2nd Year French

Essential French Language College provides 2nd Year French Grinds in Cork that will help students enhance their french language skills and prepare them for Junior Cert French. We at Essential French Language College promise to maximise your potential regardless of your level.

2nd Year Pupils

This programme gives students a valuable head start on the Junior Cert course. Students attend one weekly class only, as we feel that this is more than enough tuition for our younger students. The easier elements of the Junior Cert programme are covered with a huge emphasis on the aural part of the exam which is almost 45% of the Junior Cert grade. We also encourage our younger students to participate orally to make them comfortable with the oral aspect of the language. This further enhances their listening skills too.


  • 25 week programme : 1½ hour class per week
  • All tutors are native French speakers to ensure authenticity in accent and pronunciation
  • Max 7 students per class
  • Homework is given weekly and corrected the following week
  • Class assessments every 3 weeks
  • Extra worksheets on our Online Kit for completion at home and returned to us for correction
  • Progress reports are sent to parents on completion of the programme



AREAS COVERED –  2nd year French Programme:

Listening: Did you know that the listening part of the Junior Cert exam accounts for almost half of the JC exam?  During our 2nd year programme, we look at the easier parts of the JC listening course and pupils practice in our weekly classes and at home  at a level that each pupil is comfortable with.  We also help build up each student’s confidence in the spoken language.  All of our tutors being French nationals,  they will assist each pupil develop an authentic accent.

Comprehensions : The vocab for this part of the course and the listening part of the course is very similar.  After a couple of months, pupils should see a noticeable improvement in both of these areas, simply by learning off vocab on a very regular basis.  This really boosts each student’s confidence in their ability in the language!

Written : During this programme, we focus on basic structures to ensure that all pupils perfect the vitals for the Junior Cert.  We take a look at tenses, basic grammar rules and spellings. As students progress, more advanced material is taught to keep them ahead of their school work!

Essential French Language College, is a leading provider of Junior Cert and Leaving Cert French Grinds in Cork.

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