essential French Language College, is a provider of French and Irish Grinds in Cork for Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate students.

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