5th Year French Programme

This programme is perfect for students who wish to get ahead for the Leaving Cert year. Many students choose the 5th year course to help identify and resolve problems they are having with the language. Others start the programme to stay ahead and maintain their high grades easily and effortlessly. This easy step by step programme guides the 5th year students through all areas of the French course at a comfortable yet challenging pace.

In EF over 35% of our students received a H1 in the exam. Nationwide, just under 7% of Leaving Cert students obtained a H1 in Higher Level French [increased to 14% in 2022]. We are so proud of the fact that our students have obtained the highest grades nationally in Leaving Cert French for the past 19 years. These results are proof that Essential French remains the leader in French Tuition.

We limit the number of students who we enrol in our 5th year and Leaving Cert programmes every year to guarantee that our material remains EXCLUSIVE to those attending EF.  No other student in the country will have access to this material which WOWS examiners every year.

What makes each of our students exceed their expectations in French is a combination of the features and facilities below, all included in the programme fee :


Weekly Classes: Face2Face and Online

  • 30 week programme: 2.5 hours per week (1 Face2Face Class and 1 Online Class).
  • All tutors are native French speakers to ensure authenticity in accent and pronunciation.
  • Our Face2Face classes are held in our EF classrooms.
  • There are max 4 students in oral classes and max 12 students in grammar classes.
  • Homework and short assessments given weekly.
  • Exclusive and personal support: we are available daily to answer questions, guiding and supporting each student throughout the year.


Some of our additional facilities throughout the year :

  • Free access to our exclusive Quizlet App.
  • Additional worksheets are available on our online kit.
  • Christmas and Summer exams with personalised feedback.
  • We send out progress reports with our teachers’ advice and feedback.
  • Optional 1-2-1 oral practice exam in Term 2 in preparation for school oral exam.

Please scroll down to read feedback from our past 5th year students? If you wish to speak to one of our team, please fill in our inquiry form  here


No French in School

At Essential French we offer a special programme designed for students who choose to study French exclusively with us as an extra subject outside of school. We only accept students on this programme if they are diligent, 100% committed to the course, and prepared to work closely with us throughout the year. There is an additional fee for this option. Contact us for more details.

Essential French Language College is a provider of 5th Year French Grinds in Cork. We at Essential French Language College promise to maximise your potential regardless of your level.

111 responses to “5th Year French Programme”

  1. My French has improved tremendously thanks to Essential French. The grinds are very thorough and you learn something new every week. The teachers are very kind and understanding and are always there to help. I have a greater grasp of French than I’ve ever had before. I would highly recommend these grinds!

  2. Aliyyah says:

    I would 100% recommend Essential French to anyone, whether they are struggling with the language or just want to improve their grade. It is such an effective course and the teachers are so committed to each individual student’s needs.

  3. Gemma says:

    I really would recommend anyone to join Essential French if they are struggling at all with the language . It has honestly been so amazing, i have learned so much and continue to do so every day. Despite the circumstances, Essential French really have done a fantastic job to keep up the level of learning and commitment to their students via online! Would 100 percent recommend to anyone :))

  4. Amy says:

    Essential French has easily been one of the best decisions I have made. Not only has it boosted my confidence in the language but has also made french one of my favourite subjects! I truly feel I have been given a unique and practical education and I would definitely encourage anyone to give Essential French a chance. 🙂

  5. Colm says:

    Such a great way to improve your French in a fun yet amazingly efficient way. Has helped me so much in my tenure with Essential French and has improved my standard of French to no end!

  6. Michael Dowling says:

    Fantastic, effective material and teaching. I would highly recommend these grinds.

  7. Caoimhe says:

    Essential French truly helped me to bring up my grades! The consise manner in which everything is taught gives a clear understanding of the language and the exam. I couldn’t recommend the course stronger!!

  8. Eoin says:

    I found doing Essential French was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I found my ability in French improved exponentially I went from getting poor results in school to getting great results. The way of teaching is fantastic and all learning packs contain information key to doing well. I would suggest Essential French to anyone because it’s ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  9. James says:

    Its great way to get your level of french up in a differemt style grind to your normal grind, the small classes, different packs and teachers keeps you interested, i woukd highly recommend it

  10. Orla says:

    Essential French has been such an amazing confidence booster! you’re taught completely unique and outstanding French that will let you get the grade you need. In just a few months all of the loose pieces have come together. Now I have a clear picture of the LC French course and I feel more ready than ever to tackle an exam. Very friendly teachers make each class so enjoyable… by the end of the year you won’t be able to wait to get back to your EF friends. It’s so worth giving a try. Can’t wait for next year!!!

  11. Oisin says:

    Looking for a french grind that’s above the rest! There concise to the point learning packs that have been developed to get you a H1 and get you more than ready for sixth year. Essential French has helped my standard of French improve drastically both written and aurally. I would highly recommend this Comprehensive course.

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