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Essential French is celebrating 26 years of excellence this year. We are so proud that our Leaving Cert results remain unmatched anywhere in Ireland.


A unique learning experience:

Our programme includes ALL aspects of the Leaving Cert exam – oral, written, listening and reading comprehensions.  We do not follow a textbook, as we find that parts are irrelevant. Furthermore, textbooks are widely available, so there is nothing exclusive in content.   The material we provide is EXCLUSIVE to Essential French students.  As a grinds college, we are not obliged to follow any syllabus laid out by the Department of Education.  Instead, we have developed a unique and exclusive programme. Our primary focus is to teach our students how to WOW in the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert exams. We concentrate entirely on the aspects of each course that will impress the examiner.  As a result, our students obtain the highest grades in Leaving Cert French nationally every year.


Blended learning:

Our speciality has always been integrated learning on and offline – engaging our students across social media and moodle. Since the school closures, our online classes have been a huge success. In fact, parents and students requested that this become an on-going feature of our programmes. As a result, our blended approach has been given a fresh polish on every level. Our strategy is to deliver the best classroom and online experience possible. Our copyright programme, comprehensive online kit and exclusive answering technique are key to our unmatched grades every year.


We are thrilled with the makeover at our HQ. We want our unique college to be inspiring, inviting, and encourage creative thinking and learning. With such a small number of students in each class, you are guaranteed more personal attention. Our service is jam-packed, full of engaging content to help our students strive to be the best they possibly can.


Please feel free to browse our website and fill out our inquiry form here 


We hope to talk to you very soon.


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The EF Team

Essential French Language College, is a leading provider of French Grinds for 2nd Year, Junior Certificate, Transition Year, 5th Year and Leaving Certificate students and Irish grinds to Leaving Certificate students in Cork.

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