Winner of Name that Song as Gaeilge !

As you are aware, this quiz is open to all of our students – Essential French and Essential Irish.

French Tip of the Week LC #6

A new start ! Félicitations encore à Avril Mc Carthy qui a gagné notre Tip of the Week quiz.

Ainmnigh an amhrán i Gaeilge an am seo#6

Féach ar an suíomh idirlíon don amhrán is déanaí, tóg amach na fóclóirí!

An bhfuil fhios agat cén amhrán a tagann na focail seo as???

Winners of “Name that Song” and “Tip of the Week” !

Thanks for everyone who took part in these competitions over the last 5 weeks!

Five Week Raffle : Are you in the raffle??

We will be shortly holding the raffle for 50 euros – the following are the students who won the tip of the week / name that song competition.

Winner of Tip of the Week #5

the winner of this week’s tip – was actually the third comment posted.  The first 2 were slightly wrong – but I posted them on site anyway.  Cormac – you were typing too fast!  Amy – you left out the “la” before the noun “pollution” – so close!! The correct answer was :  La lutte […]

Winner of “Name that Song” en franςais!

So many wrong answers this week, mes amis!  The key tip – it is in the top 10 at the moment.  The number of ye that submitted “Vanilla Ice” as the artist – it was actually our fav dub twins, Jedward, with Ice Ice Baby / Under Pressure.  So many of ye are closet Jedward […]

Tip of the Week #5

This week´s tip is based on overusing the word “problem” in french in opinion pieces.

Name that Song, en français aujourd’hui

A quelle chanson appartiennent ces paroles? Alors à vos dictionnaires!

Winner of “Ainmnigh an amhrán i Gaeilge”

Very few pupils got this song this time! i’m getting good at picking the more obscure lyrics of songs!! You should keep an eye out for the next “name that song” in French – it will be posted later today!