Who are the LC students in for Tip of the Week raffle for 50 euros??

The following students are the ones who won “Tip of the Week” for the past 5 weeks :

Name that Song EN FRANCAIS!!!

Do you know the chanson that these mots are from??

Winner of LC Tip of the Week #11

We are still on grammar terminology as I find this is such an important theme in the reading comprehensions.

Winner of 100 euros!!!!

thank you to everyone who contributed in this raffle!! The LC tip of the week winner is to be announced shortly – so keep eye out!

5th year Tip of the Week #4

We will stay with grammar terminology again this week – it’s very useful revision for your summer tests!, ils

LC Tip of the Week #11

We are going to revise the grammar terminology again this week! Great response to last week’s tip – but a good few of ye got 2/3 and only a few got the full 3/3 correct!

Winner of LC Tip of the Week #10

Well done to everyone who entered! Lots of you got 2/3 – only a few got all 3 correct! So well done again!

Winner of 5th year Tip of the Week #3

Mille fois merci to all of ye who gave it a go this week! We were looking for an adverb – a word ending in “ment” in french and “ly” in English. the answer was “suffisamment”

Winner of Name that Song!

Well done on so many correct entries!! The answer was : Florence and the Machine – Dog days are over!

LC Tip of the Week #10

We are going to look at grammar terminology again this time – it is worth such valuable marks, ye should revise regularly!