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We officially launched our  Leaving Cert SOS programme Support On Study – over the October midterm 2010 for our Essential French and Irish students!  This programme is FREE OF CHARGE to our students and is an excellent support network available to students outside the classroom.





What is the SOS programme ? 



We have introduced our new SOS seminars FREE to our Leaving Cert students in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Accountancy, Business, History and English.

The unique aspect of these seminars is that the people hosting them are ALL former Essential French students, currently studying in UCC.  They have recently completed the Leaving Cert themselves, having obtained an A in their seminar subject –  so can give real and genuine advice to students on how best to prepare for each exam.  Basic study tips, techniques, effective note-taking, time management are all included in the sessions.  Handouts are given to each student during the seminar and further information and material is available for download on our website via our “student resource kit”.

A huge thank you to Dave O’ Connell, John Leonard, Emma Counihane, Jenny Logan Lane, Caitriona O’ Mahony and Aoife O’Leary McNeice for their ongoing work on this new venture!  They are also available online on our SOS facebook page to answer any questions our students have.

An addition to this year is Brian Stokes who is onboard as our Leaving Cert history tutor. Éabha, with a first-class honour degree in Irish and French will give exclusive tips and tricks on the Leaving Cert Irish oral exam, she is also responsible for making our Twitter account (@PetitTweetCork) fun and interactive so that followers can learn something new in French every day!



We have Alison Peate on our admin staff who obtained 600 points in the Leaving Cert 2013 to assist pupils with any study timetables and study strategy. She is also our geography tutor for Leaving Cert 2013-201

Seán ( an EF student Leaving Cert 2013) is part of our admin team to make the programmes fun through our Snapchat (essentialfrench) and Vine account.

Michelle (an EF student Leaving Cert 2010) runs and co-ordinates all of our SOS Seminars both in Cork and Dublin. She is also responsible for developing the Essential French brand through all of our merchandising.



StudyZoo our new study rooms on South Mall are now available for Leaving Cert students to study free of charge during holidays and mid-term breaks as well as most evenings.



We have developed a new “Student Resource Kit” on our website that our Junior Cert, 5th year and Leaving Cert students can access from home.  CDs, study packs, worksheets etc are available to download on this kit – and material is regularly uploaded onto it by us, to keep material fresh and ensure students are challenged.



We have daily online support via our Essential French Facebook page, now with over 8,600  fans from all over the country, following what we do!  We are currently the ONLY grind school in the country providing this daily online support!!

We have recently launched 2 additional facebook pages – our SOS page – that is EXCLUSIVE to our Leaving Cert students to allow us to post information for their eyes only – daily tips, advice and suggestions to help with their study for the Leaving Cert.  Our second new page is the Essential Irish page – where one of our Irish tutors, is available to answer any questions that students have every evening after school.



We are available to all of our students on an individual basis to answer and sort out any questions they may have on the French or Irish programme AT NO EXTRA COST!  We encourage students to hand in extra work that we correct and give detailed feedback on – to allow the student to learn from the errors made.

We also hold pre exams throughout Term 2 – should students feel they need the challenge of one of our papers.  We give VERY DETAILED FEEDBACK on these exams to ensure that students understand technique, time-keeping and how to showcase their french in the best possible way, to guarantee max marks in the Leaving Cert exam.



For those students who complete the Leaving Cert programme with us – and choose to continue to study French in college – we offer additional classes and help throughout the university years – all FREE OF CHARGE.

Equally, having completed the Leaving Cert, the student wishes to repeat the Leaving Cert, we have a Repeat Leaving Cert course just for them – all FREE OF CHARGE. These students can avail of our full SOS programme – AT NO EXTRA COST!



Due to the phenomenal success of our SOS Leaving Cert seminars we are delighted to extend these sessions to our existing  Junior Cert and 5th year students!  These sessions started in Febuary 2011.  Please keep an eye on our Essential French Facebook page for more details on these FREE sessions.

Essential French Language College, is a provider of French and Irish Grinds for Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate students on Cork’s Grand Parade.

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