EF at a glance…

The personal touch

We have a limited number of places on each course – to guarantee you maximum personal attention.  Despite increased demand, we have not increased our numbers.  We at Essential French Language College promise:

  • exclusivity in the material and in the programme we provide.
  • we will not compromise the quality of your tuition.  
  • we will maximise your potential regardless of your level.

Highly Trained Teaching Team:

French nationals, our teachers have been trained exclusively in the Essential French teaching method, guaranteed to maximise each student’s potential.

Individual Attention:

Maximum of 4-12 students per class (depending on the programme), so we can focus on your problem areas.  We are also the only grind school in Ireland that provides online help 24/7.  You can rest assured that we are there to help you outside of class hours!

Student Friendly Programme:

Having listened carefully to our students, we provide you with what every student needs : vocabulary pack, swot sheets, flash cards, study tips, revision notes.  All exclusive to our students!  All proven to score maximum marks in the exam.  Along with this we have developed a unique teaching method to enable our students to learn the material effortlessly!!

Classes At Your Level:

Pupils revise basics before moving forward. Advanced pupils follow more challenging programmes to guarantee top grades.

What do we look for in a potential student?

  • We want students who want to succeed and are willing to put in time and energy to get the best grade possible for them. All of our students must follow our advice carefully so we can guide them on the road to success. Pupils need to be motivated and determined to benefit from EF’s unique learning experience. 


For JC, 5Y and LC:

  • Each student receives 2.5 hours of tuition per week.
  • We have introduced a 2-week cycle of Face2Face tuition blended with weekly online classes.
  • Wherever there is an oral element to our lessons, the class size is extremely small to ensure that you participate and receive as much personal attention as possible.


For 2nd Year and TY:

  • Each student receives 1.5 hours of tuition per week in EF classrooms.
  • Our 2nd Year programme gives students a valuable head start on the JC course as well as giving individual support and guidance with CBA’s.
  • The short 12-week TY programme is ideal for busy TY students who want to get ahead in French.


Essential French Language College, is a provider of French grinds for 2nd Year, Junior Certificate, Transition Year, 5th Year and Leaving Certificate students and Irish Grinds for Leaving Certificate students in Cork.

145 responses to “EF at a glance…”

  1. Sean says:

    I spent one year in Essential French and my level of french improved dramatically throughout the year. All of the notes were very useful and we were taught everything we needed to know in order to be prepared for all exam questions. I would highly recommend Essential French to anyone doing french for the leaving cert.

  2. Jane Tuohy says:

    I really enjoyed my time at EF. Having started in 5th year and continuing on throughout the leaving cert, I can’t thank Natasha and the teachers enough for the support and help over the two years. Everything is very exam focused and really good if you’re struggling or even just need a boost in your French. Would definitely recommend!

  3. Keela Craven says:

    I found the Transition year programme so helpful. The teachers and the notes are great and it improved my french so much. Would definitely recommend joining EF.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I have been attending Essential French for 2 years and I must admit that I’ve grown and matured as a student and even discovered my love for the French language(and possibly my love for learning new languages) which has been nurtured at every turn, be it in class with amazing, patient, native French teachers who bend over backwards to give you every assistance. Further enhanced by the packs you receive which are supported by apps and various social media communications, akin to “Big Brother”(You can’t escape! So no excuses!). There’s never a dull or boring class with the teachers. They are friendly, inclusive and make learning the language memorable. We not only learn French but absorb the French culture in a smart, relatable fashion. Even when weaknesses were found, nothing was too much trouble! The staff at Essential French would do their upmost to improve and boost your confidence. On a personal note, with the oral exams approaching I became very nervous(had a mini melt down) and a staff member acted quickly and contacted Natasha who went out of her way to calm the situation, gave me support and followed my progress. This built my confidence no end! I would highly recommend Essential French for its superb exam techniques and excellent support system!

    To all in Essential French, “merci beaucoup” for a wonderful experience!
    A bientot,

  5. Megan O'Shea says:

    I only started Essential French this year but it has helped my grammar so much in the last few months, there is such a lovely atmosphere in E.F so it doesn’t even feel like you’re doing school work and everyone there is so helpful. I would definetly recommend it to anyone.

  6. Christina says:

    Choosing to do EF was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I could have ever made regarding my leaving cert. I have a new found love and understanding for a subject that I until this September had dismissed completely not to mention a whole rake of new friends. Amidst all the stress of 5th year this has given me confidence and put me at ease all the while expanding my vocabulary and knowledge of the (many) different tenses. All in all I could not be more thankful for EF 🙂

  7. Tara says:

    Essential French has greatly improved my French this year. The classes are really fun and get you involved in every part of the class. The teacher focuses a lot of attention on you also because they only have max 7 students per class! I found it really helpful and the notes are easy to learn as you are using them every week! It is a lot of work but it’s worth it if you put in the effort and make the most of it!

  8. Tom Fitzgerald says:

    Really effective classes, great notes and teachers. Highly recommended.

  9. Zahra Khan says:

    Essential French are absolutely excellent, French was one of my weakest subjects coming in to the centre and my confidence in it has been boosted so much! The teachers and staff are all really motivated and hardworking, it’s the perfect place to improve your French!

  10. Amy Roberts says:

    Essential French is brill. If you are looking for a high mark in French, look no further. Genuinely couldn’t speak more highly of the course and the teachers. Don’t know where I’d be without it.

  11. Sophie McCarthy says:

    Essential French is a grind school like no other. The structure and exam focused nature of the course will motivate you from day one! Only this time last year I had a lot of difficulty with the French course, but now I’m delighted to say that it’s my favourite subject! I even hope to pursue it next year in college. Thanks to the amazing team at EF, I’m feeling a lot more confident about my exam in June!

  12. Diane Macilwraith says:

    The teachers, learning atmosphere and of course the exact, exam-focused nature of the notes all add to create an excellently efficient course. The Irish LC oral course was second to none due to the small class size (6 pupils) and the positive learning environment! Constantly running competitions on various social media sites I was given the opportunity to part-take in a 4 pupil week long German oral course with a native German speaker. Can’t recommend my experience in EF enough!

  13. Luke O Halloran says:

    Before I started Essential French , french was by far my worst subject in school. But after spending the year in EF I can confidently and proudly say french is one of my best subjects now ! Essential french truly is so unique and amazing , the material you receive is A1 and unlike no other grind school. Their teaching methods are so engaging with rhymes , patterns and other key strategies. You are constantly learning something even if you don’t realise it. The oral material is tailored just for you and you are guaranteed to stand out and be different from the rest of your year. Believe me when I say you will be THE ENVY of all your friends who didn’t do EF ! As strange as this sounds , I seriously can’t wait for my French exam in June 🙂

  14. Edel Woulfe says:

    Essential French is a grind like no other. I have done French, Irish and English with EF and I would recommend all courses to every LC student as so much insight and help is offered in each. An effective style of teaching which cuts down the work load and 24/7 support really helped me focus and improve my weaker areas. Every aspect of the course is covered in depth and key strategies are given to best equip yourself in approaching the exam in June. Can’t recommend EF enough, very proud to be an EFer!

  15. Eleanor says:

    French is one of my favourite subjects all thanks to Essential French. During 5th year I did a different French grind in Cork and by the end of the year I still felt like dropping to pass was my best option. When I joined Essential French I was amazed by how rapidly I improved and how confident in French I became. My biggest regret is not joining Essential French sooner (5th year) seeing as I’ve learned so much the past 7 months I couldn’t even imagine the amount of French I would have after doing it for 2 years! Thanks to Essential French I am feeling confident about my French exam. I would 100% recommend it!

  16. Molly says:

    I would definitely recommend essential French to all fifth years. I find it very helpful with the amount of notes and extra help that is provided and I know If I didn’t go to essential french I would definitely be doing pass so I am very happy I started in fifth year! It helped me improve so much and made it way easier as it used be one of my weakest subjects

  17. Emma murphy says:

    Essential French has saved me from dropping down to pass french and I am now getting high b’s on every test! the social media aspect is amazing help is always there 24/7 no matter what and thhe twitter and vine pages are so helpful! Would reccomend EF to anyone who feels that they haven’t gotten to grips with the LC french course, best thing i have done all year!

  18. Jack white says:

    Doing essential french was without doubt the best decision i could have made this year, i count myself lucky to be doing essential french as i have improved a huge amount since the end of fifth year.
    It helps so much and you have so much support there. The oral work is fantastic along with the learning methods they teach us for listening , written pieces and comprehensions. Definitely do essential french if you want a high grade in the subject, without doubt the best grinds imaginable.

  19. Aisling Flynn says:

    Joining ef was the best decision iv made by far regarding the leaving cert.. Would be so lost without it! Got a D in my jc and was told to go pass! 6 weeks to the lc french exam and thanks to ef i couldnt be more confident! Makes learning french seem so easy! Top class 🙂

  20. Aisling says:

    EF has helped me improve my french soo much, it was the only pre i went into that i wasnt worried about and im sure the real thing will be the same. I would definetly recommend EF to anyone I know, you always feel like you have their support not only in french but in other subjects also 😀

  21. Alisha Cremins says:

    I would definately recommend Essential French it makes learning french way easier than the way you learn it in school 🙂 They help you see your weakest points and Natasha bates the French into your head haha 😛 <3 EF

  22. Rachel says:

    Choosing essential French was without a doubt the right decision 🙂 they give fantastic notes and there extra oral, grammar and listening classes are invaluable 🙂

  23. EF are absolutely brill! 😀 They’ve helped me improve leaps and bounds since September. Particularly in my oral. 🙂 They have tips and advise on every aspect of the course and it’s now the one subject I’m not super stressed about. It’s totally worth doing, I would be lost without Natasha and the EF gang to help me 🙂 Proud to be an EFer 😉
    Laura Simpson, LC, Regina Mundi College

  24. Shauna Murphy says:

    Don’t know what I’d be doing without EFs help! My french has improved immensely and it’s safe to to that I’d be down in pass without it! 😀 definitely recommending joining EF! Totally worth it 🙂

  25. Padraig Wilson McCarthy says:

    Without a doubt the best decision I have made regarding the Leaving cert! The improvement I have made is unbelievable but its the peace of mind that makes it so worth while. June is approaching and I already feel I have a subject sorted. Can’t recommend it enough!
    Padraig Wilson Mc Carthy, LC, Douglas Community School, cork

  26. Sinead Harrington says:

    essential french has been so helpful this year, I dont know what i would do without it !i would definitely recommend it!:)

  27. Eimear Connolly says:

    Wish every subject was taught the essential french way ! .. No time wasted on stuff you don’t need to know , gets straight to the point 🙂 teachers are so helpful … Proud to be an EFer 🙂

  28. Lucy Mulcahy says:

    Its really helpful, all the notes are great and teachers too 🙂 definatly recommend it!

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