5th Year French Programme

This programme is perfect for students who wish to get ahead for the Leaving Cert year. Many students choose the 5th year course to help identify and resolve problems they are having with the language. Others start the programme to stay ahead and maintain their high grades easily and effortlessly. This easy step by step programme guides the 5th year students through all areas of the French course at a comfortable yet challenging pace.

In EF over 35% of our students received a H1 in the exam. Nationwide, just under 7% of Leaving Cert students obtained a H1 in Higher Level French [increased to 14% in 2022]. We are so proud of the fact that our students have obtained the highest grades nationally in Leaving Cert French for the past 19 years. These results are proof that Essential French remains the leader in French Tuition.

We limit the number of students who we enrol in our 5th year and Leaving Cert programmes every year to guarantee that our material remains EXCLUSIVE to those attending EF.  No other student in the country will have access to this material which WOWS examiners every year.

What makes each of our students exceed their expectations in French is a combination of the features and facilities below, all included in the programme fee :


Weekly Classes: Face2Face and Online

  • 30 week programme: 2.5 hours per week (1 Face2Face Class and 1 Online Class).
  • All tutors are native French speakers to ensure authenticity in accent and pronunciation.
  • Our Face2Face classes are held in our EF classrooms.
  • There are max 4 students in oral classes and max 12 students in grammar classes.
  • Homework and short assessments given weekly.
  • Exclusive and personal support: we are available daily to answer questions, guiding and supporting each student throughout the year.


Some of our additional facilities throughout the year :

  • Free access to our exclusive Quizlet App.
  • Additional worksheets are available on our online kit.
  • Christmas and Summer exams with personalised feedback.
  • We send out progress reports with our teachers’ advice and feedback.
  • Optional 1-2-1 oral practice exam in Term 2 in preparation for school oral exam.

Please scroll down to read feedback from our past 5th year students? If you wish to speak to one of our team, please fill in our inquiry form  here


No French in School

At Essential French we offer a special programme designed for students who choose to study French exclusively with us as an extra subject outside of school. We only accept students on this programme if they are diligent, 100% committed to the course, and prepared to work closely with us throughout the year. There is an additional fee for this option. Contact us for more details.

Essential French Language College is a provider of 5th Year French Grinds in Cork. We at Essential French Language College promise to maximise your potential regardless of your level.

111 responses to “5th Year French Programme”

  1. Alannah O’Flaherty says:

    Experienced and dedicated teachers teach you condensed material in a strategic way that gives you the confidence you need going into exams. fabulous course altogether. Merci Beaucoup!

  2. Peter Kelleher says:

    At the beginning of the year I was a H5 student but after the amazing work Natasha and all the EF staff have done with us I am confident I will get an H1/H2 in my coming exams. Whether it was at reception or during a work shop an EF member was there to help.

  3. Julie says:

    Since joining Essential French all areas of my French has improved. The small class numbers creates a comfortable learning environment and helped my confidence in speaking French. I would recommend EF to anyone considering joining!

  4. Emma says:

    I would highly recommend Essential French ! I love how the course is broken down so it’s easier to understand and the attention you get from the teachers is like nothing you could get in school. It’s well worth it, French is now one of my best subjects 🙂

  5. J.O'Neill says:

    Essential French are so supportive and all the teachers are very helpful. They are always available to help you with any questions you have, I would highly recommend Essential French. Their material is excellent, explained well and always ensure you understand.

  6. Alison says:

    I would highly recommend Essential French as they have helped me so much in the past year. They have amazing content and everything is explained in a way that is so easy to understand. I’m so glad I joined and French is now one of my best subjects !

  7. Malina says:

    Joining essential French was the best decision I’ve ever made. I would definitely recommend it!
    All teachers are so lovely and helpful and
    My level of french has increased dramatically since joining!

  8. Abbue says:

    Joining essential French this year was by far one of the best decisions for me as before joining I had little to no French. All I can say is that the EF team do everything and more to help all of there students no matter what level they are at. It has completely changed my view on the language I now enjoy learning it and I am confident going forward to next year that they will have taught me all the tricks and skills I need for my leaving cert. I will definitely be signing up next year and I will be recommending to all my friends to do the same! 😀

  9. Seanan says:

    I am delighted i returned to Essential French in 5th yr! I am after becoming so much more confident in the french language and have noticed my grades improving. The course is very exam focused and Their notes are excellent and simple to understand. I really benefited from the Quizlet app throughout the year. All their teachers and classes are amazing and Natasha is always a Facebook message away if you have any question. I would 100% recommend joining EF to everyone. 😀

  10. Emma says:

    I can safely say that signing up for the Essential French 5th year programme was hands down one of the best decisions I made. Throughout the course of my Junior Cert I had a very poor level of French and as I went through Transition Year I began facing the reality that I needed to improve my French, but the question was how? So I decided for 5th year I would sign up to the EF programme and hopefully benefit from it. I can whole heartedly say that I have come on leaps and bounds since joining. I wouldn’t be where I am today with regard to my French study if it weren’t for EF. I would highly recommend the programme to anyone who is even contemplating it. Whether your level of French is extremely poor, or very good I would still join EF. They are always there to help you, show you how to do things properly and guide you in the right direction. In EF there is no such thing as a ‘silly’ question, and the teachers will help you with absolutely anything. No matter what the EF team will always find a way to help you improve your French where possible. EF has helped me become a lot more confident in all aspects of French and I cannot thank them enough.

  11. Sophie says:

    Essential French is by far the best choice I made in 5th year. I joined with doubt that I would be able to improve as I was quite poor at the subject and was planning on dropping to ordinary. As the classes began I started improving immensely I would have never imagined that such improvement in the language was possible. The classes are enjoyable and the teachers are all lovely and have every student in their best interest. I cannot stress enough how amazing Essential French is and how good an opportunity it is, I am certainly recommending it to all my friends and siblings. Joining Essential French has completely changed my attitude to the subject and I enjoy it so much now. I definitely hope to do it again next year.

  12. John says:

    Joining Essential French was hands down one of the best things I ever did in 5th year. The content in this course and extra workshops are amazing on top of the weekly grammar classes delivered by Cedric. I now feel so much more confident in speaking the French language and my level of French has skyrocketed !!!!

  13. Lucy says:

    Joining essential french was one of the best decisions I have made. Before starting the course I had little to no french and as of now I have learned so many useful tips and tricks which will help me get the best possible results I can in my leaving cert. the essential french team have always been able to accommodate my needs and have provided me with a variety of new vocabulary and insights on how to do the best I can for my exams!

  14. Sinead says:

    Joining essential French was the best decisions I’ve ever made. My range of vocabulary has increased dramatically and I have learnt so many tips and tricks about how to get top marks in my LC!

  15. Katie gaynor says:

    I joined essential French in fifth year. I found the lessons super engaging and the classes were taught at ease. Surprisely I looked forward to my EF lesson each week! Big thanks to all the EF team

  16. Darcy says:

    I started EF this year with the no school programme. I feel this was really beneficial to me as this course keeps you on top of everything. All of their content is condensed into the matierial needed for the LC which really helped me study what was needed.
    Their team and Natasha have been with me every step of the way with any questions or problems I’ve had about the course and I’m so pleased with how well it worked out.

  17. Orla says:

    The 5th year Essential French course has certainly exceeded all of my expectations! I have learned so much and made so many friends. It is truly incredible to see the level of commitment and dedication all of the staff have. Such a comprehensive and exciting year at EF has really improved my French and I owe Natasha and all of the EF team a big thank you for that!

  18. Emily says:

    I would recommend Essential French to anybody who is contemplating joining. Essential French has brought my French level up an enormous amount, higher than any teacher in school could ever. When I first joined essential French at the start of 5th year, I had little to no French as it was a relatively new subject to me. Trying to catch up to the 5th year level of grammar and vocabulary in school was a high struggle but the help I have received from the teacher in EF is amazing! Even though French is one of my weaker subjects, I feel confident and happier in my abilities since joining EF.

  19. Hannah Salvatori says:

    One of the best decisions of my life to join essential french, my french has improved so much in the year all thanks to Natasha and her wonderful team of teachers.

  20. Claudia Garcia says:

    When doing French previously I was a bit confused and never really knew where to begin however, since I began Essential French my French really began to improve! The teachers are very kind and are always there to help! They helped me to improve my french and I have now become more confident in speaking, writing and listening! The notes are also really good and contain lots of important vocabulary and grammar! I can always rely on Essential French! The grammar classes and weekly classes help you improve your French skills and you can become more confident! I really recommend anyone to do it! 😊

  21. Roisin says:

    The Essential French course has noticeably improved my level of French. The staff teach the course with such a passion and enthusiasm which makes it a whole lot easier to learn. The course has completely changed my outlook on the French language as it was an area I heavily struggled in at the start of fifth year. At the start of the course i was nearing entering pass French and the course improved my grades and ability to speak the language. The course’s workload is the right amount to keep you on top of learning and improving every week. I could not recommend this course enough for students struggling to achieve their maximum potential in the French language

  22. Karolina Gontal says:

    Essential French is the best grinds college out there! I used to struggle with French quite a lot but since doing EF for 2 years I can really see it paying off. The material is amazing and the teachers are very helpful. I couldn’t recommend EF enough

  23. Rebecca says:

    Essential French covers everything but makes it simple and easy to learn ! Glad I joined greatly improved my results and I am now far more confident .

  24. Roisin says:

    The Essential French course is a pleasure to attend. My level of french improved in ways I never thought I was capable of. My grades and level of French noticeably improved not long after i attended the course. Every staff member has a genuine passion for the language and their enthusiasm to teach makes the journey a whole lot easier. I cannot stress enough how well the course went for me and my overall outlook on French changed completely. I went from nearing the transfer to pass French to gaining a love for the language and can speak and understand a great variation of vocab 🙂

  25. Catherine Corr says:

    I’m really glad I joined essential friench to do my whole French course with them as I could not take French in school.
    My level of French has improved hugely and I now have a much broader range of vocabulary.
    They really make sure to teach you all the little important stuff that you will be needing in the exam to get full marks.
    I could not be any happier with essential French as they’ve paid close attention to me as an individual with my learning experience and helped me with any questions I’ve had for them.

  26. Aisling says:

    Joining Essential French was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. My French has improve so much and my results have risen enormously. The small classes are so beneficial and the weekly grammar classes are extremely helpful. The teachers are so approachable and the online help from Natasha is really helpful. I am 100 times more confident in my French now and I will definitely be keeping it on next year. Thanks to all at EF!!!

  27. Marie Scally says:

    After doing essential french for thé year it really helped me improve my french speaking and writing wise! I’d recommend everyone to do it as it gives you so much confidence. I wasn’t great at it up till TY but since I started it in fifth year I can really see an improvement. You get loads covered, loads of new grammer and it’s worth the investment- the staff are lovely, patient and great at narrowing things down and helping you learn it properly!

  28. Emma says:

    Joining Essential French was the best decision, I’ve ever made!! While I got an A in the Junior Cert, I discovered I had a very limited knowledge of grammer. The weekly grammar classes on top of our regular classes have improved my French more than I thought possible in just 30 weeks!! The teachers are approachable and really care about the students. EF has a great sense of academia but is also enjoyable and I look forward to class. The small intimate numbers means the teachers get a lot of one on one time with the students. I personally used to feel over whelmed when studying French due to the sheer volume, however thanks to Natasha’s organised packs, it couldn’t be easier. Merci to all in EF X

  29. Aoife says:

    I’m in fifth year and I joined Essential French this year to hopefully achieve a high grade in the Leaving Cert. I would really recommend Essential French to everyone regardless of your level of french before beginning (every ability is tailored to!) Although it is down to you to do the hard work the teachers are incredible and so supportive. The atomosphere is lovely too 🙂

  30. Essential was something I was recommended by my friend who already signed up and I can’t put into words the difference it has made towards my oral work and written as. I’m so confident now to speak orally without getting anxious or flustered and that’s all thanks to ef. I am so on top of French in school consisted to before xmas where I didn’t understand French but now I am confident in knowing what I’m writing is good quality. Proud to be an Efer !

  31. Saoirse Griffin says:

    French has always been one of my favorite subjects but unfortunately I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, since joining essential French my vocabulary and knowledge of grammar has gone up incredibly and my results are showing, i love the atmosphere in essential the French, the teacher are friendly and excellent teachers and I love the banter I have in my class, essential french doesn’t just teach you basic vocabulary and grammar you need for the leaving cert, it also teaches you to simply speak a lanaguage that will be with you after school.

  32. Michael Hand says:

    I started EF last September without doing it in school for senior cycle and I can already see an immense difference in my French in comparison to my junior Cert C-grade level as well as comparing my spoken French to other students in my class who are non-EFers , I can’t stress how helpful it is especially for grammar work and opinion pieces.I think it shows how good the teachers areand the quality of teaching if I am better ( and more confident) in my French after 1-2 classes a week than most of the other kids in my school.

  33. Sadie says:

    I must say I reallyy struggle with French. Essential French is slowly helping me over come this struggle which I thought would never happen! Even though it’s down to me to apply the work I couldn’t do this without the outstanding teachers! They really push you to do your best and apply yourself to the best of your ability. If anyone who is struggling with French and they need that little bit of help, I would highly recommend Essential French without a doubt!! It’s the BEST grind school!😀

  34. Brayden Peck says:

    Essential French has helped me enormously this year. In the past 6 months alone, I’ve seen my grades go from H5’s and H4’s to H2’s. I’m so glad I signed up for it and I’ll definetly be going back next year.

  35. Claire Ryan says:

    I started in essential French only 10 weeks ago and I have found that my French has improved so much. Everyone is so helpful and kind😊 Essential French is definitely worth doing and I will definitely be doing to next year 😊

  36. Olivia says:

    Only new to Essential French this year, but I’ve loved every minute- the classes are enjoyable and beneficial, you don’t even realise how much you are learning until it comes to your next exam. You really get the chance to put the language into use and improve your skills! Such a sense of community in the programme too! Loving every class🙌🏻💎

  37. Ella Lynch says:

    Essential not only boosted my confidence in French but in all my subjects. There excellent study skills helped me with all of my subjects. My standard of French has changed drastically in less than the space of a year! I’ve gone from a solid C to an A. I couldn’t recommend this course enough for anyone who has any doubts to give them the push they need I am now so confident and feel ready for any exam

  38. grace healy says:

    In junior cert my teacher gave us all out a booklet of phrases to learn off as a result when i got into fifth year i realised i had no idea about how any of the grammar in french works. How to form sentences, tenses, talking , it was all impossible for me to do .So i went from an A\B student to C\D’s. My friend started essential french and i immediately decided thats what i was going to do . They are incredible. All the teachers are french and so naturally know the ins and out of the language. Everything is thoroughly explained . They go right back to basics and build up your knowledge steadily over the weeks . Homework never takes more than 45 mins . They hold seminars to help you with all subjects not just french. The constant practice of speaking and grammar really drills the course home and the best part is no one else will have your content in the exams or orals so you stand out . BEST MONEY IVE EVER SPENT.

  39. Gabie O`Brien says:

    Signing up to Essential French at the beginning of the year,I had really been struggling with oral work but Essential French has been absolutely fantastic in giving me the necessary skills
    to try boost my confidence in speaking the language. All of the teachers are extremely helpful and do their very best to make it as beneficial as possible. I would strongly recommend Essential French to 5th years who want to improve their french skills and have a better grasp of the language before going into 6th year. I found a big improvement in the practise oral we had in school, I couldn`t believe it when the accent came so naturally. What I love about the Ef material is, everything you learn is for the exam.Everyone is really nice and they do everything they can to make sure you do well. I’ve really enjoyed the experience and learned an incredible amount and I’d recommend it to anybody!

  40. Aisling says:

    Joining the EF team at the start of fifth year was such an amazing decision. Diving straight into the leaving cert at the start of the year can be so intimidating but Natasha and everyone that works in there are so motivating and inspriring. They ease the tension of having so much to learn and just focus on what you need to know and how you’re going to learn it. What makes essential French so special though is that they don’t just teach you what they have to and that’s it, there is constant help and support for anything your doing at school or even if you are just struggling to understand something small, the help is always there. Not only that, there are seminars and tips available for other subjects you are doing for your leaving cert. All in all, there is no grinds school like essential French and I’m so grateful for everything they’ve done in helping me so far!

  41. Gwen Kelleher says:

    Joining EF was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. I have become so confident in french and really look forward to going to the classes each week. The extra grammar class that were provided with is brilliant also and we can learn to understand where the rules come from as well as being able to put them into practise. I have learnt to appreciate the french language so much and I have EF to thank for this. I would recommend this school to anyone who struggles with french or just wants to improve at it, it has changed my life!

  42. Maeve says:

    Without a doubt Essential French is the best grinds school in the country !!! Teachers and staff are behind helpful in anything you need. The classes are intense and push you to be a better student while still holding that friendly atmosphere. Their notes perfectly cuts the French language down to the core, making the language a fun and easy way to learn . I will always walk away from a class knowing a little more than I went in with. Thanks to EF my grade of French went from a B to an A in just over 6 months . I would highly highly recommend Essential French to anyone !! Without Essential French I wouldnt have the love and passion for the language as I do now. Best decision of my life !!!!

  43. Laura Wilson says:

    Essential French has not only helped me in getting better results in school it has helped discover the beauty of the French language, I will forever be greatfuk to everyone on the essential French team I’m helping my standard of French reach a level it has never been at before!!

  44. Sandra Dinan says:

    The two French classes every week have really helped me improve my French and has given me a new love of the subject , which I never had until I joined Essential French. Going into 5th Year, French would have been one of my weakest subjects but now I feel more confident, it’s definitely worth it!

  45. Maeve wall says:

    Essential French has so much to offer,the constant encouragement and fun atmosphere really does have a positive impact. The 24/7 access to help from Natasha and the team through snapchat and Facebook is also extremely beneficial. I look forward to my weekly classes at ef as each teacher has a genuine interest in their students and really do help us achieve the best results we are capable of. A lot of the time you’d forget your doing work as the interactive classes are extremely enjoyable! It really helped me grasp a better understanding of the language,from the grammar to the oral aspect as the teachers are native French speakers. Since I began ef,there has been a significant improvement in my results in French and I’ve definitely gained more confidence when it comes to the language. I’m looking forward to taking part in ef next year and would strongly recommend it to everyone whatever level your at.

  46. Ali o'sullivan says:

    French used to be my least favourite subject until this year when I started going to essential french! It’s become one of my strongest subjects thanks to the fifth year course and the superb teachers 🙂 id definitely recommend essential french to everyone!!

  47. Rachel Punch says:

    Having struggled with languages, essential French has made it so much easier for me to understand the language and improve immensely. Would definitely recommend to anyone who would like to improve their French!! Will be signing up for next years course!

  48. Lauren Culley says:

    Essential French has helped me so much with my French. French has gone from a subject I used to struggle with and hate to something I enjoy! all the teachers put a huge amount of time and effort into the work needed for classes. Essential has helped me with all aspects of French from grammar to vocab to listening and oral work! I would recommend it to everyone the amount of help the course has offered me in just a few months is huge and has already improved my French greatly!

  49. Megan Mccarthy says:

    Essential French has helped me not only to further understand the language, but to enjoy learning it! French used to be my worst subject and I used to dread going to the classes and getting the results of what I thought were impossible tests! The extra 2 1/2 hours a week are well worth it and they have so much to offer alto students! The teachers genuinely care about how you understand the language, not just to learn off chunks of information! The progress reports and constant contact between parents and management of essential French is a huge incentive to work to the best of ones ability! I would recommend to all friends who are struggling in French! I’ll definitely be signing up for next year!!

  50. Aoibhinn Martin says:

    French was my least favourite subject all the way up through school until this year and I can honestly say it’s because of Essential French! The teachers are superb, they’re enthusiastic and it’s so clear they want you to do well. French is now one of my favourite and strongest subjects and my confidence has increased so much! I’d recommend EF to everyone. The work you and they teachers put in during the year really pays off! So glad I was a part of EF this year!

  51. Kate Dunlea says:

    Essential French had helped me so much throughout my year of 5th yeah. It has not only been a great experience but an amazing help with my oral work, grammar and basics! I’m very grateful for the time these teachers have put into us to help us and they have been very kind and caring along the way. I have greatly improved on my French skills this year more than any other year that I have been studying it. I have made great friends and enjoyed each moment. The essential French apps have also been a great help also and can be a fun/different way of learning. My experience of EF has been a very positive one and made a great choice coming here to improve on my French! 🙂

  52. Hi there to whoever decides to read this I would highly recommend doing essential French. Halfway through fifth year I was really struggling in the subject now I find that it is my favourite subject in school and has become enjoyable ! My grades have improved so much and I’m confident walking into my summer exams ! The staff are so lovely and it really helps that Natasha is on standby on Facebook messanger for guidance ! Essential French have so many resources on social media and provide any help possible ! It has really changed my attitude not towards French but towards education aswell it motivates you and spurrs you on to achieving well in all subjects I think its because there is so much positivity in the building ! Anyway I really hope ye choose Essential French and reap the rewards like I did 🙂

  53. Sinead Buckley says:

    Essential french is amazing!! Going to EF has not only greatly improved my written work, but my oral and listening also!!! My confidence in french has grown hugely throughout the past year thanks to these amazing classes!! The teachers here are really encouraging and motivational, and the standard of material provided is exceptional and unrivaled!! I definitely don’t see EF as “grinds” but more of an enjoyable hobby!! I would fully recommend EF to anyone who is willing to work and have a little fun along the way!! 🙂 I’m so happy I decided to join last September!! merci beaucoup EF!!!!

  54. Olivia says:

    Having skipped TY and gone straight into 5th year, I thought I would be forever behind the standard of French my new classmates had obtained. I am delighted with my decision to do EF at the begining of this year as it has helped me hugely to not only learn but to understand each tense as well as expanding my vocabulary. It makes the leaving cert course much more manageable and less daunting now.

  55. Christina says:

    Choosing to do EF was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I could have ever made regarding my leaving cert. I have a new found love and understanding for a subject that I until this September had dismissed completely not to mention a whole rake of new friends. Amidst all the stress of 5th year this has given me confidence and put me at ease all the while expanding my vocabulary and knowledge of the (many) different tenses. All in all I could not be more thankful for EF 🙂

  56. Clodagh says:

    Essential french has helped me so much with all areas of french, and particularly for the grammar that i really struggled with. I find it so much easier now thanks to the brilliant notes that i use all the time in school to study for tests! The notes are so condensed with all relevant vocab you need which makes it alot easier to learn in smaller amounts, i would definietly recommend!

  57. Julie says:

    Making the decision to come to essential French for the 5th year programme tbis year was one of my
    Best! It has improved my French by a enormous amount and I couldn’t say enough about them! They have been so helpful and always encouraging pupils to keep working hard! They give superb notes and tips and I wouldn’t have my French today with out all their excellent help! I would highly recommended everyone who is looking to do well in their French leaving cert exam to come to Essential French! They are constantly encouraging all their pupils to do well and have full confidence in all! The staff are all so kind and welcoming! Love it!!!

  58. Emily Kennefick says:

    Essential French really helped me this year , I feel that my standard of French has greatly improved and now I feel more confident in speaking and writing in French. I also love how the work and notes we are given are so clear and relevant to our main goal of the Leaving Cert exam.The teachers and students are also very friendly and supportive.I feel that this course has without a doubt improved my level of French as I can now achieve higher grades in French.I feel the hard work is definitely paying off and the course is really worth attending provided that you are willing to put in the effort too!

  59. Jane says:

    Going back for the 5th year programme this year was one of my best decisions yet! EF really condenses the stuff down to what you need to do well in LC making the learning a whole lot easier. I also love the dedication of the staff as they are there 24/7 and hopefully I’ll be returning next year. Thank you to Natasha and the rest of the EF team.

  60. Ali Beamish says:

    The Essential French course helped so much in school, I didn’t feel like I was struggling because we had covered lots of the class material in the course! We learned so much vocab in the course too that for once I could actually understand comprehensions and other reading pieces. My French results have definitely improved too from mainly C’s to A’s and B’s! It’s definitely a commitment to spend so much extra time on one subject per week but it’s definitely worth it. I went from hating French to actually enjoying it and improving greatly with the help of EF! Would definitely recommend to anyone willing to put the work in

  61. Robert Hyde says:

    Essential French really helped me this year and it was well worth the extra couple of hours a week! All the teachers are really focused and want you to do well. By covering written, oral and aural aspects of the course it saved me a lot of time studying French for school and helped me improve week to week. Would recommend to anyone and will definitely sign up again for next year!

  62. Kate Mccarthy says:

    I started Essential French in September to boost my knowledge and confidence in the subject! At first I was reluctant to be spending an extra two and a half hours a week on just one subject, but just after a few weeks I realised that I was really enjoying going to my classes! Shortly into the year I began to see a huge improvement in my french-written,aural and oral and I was able to get my french school home work finished in jig time

  63. Siothmhaith Nic Fhlannchadha says:

    I started Essentiial French in September 2014. I wasn’t any bit confident in French when I started. Not only did I have my hour and a half class a week I also had en extra grammar class which helped me hugely because before this I used always get confused between the tenses! The classes are enjoyable and the teachers are so helpful. Not only do you learn but there are also fun aspects to the class like quiz’s and group work. The fifth year course helped me to grow confident in french and I can safely say that I’m not one bit worried about french next year because I know that essential French will have me well prepared.

  64. Jane O' Connell says:

    I started essential French this year after receiving poor results in my junior cert . I had very little confidence in my French and I could barely understand the basics . After joining essential French my confidence in French has improved dramatically. I loved attending the weekly classes . There was a great atmosphere of fun and learning , the teachers were very understating and overall I wouldn’t be to the standard of French I am at today without the team at essential French . Throughout the year there were also many helpful seminars and extra classes offered which were great . I am so thankful for essential French and I would recommend it to anyone !

  65. Caoilinn Walsh says:

    I couldn’t praise essential french highly enough. The classes are small and streamed, so that you will always be improving from the level you already have. The staff are helpful and encouraging and the resources to avail of are endless. Every class is structered to learn something useful by the end of the session and nothing learned is a waste of time. I found that by doing essential french that it took from a lot of the stress at school because there was one less subject to worry about. French has become and enjoyable subject for me because the essential French material highlights the most important and productive things to spend time learning, I have more time to focus on other subjects because of essential French. They are dedicated to helping every student achieve their potential and teach their classes in a clear structured way that makes it easy to remember the material. I can’t describe how much this school has contributed to my french grades and I am so glad I decided to go this year

  66. Lonnóg Nic Fhlannchadha says:

    Essential French has allowed me to make a huge improvement in french this year and what’s more is that I’ve actually grown confident in the language! It’s such a relief not to have to worry about french along with all of the other subjects as the 5th year course acts as an extra two and a half hours a week of revision and new material, covering all aspects of the LC course; oral, aural and also written. The EF notes and worksheets etc. are totally focused and allow students to learn what is needed rather than sifting through irrelevant things. I can safely say that I’m not worried about French next year purely because I know that EF will have me prepared and ready. The class environment allows students to enjoy the language and there is a really nice and warm atmosphere in EF!. It’s a highly beneficial course and I’d recommend it to everyone who does french!!

  67. David O'Keeffe says:

    I started Essential French last September and I can honestly say that I have never had a subject taught to me with such precision and clarity. The teachers are incredibly helpful and the EF team is available to help with any queries 24/7. It has not only drastically improved my French, but has also helped me to become a better student. I could not recommend this course more highly!

  68. Clodagh Noonan says:

    The fifth year course in essential french can be challenging at times. However, I do believe that it is more than beneficial if you are willing to try your very best with it! After a long and hard years work, I am confident in saying that I am ready to go into LC French with a positive attitude as to what is ahead of me. From the written pieces to the listening comprehensions and the oral work, every aspect of the course is tackled and thought with the intention of maximising your success in each area due to the hardworking teachers and staff members. Surrounded by some of my closest friends, some new and some old, this experience has been a very enjoyable one and I would recommend the course to others!

  69. Aoife Browne says:

    Before I went to Essential french my level of oral and written French was average but now I feel I have gained so much confidence with the language. The notes given and material covered is extremely helpful and within a month I started understanding French in school and my grades started to go up. Essential French has taken so much stress off of me due to the help they give and all the focus they put on the leaving cert which i found immensely helpful.The staff at Essential French are extremely helpful and have great teaching techniques. I would definitely recommend Essential French to anybody who is going into 5th year in September who wants to do well in French.

  70. Grace Kennedy says:

    Essential French is so amazing! Before I started I was failing French, I was poor in every aspect of it and hated every class because I had no confidence in my work but since I started I’ve learnt so much, I can structure a sentence and properly answer questions. My grades have immensely improved and because of that I became more confident with my French and grew to love it! Essential French provides very useful material by the amazing teachers there. I am very grateful for Essential French and all their help.

  71. Jennifer Barron says:

    When I started the 5th year course in September I was an extremely average student mainly getting low C’s. Now that I have completed the course I have moved up to a B student which I am delighted about. The material we learn in class each week is all exam focused be it oral, aural and written work. There are free extra classes every week which I find very beneficial as they revise the different topics you cover in your main class but in further detail. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to improve their french grade in a stress-free way.

  72. Ellen Harris says:

    I think Ef is brilliant. The material and support provided is top class. I now feel very confident heading into Leaving Cert. Proud to be an EFer!

  73. Alex duboy says:

    I went into essential french with no confidence and a very low standard of french. The method of teaching was so effective that very soon all barriers that previously prevented me from learning (or liking) french came crashing down!! My confidence and love for french has grown so much that I am now even considering keeping french on at third level thanks to Natasha and all the essential french team.

  74. Chloe kearney says:

    Essential French has helped me so much since I began at the start of fifth year. I came to essential French to improve my grade and gain confidence for my oral exam as before I joined essential French I was getting mainly C’s however I can see myself after improving and gaining confidence from the work I did in Ef each week. I find that the material covered in weekly classes is completely focused on the leaving cert course. I would recommend Ef to any student who what’s to improve their French and gain confidence in the language I am very happy with my improvement over the last 8months.

  75. Róisín Wilson says:

    Essential French’s fifth year course was of huge benefit to me. We got a huge amount covered in the space of 8 months and I feel that my standard of french really improved! It definitely made school work easier and their collective memorisation technique was really effective.

  76. Evan O'Brien says:

    I studied French as an extra subject outside of school in 5th Year with Essential French and it was outstanding. I was worried about whether I would be able to keep up with the others who were doing French in school but we were given great material and a lot of help and my French really improved. Everyone is really nice and they do everything they can to make sure you do well. I’ve really enjoyed the experience and learned an incredible amount and I’d recommend it to anybody!

  77. Finley Lewis says:

    At the beginning of fifth year I was failing French, since joining I am now getting A’s and B’s. It’s really helped me out!!

  78. Lena Duggan says:

    Essential French has helped me so much in 5th year!
    I would highly recommend it to anyone. I went in very unconfident with my French, barely able to compile a sentence but with the help of essential French i gained confidence and ability with the language. I now love French and look forward to going to essential French every week! The teachers are so helpful and kind and the classes are always so enjoyable there’s always such a nice atmosphere and the fact that there’s online help anytime we need it is so reassuring!! All the material given is excellent and very helpful, I’d be lost without them! I’d definetly love to do it for 6th year!

  79. Asha O'Connell says:

    After transition year I had fallen out of the swing of things, essential french made it that much easier to get back on top of my schoolwork, I was noticing a major difference by christmas, and now towards the end of april that difference is huge, I can now safely say I feel as though I have no problems in french, it is no longer an area of worry for me thanks to EF. They make it so easy to understand and keep organised, I don’t know what I would have done without it

  80. Conor Bohane says:

    Essential French has helped me improve my exam grades but I’m also enjoying learning and using the language now! It helps that the teachers are French and are there to help you 24/7 with everything!

  81. Amy Roberts says:

    Thank you essential French for a great and beneficial year, the course was fun and easy to follow as we’ll as being highly informative. The class material was very helpful and it was very convienent to be able to acceses it online. My grammar and written French as we’ll as my spoken French has come on leaps and bounds and my teachers at school have noticed a big improvement in my work but also in my enthusiasm for the language. I will definitely be coming back next year and will be reccomending it to all my friends, thanks again

  82. Rachel Dunleavy says:

    I started Essential French in September of this year and before starting I had really been struggling with French (especially oral work) but Essential French has been absolutely fantastic in giving me not only skills but confidence in speaking French. All of the teachers are extremely helpful and do their very best to make it as beneficial as possible. I would strongly recommend Essential French to 5th years who want to improve their french skills and have a better grasp of the language before going into 6th year. The extra classes are just an added bonus and really make sure that you understand everything that has been covered in class and the Facebook page is always open to any questions or problems you might have. I would highly recommend Essential French to anyone and I will definitely be attending next year!

  83. Thomas Treacy says:

    Essential french has helped me a lot with my french. I enjoy studying french now as i find it easier. They are really focused and all of the extra classes are great. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do well in their leaving. They really want you to do well and they help you so much.

  84. Clodagh Cronin says:

    I started essential French this year and I love it! My school grades are so good! I now can speak French in a conversation whereas in school we do bare minimum of oral work! I also made new friends and the staff are so funny and kind! I would recommend Essential French to anyone! You can’t go wrong with it, nothing bad comes out of signing up only all positives! 🙂 love love it!

  85. Amy Phillips says:

    Essential French has helped me so much with learning french! my grades improved with in the first month. the work we recieve is very clear which makes the learning easier to understand. i know the work wil stand to me next year 🙂

  86. Megan Desmond says:

    I’m a 5th year student attending Essential French since September, and I have had the best time ever. It’s a unique learning experience that has boosted my confidence in speaking and writing french, and I am no longer worried about french as a Leaving Cert subject 🙂 This is the most professional and beneficial grinds school I have come across so far and I highly recommend it for any student doing french for their Junior or Leaving Cert! They have everything that you need covered for the exams ready and organised, and teachers that are happy enough to help you out whenever you need it! I am so happy that I am part of the Essential French community now, and I am excited to to be able to return next year 🙂

  87. karen coleman says:

    I have been a proud Efer since 2nd year and without essential French I honestly don’t even think I would be doing French for leaving cert . Essential French really does give you the confidence and he knowledge to do well in all areas of French . I definately would recommend it to everybody and of course i will be back next year 🙂 J’adore ef !!!!

  88. Lynn Higgisson says:

    Essential french really is brilliant. I am so glad that i have done it for 5th year. EF is really focused and everyone is there to help you. I feel that the course is a lot clearer having done EF this year and i know my level of french has really improved. EF makes french a lot easier to study and learn as well as making it a more enjoyable subject. I will most definitely be back again for 6th year 🙂

  89. Bebhinn Coleman says:

    Essential French Is amazing it caters for everything you need and the staff are so lovely, the notes are so good and its reassuring knowing youll do well at atleast 1 subject! lovely blue pens too…

  90. Rebecca O'Sullivan says:

    I started Essential French in September of this year for the 5th year course. I had heard great things from a past pupil and other students I knew who attended for the Junior Cert. French was my weakest subject going into 5th year and I am happy to say I’m am finishing the year with a new attitude to the language along with better grades. French has become a much more enjoyable subject for me and a lot easier to digest in the Essential French classes. The work load is cut down into small manageable amounts with frequent testing to ensure the work has been learned off which has been proven to work wonders for me! I’ve gone from a C student in the Junior Cert to an A student in 5th year and I am no longer as worried about my French exam in the Leaving Cert because I know everything I need to know will be covered in EF. The EF team have been so helpful and friendly and EF itself has turned into a great learning community! I am so glad I started with Essential French this year and will definitely be continuing with them next year! J’adore EF!

  91. Lucie says:

    It’s amazing end off it helps so much! I was useless at French and hated soon it! Now I telly enjoy it and am way better 🙂

  92. Aisling Woulfe says:

    I started EF the year of my Junior Cert after hearing it being highly praised by many people. Immediately I saw my vocab build up and started to enjoy speaking and learning the language. After being delighted with my Junior Cert result and the confidence I gained, I started EF again last September. The 5th year course was brilliant for me. The course is exam-orientated from the beginning, focusing on material you need to be confident using before the Leaving Cert. You can avail of extra exercises and any questions you have are always answered! The Aural/Oral Classes are also a great opportunity to put the French you’ve learned into practise! The staff are always so friendly and supportive and offer help in every way possible, they always have our best interests at heart! The small class size is really great, you get the attention you need to improve and make new friends too! The online resources are very useful (you can pretty much contact EF 24/7) aswell as the Support on Study Seminars in numerous subjects-EF really do want you to achieve your best in every subject! I am really grateful for everything and I know that I’ll definitely be back again this September!

  93. Alison O' Riordan says:

    I started Essential French in September 2012, and I cannot recommend it more. Being in fifth year, even after 4 years of doing french in school I didn’t feel confident with the subject at all. I decided I had to do something about it, and when a friend recommended EF, I decided to go for it. I didn’t realise that every sudent has the potential to get a honour in a certain subject, but with EF – you have the right notes to cover and the teachers are very supportive. Week after week, you find yourself drastically improving, you begin to form sentences, and actually speak the language! I have done previous grinds that didn’t help me improve, but with EF they allow every student to excel. They are always there for you when you need them and overall it is a great learning experience. If you are having difficulties in french, this is the grinds school for you. 😀

  94. Emma O'Riordan says:

    I started in Essential French for the first time in september after hearing so many good things from friends who had attended it previously, and i have to say that it has just been amazing! Love the small class size and all of the teachers, the teaching and notes are absolutely amazing and i feel so much more competent and fluent at my french now than i did before starting! Essential french always do their absolute best to ensure that we do our very best, from our two weekly classes in french to various free seminars on several other subjects such as english and biology to name but a few, so far the 5th year french course has been excellent and am really looking forward to coming back next year!

  95. Louise says:

    Having being under pressure to keep up in higher level in my Junior Cert, I had thought that HL leaving cert French wasn’t going to be a realistic option for me. However after starting EF in September my attitude towards the subject has completely changed. I now actually enjoy French, something I thought id never say! EF goes through the vital basic grammar, in clear, memorable formats which was so so helpful and improved all aspects of my French. Vocab is original, and versatile.
    Now HL LC French seems a lot more manageable!! The progress I’ve made this year is fantastic.The course really is worthwhile. If you are willing to put the work in, this is the grind you need to go to. You won’t regret it for a second!

    Louise Buckley, 5th year, Scoil Mhuire Gan Smal, Blarney, Cork

  96. Kelly O Neill says:

    Like everyone else I joined Essential French to improve my french. Im not going to lie and say that I was failing and now Im getting A’s because thats not true. I was a pretty average student ( a C student to be more precise ) and I knew that with help I could achieve more . Essential French has helped me do just that ! Just after christmas I could see my marks improving slowly but surely ! I know that the leaving is still quite far away ( well in my head ) however I know with the help of Essential French I can maintain this new standard . This last year I have learned so much without the feeling of being crammed with new information all the time . The teachers are just so helpful and make up feel at ease ! Weekly classes have just finished and its almost like I have lost family as I was so used to attending every week and having a catch up with the others in my class. However its just for the summer as I am definately retuning next year. I would suggest this course to everyone from the people who are struggling to pass exams to the people who already feel that they have a grasp on the language as theres always room for improvement !!

  97. Laura O'Sullivan says:

    I only started Essential French in January after a recommendation from a friend but even in that short space of time my level of French has improved dramatically! The teachers are excellent, they make you feel comfortable with oral work and you’re not afraid to ask a question no matter how stupid you think it is 🙂 The course is very exam focused so you know you’ll get the result that you deserve while at the same time each lesson is quite a lot of fun. The vocab, grammar and sentences they give are even on colour coded card which makes them great and simple to understand when and where to use them. I know I’d be worried with my school summer French oral coming up next week if I didn’t attend EF but now I can almost say that I’m looking forward to it 😀 I do and would recommend Essential French to everyone. You’ll seriously be shocked at the speed in which you progress and I know that I’ll be signing up for the 6th year programme without a doubt 🙂

  98. Nóirín Hennigan says:

    Essential French really Helped me this year, I found my french improving week by week and I am more comfortable when doing french now. I found great use out of the notes I got form EF and noticed my grade improving. Its really worth the time and effort 🙂 I would recommend EF to anyone,and will definitely be doing it again next year! 😀

  99. Sarah McCann says:

    I came into Essential French having lost all my confidence because my grades in 5th Year were much lower than in JC. After only a few weeks I regained my confidence and I’m now getting As again! Absolutely delighted with everything – everyone is so helpful and kind, no question is a stupid question! Everything on the LC course is covered and the method of teaching and learning is really good. It’s really worth the time and effort and makes everything in school and exams that bit easier. I would recommend EF to anyone and will definitely be doing it again next year! 🙂

  100. sarah coughlan says:

    essential french literally saved me from dropping to pass french, the course is really focused and the teachers are really helpful there is no such thing as a stupid question! i cant stress enough how easier it makes life and ive found it has made such an improvement in only 6 or 7 months 🙂 so happy i decided to do it will definitely be signing up for next year no doubt!! 😀

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