Parents – how you can help your child in preparation for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert?

Parents, we hope you find the following blog useful at this stressful time!

The following is a blog we posted last year and parents found it very useful and were asking about it again this year!! So due to popular demand here is the info as requested :

SOS Support On Study Seminar….. for PARENTS!!!!

  We are now officially launching our new SOS Parent Support Programme! To kickstart the programme we are running a unique seminar aimed exclusively at PARENTS of students in 1st year to Junior Cert year studying French. NO KNOWLEDGE OF FRENCH IS REQUIRED!!!! Our results in the Junior Cert French exams were outstanding again this […]

Parents’ Role at Exam Time

Parents, thank you for taking the time to visit our Blog!
Exam-time is stressful for the whole family, not only for the exam student.

Parents – it’s YOUR turn to do some work!

Welcome parents! Coming up to that dreaded exam time – it’s time for ye to do some research on how best to feed your child, to ensure they will perform brilliantly ! The information below is NOT our advice – but information that we have compiled from the Examiner over the past few years. If you don’t have the time to read it all now – why not print it up and read it later, over a coffee and a Hob Nob…..