Junior Cert French Programme

We cover all aspects of the JC programme with emphasis on the aural which is 35% of the JC grade.

We also encourage our JC students to participate orally to make them comfortable with the oral aspect of the language, especially for their CBAs.

We are so proud of the fact that our students obtain top grades in their Junior Cert French exam every year.  Furthermore, we limit the number of students who we enrol in our Junior Cert French programme every year to guarantee that our material remains EXCLUSIVE to those attending EF.  No other student in the country will have access to this material which WOWS examiners every year.

What makes each of our JC students exceed their expectations in French is a combination of the features and facilities below, all included in the programme fee :


Weekly Classes: Face2Face and Online

  • 34 week programme: 2.5 hours per week.
  • All tutors are native French speakers to ensure authenticity in accent and pronunciation, vital for Junior Cert CBAs.
  • Our Face2Face classes are held in our EF classrooms.
  • There are max 4 students in oral classes and max 12 students in grammar classes.
  • Exclusive and personal support: we are available daily to answer questions, guiding and supporting each student throughout this stressful year.
  • Homework and short assessment given weekly.


Some of our additional facilities:

  • Free access to our exclusive Quizlet App.
  • Additional worksheets are available on our online kit.
  • Christmas exam and pre-exams with personalised feedback.
  • Regular emails sent to parents to keep them updated on everything happening in EF.
  • We send out progress reports with our teachers’ advice and feedback.

If you are interested in finding out more, why not scroll down to read feedback from our past JC students. If you wish to speak to one of our team, please contact us for more information – fill in our inquiry form HERE.

Essential French Language College is a leading provider of Junior Cert French Grinds in Cork. We at Essential French Language College promise to maximise your potential regardless of your level.

25 responses to “Junior Cert French Programme”

  1. Clíona says:

    Essential French has improved my French immensely and I have seen clear improvement in my exam results since I started in September. The programme covers many aspects of the language and I would recommend it to anybody wanting to have a better understanding of the language.

  2. Aislinn says:

    I started essential french in September, and I have really improved in my grades. They make it very easy to learn and have helped me to become interested in the language

  3. Caoimhe says:

    I began Essential French in second year and continued untill the end of third year I find it really improved my French and helped me to learn it in a fun way. I would definitely recommend essential French to anyone wanting to learn French.

  4. Emily O Donoghue says:

    Essential French really helped with my understanding of French and improved my grade massively. I now would love to continue studying French throughout my final school years. I would highly recommend it to all JC students as it will benefit them hugely during the exam and will stand to them for the leaving cert also.

  5. Aine McLaughlin says:

    I began Essential French in 2nd year, with basically no understanding of French. Since then my French has improved exponentially and I am much more confident in my abilities. This is all down to the hard work and support of the amazing EF team : )

  6. yasin says:

    the ef jc course has helped every part of my french very well. it brought my grade up significantly and I would recommend it to anyone. the teachers are great and its all worth every penny

  7. Fiona Dowling says:

    Fiona Dowling.
    Since joining essential French I found I judge improvment in my French and the way they taught the classes was very unique and it helped me retain information much better. Essential French not only improved my written work but also my oral communication. Essential French has also done well thought Covid-19, finding new innovative ways to teach their students.

  8. Fiona Dowling says:

    I really liked this course, I found that doing essential French classes not only improved my written French but also my oral communication, their method of teaching was great and not like others, I was able to retain more information which helped me alot in my exams.

  9. Ella Scott says:

    I would never have progressed as much as I did without my weekly essential French classes!

    Essential French really narrowed down the material that had to be learned and they made sure that we were learning essential material for our exams.

    Apart from the fact that the vocab,phrases, oral, listening, etc were absolutely brilliant and so useful for everyday life in France and in exams, Essential French use a really effective, original style of learning. We learned a lot of vocab every week, but just enough so that we were able to remember it.
    The classes were really amazing. Not only that, but most of the teachers were actually native French speakers as well! I found that that really helped in terms of fluency and oral/aural.

    I improved so much with the help of Essential French. I would definitely recommend it to students of all levels!

  10. Lily says:

    First year is hard – new school, new friends plus new languages. Second year is fun but work gets done. Third year for me was the best because in second year you really see where you are struggling and where you need help and for me it was French. My sister was in Essential French and told me it was a brilliant way to learn have fun and meet amazing people. At first of course I was definitely in denial. I was like no way am I going there. Then I saw the instagram pages and its like a family inside there. They all look out for each other and are always looking to help. Anyway i went to my first class and immediately loved it. I was so excited for the next class and the weeks went so fast. The class was filled with games and they were so fun you wouldn’t know where the time had gone. I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without efcork. They pushed me to the limit and out came the results. I really recommend it for every student in any year !!

  11. Izzy Bates says:

    Since starting Essential French back in September my grades have improved massively,
    I was nervous to start as I didn’t know anyone in my class but the all the teachers and staff there are so lovely and the classes are so fun and you can always count on having a laugh, which made learning French much more fun and interesting!!!! Ever since Covid-19 closed the schools the staff and teachers at Essential French still worked very hard to upload videos of the classes for us to watch and continue to learn at home. I definitely would recommend going!!!

  12. Rory, Cork Jc 2018/19 says:

    I would never have got to where I am without Essential French!
    Having started the course in September, I can strongly say I’ve developed a great love and flair for the language in both vocabulary,written pieces and listening comprehensions.
    Essential French is a brilliantly structured course with really good feedback and recommendations to every individual student.
    The Class sizes are small which allows the teacher to give each student personal and taylor made help. The Online resources such as Quizlet and the personal Facebook messaging are all very good and effective. Thanks to all the teachers especially Natasha for helping me this past year and I definitely will be back for leaving Cert and I am proud to be “An Efer”

  13. Colm McCarthy says:

    Since beginning Essential French I have found that my French has improved dramatically. Being taught by actual French people definitely helps and I feel way more confident in my French speaking ability

  14. Neil o connor says:

    Since starting EF my French has improved in all ways. They are there from being in class to being at home day or night. Defintley would recommend it for Jc!

  15. Luke Healy says:

    Since beginning Essential French my level of french has drastically improved, the materials are easy to learn, the written and listening excercises together have made my confidence in french grow and in general I would be hopeless without it.

  16. Christine O''Keeffe says:

    Since I started Essential French my french has improved tremendously! I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the french language.The whole Essential French team have been so helpful and I really enjoyed my year there!

  17. Harry Fitzgerald says:

    The two French classes each week combined have really improved my level of French and has done so consistently throughout the year

  18. Ruth Daly says:

    The handouts given were really useful and the classes were so fun. My french has improved so much because of the teaching methods!

  19. Abby Horgan says:

    since starting Essential French my grades have improved drastically! The classes are really enjoyable and make the French language interesting and fun to learn. The French vocab and material we are taught is extremely helpful and I would definitely recommend starting essential French asap!!

  20. Ellen O'Keeffe says:

    My french has improved so much since I started Essential French, I’d really recommend it to any french student as it helps you with all aspects of the language.

  21. abagael gowen says:

    Before I started the jc course at Essential French I used to dread going to French class in school as I felt I didn’t have a clue what the teacher was saying but since the first day I started the JC course its made such a difference. im know growing in confidence and I am no longer scared to answer a question i know longer am scared for French class. At Essential French it doesn’t feel like you’re doing work that you would do in class because it is fun and in a relaxed environment i know feel i will be ready to face the JC in June thanks to the JC course

  22. my grades have really improved since i started essential french in september. the teachers are really helpful and encouraging. i no longer dread studying it and always look forward to my weekly class.i would highly recommend it

  23. Jennifer Barron says:

    The JC course is really improving my French. I went from a grade of a low D to a high B in a couple of months. The classes are also a lot of fun which makes it more interesting to learn the language 🙂

  24. Róisín Wilson says:

    I found Essential French’s method of teaching very unique – it’s a completely different learning experience! It has definitely improved my quality and understanding of French, I have a lot more interest in the language since I started the grinds in September. The teachers are great and always willing to help. Definitely would recommend it!

  25. Hugh Whelan says:

    I found the JC french course very good. It has improved my french a lot, orally and in the exam.

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