Leaving Cert French

An intensive programme covering all aspects of the LC paper suited only to those willing to give us 100% commitment. With a max of 4 students in our oral based classes, attention to oral practice is second to none.

In EF over 35% of our students received a H1 in the exam. Nationwide, just under 6% of Leaving Cert students obtained a H1 in Higher Level French [increased to 14% in 2022]. We are so proud of the fact that our students have obtained the highest grades nationally in Leaving Cert French for the past 19 years. These results are proof that Essential French remains the leader in French Tuition.

We limit the number of students who we enrol in our Leaving Cert programme every year to guarantee that our material remains EXCLUSIVE to those attending EF.  No other student in the country will have access to this material which WOWS examiners every year.


Weekly Classes: Face2Face and Online

  • 35 week programme: 2.5 hours per week.
  • All tutors are native French speakers to ensure authenticity in accent and pronunciation.
  • Our Face2Face classes are held in our EF classrooms.
  • There are. max 4 students in oral classes and max 12 students in grammar classes.
  • Homework and short assessments given weekly.
  • Exclusive and personal support: we are available daily to answer questions, guiding and supporting each student throughout this stressful year.


Some of our additional facilities :

  • Throughout the year we share exclusive tips, tricks, advice and study techniques to ensure all students know how to WOW in their LC French oral and written exams.
  • Free access to our exclusive Quizlet App.
  • Additional worksheets are available on our Online Kit.
  • Christmas exam in Term 1 and two pre-exams with personalised feedback.
  • Regular emails sent to parents to keep them updated on everything happening in EF.
  • We send out 2 Progress Reports with our teachers’ advice and feedback.

Please scroll down to read feedback from our past LC students. If you wish to speak to one of our team, please contact us for more information – fill in our inquiry form here


No French in School

At Essential French we offer a special programme designed for students who choose to study French exclusively with us as an extra subject outside of school. We only accept students on this programme if they are diligent, 100% committed to the course, and prepared to work closely with us throughout the year. There is an additional fee for this option. Contact us for more details.

Essential French Language College, is a leading provider of Leaving Cert French Grinds in Cork. We at Essential French Language College promise to maximise your potential regardless of your level.

148 responses to “Leaving Cert French”

  1. Dylan Walsh says:

    Joining Essential french has blosssomed not only my love for the french language but being able to comprehend the entire syllabus with ease. The continuous exams and support throughout the year encouraged me to keep my head down and focus on how to compose one of the many essays required to do for the leaving certificate. Having Natasha on standby 24/7 was an amazing way to keep my stress levels at bay the day before the exam and also to answer any last minute questions to ensure I WOW the corrector

  2. Leah says:

    I was daunted at the thought of taking up French as an extra subject outside of school but I decided to take on the challenge and started Essential French in fifth year. From the moment I started Essential French, I knew I had made the right decision as the native french speaking teachers were both welcoming and encouraging and I found that the teachers and Natasha’s support was invaluable. I thought that the compulsory extra grammar, oral, listening and reading comprehension classes, not to mention all the extra worksheets available online that Natasha corrects herself were really helpful. Without a doubt, french is the subject I feel most prepared for for the Leaving Cert thanks to Essential French’s strong work ethic and their dedication to their students. For anyone interested in taking up french as an extra subject outside of school, I would highly recommend Essential French, you won’t regret it!

  3. Gabriel Donohoe says:

    Essential French is a must for people who want to improve their grade in french. It is a really comprehensive French leaving cert course but also a really interesting and fun course. I gained so much from Essential French, especially in the oral exam. The staff are absolutely outstanding and I honestly couldn’t fault them in any way. Definitely consider this option if you want to improve your grade. Thanks again to Natasha and all EF team for the great year I had.

  4. Amy Ryan says:

    Essential French is without doubt the best language grind school around. The teachers are amazing, and all native speakers so they were a huge help when preparing for the oral exam. My oral couldn’t have gone any better I was able to answer any questions she asked me and the oral material is really impressive. Essential French has given me so much confidence in approaching the leaving cert exam I know how to tackle each aspect of the paper and how to wow the examiner.

  5. Cormac Wall says:

    I really struggled with French in 5th year and I was massively underachieving in my exams.I started Essential French in 6th and it has been a lifesaver. The material is really easy to learn compared to the notes we get in school. For the orals, while my classmates who didn’t do E.F. were panicking, I went in stress free thanks to the extra oral classes that were made available to us throughout the year. If you’re currently considering joining Essential French, trust me, do it! You’ll save so much time and hassle for yourself while enjoying your French study. The guidance and support you receive from Natasha through messages and live streams is worth joining for, not to mention the weekly base and grammar classes, as well as workshops and extra classes. Make the right decision, join Essential french and make life easier for yourself!!

  6. Cara O Dwyer says:

    Such an amazing programme if your looking for a High grade go to essential French

  7. Alice o’Driscoll says:

    French was one of my worst subjects for junior cert , to say I was nervous doing it for the leaving cert is an understatement. Now it’s one of my best and that’s all thanks to essential French. Thanks the essential French I feel 100x more comfortable with the subject in school as it manages to cover every lc topic you will need. Couldn’t recommend it more.

  8. Maeve Wall says:

    Ef has completely changed my outlook on French for the lc. At the start of Firth year the thought of writing 3 essays in an exam was completely overwhelming. Thanks to essential French’s constant encouragement and motivation I can now walk into my exam at ease. The methods of teaching are so effective and the ability to access Natasha at any time to ask questions has been a huge aid! For me I feel as if the workload of the French course has almost halved due to the continuous beneficial work throughout the two year program.

  9. Grace healy says:

    To say that i owe everything to essential french is beyond and understatement. I always found french difficult in junior cert and really struggled when in leaving cert I discovered, learning off a few sentences here and there wouldnt cut it.
    French went from being a subject i thought i would need to drop to ordinary level in ,to one of my highest grades. They completely changed my attitude towards learning languages as a whole.
    They cover everything and go right back to basics so no one gets left behind. They have the best material out there and im so lucky i had the chance to attend.
    On top of the actual material, they are a great support in all areas. They have live streams on Facebook so even when you get dressed in the morning you can get a few mins done. And give tips on other subjects too with advice on how to study them.
    They are so supportive and always give a hand with oral or extra work. They help with nerves, which was great when i was having a panic just before my orals. One quick text to natasha and she calmed me right down . Above all, they understand that you are underpressure and do whatever it takes to help you.
    The best decision ive ever made in my life and i cannot possibly thank you all enough!!

  10. Laura Wilson says:

    Essential French can only be described as my life saver. Languages never came easily to me and I knew I would need serious work to get a high grade in French, the EF LC courses intensity makes sure that you have everything you need to reach the best of your potential in your exams. All of the extra classes they provide make sure that if there is anything you struggle with you can improve on and they will work with you until you have it perfected. Really was a life saver !

  11. Ciara McCarthy says:

    Essential French is one of the best decision I ever made for my leaving cert. They take care of everything all you have to do is follow their plan. Whether you’re a born book worm or like me struggle to study EF’s input is invaluable! They make the oral exam less daunting by preparing you from the start and the teachers are second to none, if that wasn’t reason enough no two orals are the same because their content is so varied and there’s so many chances to make it your own. Extra classes are available and enable you to practice weak areas but isolating them. You could not go wrong with Essential French!

  12. Abigale Owens says:

    Essential French is an absolute must for leaving cert, especially if you’re doing French as an extra subject. The feedback and material you receive is exceptional, easy to work with and covers every aspect of the exam. All the teachers are incredibly encouraging, resulting in a very supportive atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed every class and feel excellently prepared for the exam! I would 100% recommend joining EF!

  13. Denise Murphy says:

    Thanks to Essential French my love of the language as grown so much. I finally got all the confidence I needed to help me sail my way through the LC, especially through the oral. Even though it was a trek from Mallow every week, the EF team were always there to accomadate my needs and wishes.

  14. Conor O'Driscoll says:

    Would have dropped to pass French if it wasn’t for Essential French and now it’s one of my top subjects. Can’t rate it highly enough.

  15. Pierre Mathieu says:

    EF is an 11 out of 10 grind school. I chose to do French outside of school for the Leaving Cert as an extra subject and I am very glad that I chose to come here. The staff here are all so helpful and enthusiastic and really make it a joy to learn the language. They maximise the potential of every student that comes, whether it’s turning a failing student into a C student or a B student into an A student; all standards are catered for. The constant individual feedback and support each student gets is unmatched anywhere in the country. I can’t recommend this place enough!!!

  16. Jane says:

    I cannot rate EF highly enough. I’ve been an Efer since TY and have never looked back since. As a result, my confidence in the language has soared especially in my spoken french. EF’s notes are second to none and the constant constructive feedback they give is so helpful, so you know exactly your weak and strong points. The oral felt like such a breeze as result of the extra oral classes I attended and I feel so prepared for the exam in June thanks to Natasha and the rest of her dedicated team. Merci mille fois EF!!!

  17. Gwen Hurley says:

    Having an opportunity to speak french with French natives every week gave me the confidence I needed in my oral exam. I can easily say french is one of my best subjects and this is thanks to Essential French

  18. Niamh whelehan says:

    Essential French has really made me feel more confident with french from the weekly reading,oral and listening classes to the written aspect being covered in the grammar class,every opportunity is given to you to do well in french!

  19. Rachel Kenny says:

    And you can win loads of stuff during the year lol you get the best of everything 🙂

  20. Rachel Kenny says:

    I wasn’t set on going to Essential French and even after my first class I wasn’t sure if I would keep it up. I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever decided to do! Not only has it completely boosted my level of French but it’s also provided me with a study area and on top of that Natasha is so so so helpful, understanding and up for anything we suggest! All of the teachers are so sound as well there’s really nothing bad you can say about it!! If we ever have an issue with something Natasha gets straight to it and sorts it out. You will NOT regret coming here, worth every penny!!!

  21. Laura Power says:

    I cannot recommend Essential French enough! After doing their short Ty course, there was no way I wasn’t going to attend in 5th and 6th year! All the teachers are so lovely and encouraging and boosted my confidence so much. The feedback, material and support you recieve in EF is unparalleled. I can honestly say I enjoy every single class and french has become one of my favourite subjects as a result. Thank you Essential french!!!!

  22. Megan McCarthy says:

    Essential French, no word of a lie it truely is essential! Their level of exam focus astounding. Their intense concentration to the 4 examinable techniques in the exam is next level. 1 hour a week of comprehension, oral and aural practice and 1 1/2 hours of grammar as grammar is the foundation to the best exam results! All of these aspects are also given in homework weekly! Their teachers are all French, making pronounciation perfect for the oral which is a critical part of the exam as it is worth 25%! They also have an amazing admin team who try to accommodate everyone to the best of their ability. I never feel like going into Essential French is a tole to my day in anyway! All of their staff are extremely pleasant and very welcoming! I have no doubt that I would be in pass French if urban weren’t corn Natasha and all of the Essential French team!

  23. Fiona Carroll says:

    Essential French has taken all the stress out of LC French for me. It structured the language so that I could have a better understanding of it myself and really simplified the completely overwhelming amount of work that it would have taken to get a decent result. I didn’t even know where to begin with learning French on my own, but after just a year with EF I feel completely at ease with the language. I am now very confident with French for the Leaving Cert and feel as though I have quite a high standard, all thanks to Essential French. Could not recommend them more highly!!

  24. Aoibh C says:

    Thanks to the EF programme my French has improved leaps and bounds. The course is extremely exam focused, the teachers are incredibly encouraging and the constant support online is incredible! I feel so much more at ease with the language and exam layout, from written to listening to oral – and I owe it to EF and Natasha!

  25. Ema Laurynaviciute says:

    I was getting by okay in French until senior cycle began and everything suddenly became too difficult. Especially French. I had no idea how I’d learn an entire language in two years while managing not to fail everything else. Essential French changed everything. You don’t even notice how much work you’re doing until suddenly you can write a 90 word piece on how to solve poverty. I can’t even describe how much it meant to me having Essential french have my back. They are there 24/7 for any and all questions and help. They cover every aspect of the course in a manageable way. You have no choice but to learn and improve. I don’t know how anyone passes French without them. Probably with a lot of difficulty.

  26. Tara says:

    EF gave me so much confidence when it came to French, I was never very good at but thanks to the EF team I came on leaps and bounds. After all the oral preparation I walked into the exam really calm compared to my classmates. Also, having French teachers is so beneficial as I’ve picked up little tricks that I wouldn’t have 110% recommend EF to everyone.

  27. Ellen-Marie Varian says:

    I began my EF experience in fifth year after continuously hearing the dreadful words ‘ ordinary level french’. I began in October and continued to refuse my French teachers request to drop a level after I had put my faith in Essential French to even just help me pass the subject. I have always been someone who struggled with languages and had to put more time into my work to just get me at least a 45% so i could stay in higher level. But To my surprise, a year and a half later I no longer have to worry. Essential French has shown me that languages don’t have to be a chore, they can be exciting, interesting and beneficial. It is no way easy, But the team at Essential French have achieved to make outstanding notes and use of the time in the classes. They have give attention to every area of French and help was always a text away or in Natashas case, a ‘voice note’ away. Even walking into my French oral was exciting, not only because i would never have to speak the language again, But because EF had given me the confidence to walk in there and have me convinced I must of been French in another life! I have met amazing people and enjoyed every minute of my EF experience, Thank you Essential French for making learning fun!

  28. Shane Mc Grath says:

    Having taken the whole journey from jc to lc with EF I couldn’t recommend them more. Amazingly helpful staff with such a positive and supportive atmosphere and help is always within an arm’s reach. Going into the exam I feel more confident in my French than ever. Believe it or not learning can be done in a positive and fun group atmosphere as seen in EF. Thanks for the help and memories!

  29. Isabel Coburn says:

    I had completely lost all my confidence with a french in 5th year, a subject that was once my favourite in junior cert. Not only did Essential French hugely improve my grade but it also helped me to regain all my confidence. I can now say that french is my favourite subject again. Natasha and all the teachers are amazing and extremely encouraging. The course is undeniably intense but so worth it. Essential french have inspired me to continue french on in college and I couldn’t recommend highly enough.

  30. Sinéad Buckley says:

    Having attended Essential French for the past two years, I really cannot speak highly enough of it. Through their refreshing and engaging method of teaching, my whole opinion of the language has changed for the better, as well as my grades!!! I cannot recommend EF highly enough to anyone who is willing to work hard through the Leaving Cert!! If someone told me this time two years ago, having skipped TY and having received a ‘C’ in the Junior Cert, that I would have the level and love for French as I do now, I simply would not have believed them!!! Unlike other grinds in Cork, the EF team teach through engagement, participation and sometimes even through the bribery of sweets!!! My teachers throughout my EF experience were enthusiastic, encouraging and of course all native french speakers which makes such a huge difference in both the oral and aural sections of the LC exam!! Their respect for students of every french level was amazing and I will be so so sad to say goodbye to such a brilliant bunch in June!! Thank you so much EF for all the time and hard work that you have invested in me throughout the years!!! I am absolutely indebted to you all!!!! 🙂

  31. Pádraig Barry says:

    I started essential French even later then most people, but in the space of 4 months french became one of my best subjects.. and ça ne tombe pas du ciel! Hard work pays off in the end!

  32. Pádraig Barry says:

    Absolutely lost, barely scraping a H5 to be honest, completely dazed in my class, but in the space of 4 months essential French showed me the way because Ça ne tombe pas du ciel! Hard work but so worth it for the end result.

  33. Jordan o Donoghue says:

    Essential French literally saved me from the depths of hell, aka ordinary level french for the leaving cert. From 1st to 3rd year I could barely understand the language and going into 5th year i was terrified to face higher level french. By the time 5th year summer examd rolled around i wasnt confident in my abilities at all. Since attending essential french not only do i understand the language but i genuinely love french and enjoy going to my classes. The staff are all so friendly aswell! I feel confident in my abilities and i no longer live in fear of French for the LC.

  34. Ellen Murphy says:

    Essential French has helped me so much to keep on top of my study all throughout 6th year. Especially with oral work and listening. I felt so confident for the oral exam and it’s completely thanks to teachers and material they give you in there. They really do everything they can to help you reach your full potential.
    If you ever have a question Natasha is always there even after closing hours on Facebook,snapchat etc..
    They have helped me feel so prepared for the leaving cert, I couldn’t recommend them enough!

  35. Aoibhinn Martin says:

    I started Essential French when I was in 5th year and within a few weeks I felt myself improving. As well providing me with lovely, rich french, it’s so fun and the banter I’ve had with the people in my class is great! Thank you everyone at EF and especially Natasha!! You are a miracle worker.

  36. Nikita says:

    Joining Essential French was by far the best decision I have made with regards to my Leaving cert. Going in to 5th year, French was without a doubt my weakest subject, having not done it for the Junior Cert. In fact, I was pretty close to dropping down to the pass level when my parents suggested giving EF a chance, and that completely changed it for me. 2 years with EF and I now absolutely LOVE the subject!! EF has incredibly improved my French and it’s now one of my best subjects. I couldn’t speak more highly of EF, it’s brilliant!! The engaging teaching method, the personal attention you get, the excellent notes, the key learning techniques, the extra classes, the constant support-everything is fantastic, I’d be so lost without it. All the practice orals before the actual exam boosted my confidence so much for the real exam. A constant thorough feedback helped me focus on and improve my weaker areas. Not just the oral, they cover all aspects of the course so efficiently and make learning French so enjoyable! And thanks to the social media aspect, help from EF was available at all times of the day, which is great. I would definitely highly recommend EF to all the 5th and 6th years.

  37. Ogie says:

    Tbh before Essential French I had the French level of a dolphin !! Now I’m doing so well in French, ef has not only great at making people better at the subject but it also gives you confidence, advice and support throughout the year which is very important as we are in one of the most important years of our lives. I would 100% recommend this to everyone.

  38. Jennifer Barron says:

    Because of essential french I feel so prepared for my leaving cert exam. They are completely exam focused and having french teachers with small class is seriously beneficial as each student gets individual attention! Natasha is always on fb when you any extra advice. Would 100% recommend becoming an EFer

  39. Reidin says:

    I cannot recommend essential French enough! I started in fifth year with absolutely shocking French. Now in 6th year I not only feel confident in getting an A in the exam but I also love the French language! This is all thanks to the tireless work of Natasha and all the teachers. The small class sizes (6 people in mine) mean you can get real attention from the French native teachers and they can help you with your individual problems in d

    • Reidin says:

      Different aspects of the course. In particular the help with the French oral was incredible and all the notes we got were incredibly unique and of a high level. This course cuts out all the unimportant parts of the French course, giving a clear understanding of what needs to be learnt and what doesn’t. Natasha is always there on social media to give advice and help which is invaluable. I would be absolutely lost without EF!

  40. Kate McCarthy says:

    Essential French has been of so much help to me for both 5th&6th year! French is one of my favourite and best subjects all thanks to EF! I love going to my weekly classes as I everything we do is so focused on the course and therefore extremely beneficial. I don’t mind doing my essential French homework, in fact I quite enjoy it because it is very structured, you know exactly what is is you have to do and there is a lot of encouragement from the teachers! The extra classes provided by Essential French throughout the year are also really useful as a confidence booster in all aspects of the course.
    I have really enjoyed my experience with Essential French and have seen huge improvements in my French written, aural and oral work! Thanks EF

  41. Orla says:

    Started essential French at the beginning of 6th year and greatly improved my grades. Brilliant teachers and always somebody to answer a question or correct work at any time! Brilliantly structured, makes everything easy to learn. Plenty of oral practice in every class which makes a huge difference and no shortage of extra classes nit only for French oral but also revision for other subjects. Very good and definielty worth it.

  42. David O'Keeffe says:

    Essential French has been such a great help to me all year. All aspects of the French exam are covered in great detail, allowing me to feel completely confident about sitting the exam in June. The oral material, in particular, is unparalleled and the teachers work tirelessly to ensure that every student is reaching their potential.
    It has not only cleared up a lot of time to devote to other subjects, but has also made me enjoy and appreciate the French language. I also found the free of charge seminars in other subjects arranged throughout the year to be particularly helpful. EF has not only helped my French but has also improved my ability as a student. I could not recommend it more highly!

  43. Sarahjane O'Mahoney says:

    I have been with Essential French since 3rd year and I honestly cannot praise it enough! Their exam orientated material is exactly what a leaving cert student needs! Their tireless support and endless opportunities to improve in French, such as their extra oral classes, are invaluable and really help to relieve some of the stress of this year! As a result of Essential French and their support I feel confident going into my exam in June! I look forward to my classes as there is such a good atmosphere and great work ethic in Essential French! I would highly recommend Essential French to students of any level

  44. Emer Fahy says:

    Both Essential French and French teachers in school cover every aspect of the french Leaving Cert course in depth but the difference between learning French in school and in Essential French is Essential French have a clear and direct focus on the exam which for me was the reason I jumped two grades in French. For me testing myself is one of the most crucial steps in my learning and using the essential app I got to test myself but in a fun and interactive way. So I could definitely say joining Essential French was one of the best decisions I made.

  45. Clodagh Cronin says:

    Essential French was one of the best things I’ve ever done, it is very exam orientated and has made me much more comfortable with the language. French is one exam I am not worried for in June, essential French covers ever topic you need and give you a structure to compose your own piece on an unknown topic so my written skills are now A1 standard. Throughout the year we have done reading comprehensions and we have been shown how to answer the questions and figure out what they are looking for. Essential French give you an amazing way of improving your listening skills which is a tough thing to study. There is also an hour extra grammar class each week which is so beneficial. The teachers are so helpful and Natasha is literally there 24/7 to help you. The oral exam was a breeze, it was almost like a normal conversation in English as we had so much prepared, not one question could be unanswered. Essential French covers every single aspect of the leaving cert French course and they give you the best material, I thoroughly enjoyed studying with Ef and would recommend it to everyone.

  46. Eimear Ryan says:

    I don’t know how I could have done my French oral with EF it’s amazing !!

  47. Aoife Carroll says:

    Essential french has actually transformed the language for me. This time last year I hated french and wanted to drop to ordinary level because I was only getting d’s but this year it’s is my favourite subject and I’m hoping to get an A in my exams now! The staff are always there to help too, and Natasha being on Facebook 24/7 is so helpful, whenever I’ve a question she’ll answer it in no time! I’m so happy I joined essential french and I would recommend it to everyone!

  48. Jennifer Chadwick says:

    Honestly I would be lost without EF – usually for all exams I am a nervous wreck, and the thought of having to speak French for 15 minutes straight for my Leaving Cert used terrify me! However thanks to all the help, support and amazing notes and tips I felt so comfortable during my oral which I never thought I’d say! Even when my examiner asked tough questions I was able to cope which I would have found extremely difficult to do without EF’s key tips. Their reading comprehension, listening and writing exercises have improved my French dramatically! I dont know how I would do my LC exam in June without Essential French!

  49. Cliona Philpott says:

    Essential French is genuinely gods gift to leaving very French students!! Personally I went from failing French on fifth year to being confident that I can achieve a high B in my exams which it what I need points wise! The staff in there are incredible, so attentive, helpful, and genuinely interested in doing what they can to make the work more accessible. The work load although heavy isn’t overwhelming and is manageable once in a good routine!
    As a grind it’s fantastic, aswell as having an amazing weekly French grind, they provide weekly classes on aspects a student may be struggling with. They also provide seminars in other subjects which are extremely helpful!!
    Essential French is a 5 star grind

  50. Amy Phillips says:

    Thanks to EF I have complete confidence in sitting my exam in June. Their teaching methods are outstanding and the atomosphere is great. Their constant support is extremely helpful and motivating

  51. Amy Harrington says:

    By the end of fifth year French was one of my worst subjects, I literally hadn’t a clue what was going on. So I joined EF at the start of leaving cert and I must say it was the best decision I have ever made! I was kind of scared at the start because my French had fallen back so much, but it wasn’t long until I was getting back into my accent. Practically starting with the basics again and working my way up and it was all thanks to EF! I recently just did my LC oral exam and I can honestly say that if I didn’t do EF I would have been in a complete panic the night before!
    As an EF student the material, support and guidance you receive is unquestionable! But of course you have to be willing to put in the work.
    I would recommend EF to anyone who is finding French any way difficult and of course to the students who want to get an A1 in their LC. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s the hard work that pays off! I could not have found better place to give me the extra help I needed.

  52. Afraic O' Riordan says:

    If you find that your struggling with French, then starting EF is the way to go. I started EF at the very end of fifth year and I only wish that I had started it sooner!
    The material you get in EF is amazing and you will cover topics that schools never cover, which makes your material original in the exam. The teachers are all so helpful and will answer any question or query you have without hesitation.
    In EF you will do so much practice on exam questions that by the time the leaving cert comes you will be looking forward to the paper!
    With less than a week until my French oral, I feel confident thanks to Natasha and all the amazing teachers at EF!

  53. Miriam Hurley says:

    i can’t emphasise enough how billiant Essential French is! The way the course is broken down into oral , aural and written everything seems so easy to manage.
    Each weekly class taught by all native speaking french teachers who are so friendly and eager to help you along the way! The extra classes taught by Natasha are fantastic and with her various rhymes;Opinion pieces and diaries seem to be far less intimidating to approach.
    The small classes (6 in mine) means you get more individual attention that is impossible to get in school. its a great feeling when you feel your french improving each week. With only 2 months to the leaving cert i know i will be calm and collected for french in June.I am so glad to be an Ef-fer!

  54. Emer Healy says:

    At the beginning of fifth year my school teacher asked me to consider ordinary level French but seeing as I joined Essential French I said I would wait and see how I get on. Thanks to Essential French I can happily say that I am a higher level French student and you wouldn’t believe how much my grades have come up after becoming an EFer!
    I have to say that I was very nervous to join at first as my standard of French was absolutely terrible, but thanks to the small classes and the amazing teachers my fears were soon put to rest!
    Essential French is by far the best grind I have this year, they are so helpful and I would be lost without them. AND the fact that I can ask Natasha a question 24/7 on Facebook or Twitter is amazing, it really shows the dedication of the staff to their students.
    I have my leaving cert oral exam in less than a week and I can honestly say that I am ready thanks to EF. I can’t praise them enough, you would be crazy to not join EF!

  55. Lynn Higgisson says:

    Words cannot describe how helpful Essential French has been for me over the years ! I’ve been a student with them for junior cert, 5th year and 6th year courses and they are some of the most dedicated staff I have ever met. Essential French has improved my grades in French immensely and I couldn’t have imagined tackling leaving cert French without them ! They cover every inch of the course and I feel really prepared for the leaving cert in this subject thanks to this. They fully prepare you for the paper and the oral and I feel so much more confident in my French now than at the beginning of the year. They do everything they can to support each student and choosing to attend Essential French is one of the best decisions I have ever made ! I would highly recommend EF to anyone doing leaving cert French !

  56. Emma O'Riordan says:

    Thanks to EF, french is without a doubt the exam i’m most prepared for with the leaving two months away, not only have they condensed my workload drastically but they’ve also supplied me with all the material support and guidance i could possibly need,
    Its such a pleasure being taught by a team who really care about us and want us to succeed, the focus and attention to detail has made french so manageable to study i could not feel more confident with my oral coming up next week!
    Natasha and the other teachers do their absolute best at all times to ensure that we do our very best and for that i am so grateful!! Joining EF for the LC was without a doubt the best decision i made this year and i would seriously recommend it to anyone looking to do well in french regardless of your level!!

  57. Ellen O'Driscoll says:

    I can’t stress enough how happy I am that I joined Essential French at the start of fifth year. Their method of preparing students for the leaving cert is flawless. Thanks to EF I feel so much more comfortable and confident with every aspect of the leaving cert french exam. The teaching is so efficient and has left me pretty much stress free regarding French. One of the things that has appealed to me the most is Natasha’s genuine concern for all her students, her course caters for everyone and she’s always contactable via Facebook to help with queries or difficulties. I would without a doubt recommend essential french to anyone!

  58. Catherine Hurley says:

    I could not be more happy that I joined Ef. I have my French oral exam for the LC next week and could not feel more prepared! All through 5th I was barely scraping a C3 and would of had to drop if it wasn’t for Ef dedication, their help is second to none, I’m now working for am A. All the teachers do everything to help you, from extra classes to top tips given whenever you need it! Proud to be an Efer!

  59. Cliodhna Hegarty says:

    Joining Essential french was the best decision I’ve ever made. Because of EF I feel very confident with french (especially with the oral) which in my opinion is key to success in any subject.Their method of teaching is outstanding. The course they provide it absolutely AMAZING! It has taken so much pressure off me this year. I would absolutely love a course like this for every subject! Because of Ef, french is definitely one of my favourite subjects!! I couldn’t be more grateful to have Natasha and such an amazing team support me! I would recommend it to anyone!

  60. Rebecca O'Sullivan says:

    I’m so greatful for having the help of Essential French this year! It is so much more than your average grind. Along with your two obligatory classes each week where listening, grammar, written work and oral work are covered there is also optional classes to help get the most out of your year and be fully prepared for the exams! Also there is online support 24/7 which I found so helpful this year and it was so nice to have the extra support. Seminars are organised every so often for French and even other subjects which is a great opportunity!! I’ve seen a drastic improvement in my grades thanks to Essential French and I would definitely recommend it to all LCs! I’m feeling confident about my oral and this exam all thanks to their help!

  61. Jessica says:

    I can honestly say that joining Essential French in 6th year has been one of the best decisions that I have made.The staff are always so………. friendly and helpful. They are all extremely passionate about the language and about helping you achieve your potential.They could not have done more for me this year and I am so thankful to them. In 5th year,I really struggled with this subject. French homework was always left until last. How things have changed in the space of a year! I went from a B1 in the fifth year summer exams to an A1 in the pres.Now, French is without a doubt my favourite subject. Every aspect of the Leaving cert course is covered in detail.The atmosphere in class is relaxed and it is the one class that I even look forward to. There are numerous extra classes held during the week which are all free of charge. If students find themselves unsure of anything Natasha is always on facebook to lend a helping hand regardless of what time it is.The dedication of the staff is second to none. French is the one exam that I feel completely prepared for.I highly recommend Essential French to all. Best of luck to all doing their exams.Proud to be an EFer!

  62. David Donovan says:

    Really helped me out as I have a terrible teacher in school, came up 27% from my Christmas exam to my pre and can see constant improvement, feel much more confident going into exams now, would definitely recommend it (and Hubert is sound)

  63. David Calnan says:

    Even though I’ve attended for sixth year, Essential French is a great service and a handy way to learn. They’re really accommodating and organised catch up classes when I started a month into the year and for people who couldn’t make it in to classes because of the flooding. The material and all the extra classes are a great help and I’m much better at French as a result.

  64. Alison Ni Riordain says:

    I wouldn’t even consider Essential French as just my grind centre for French, it has actually give me so much more in such an incredibly short space of time. The course is concise and focuses on pushing the student to reach their full potential. I never thought I would be aiming for an A in French until I began essential French in 5th year, I just want something to get me by and so that I wouldn’t be failing. Now Essential French has inspired me to even continue my study of the language in college. All the things that students find difficult and that are never learnt properly by students are explained in essential French in an unforgettable manner and with my leaving cert oral approaching shortly I feel very confident with the help and support of essential French behind me. Look no further if you need help in this particular subject – it has worked wonders for me.

  65. Tim Locke says:

    I am studying French as an 8th subject. This would not have been possible without the phenomenal help from the staff of Essential French. The level of dedication shown be the staff, particularly Natasha, is incredible. They are happy to correct any extra work you hand in. Their presence on facebook and twitter is very helpful. No matter what time it is Natasha is always happy to provide help over FB.

    The course is broken down into nice manageable chunks and all the materials are provided. These materials/notes are exclusive to EF and this really helps in making your French work stand out and be unique.

    I found the extra classes ran by EF to be particularly helpful. Oral, grammar, listening and reading comprehensions are all provided.

    I am very confident heading into my French exam particularly my oral. As someone who doesn’t do French in school I feel this says a lot about the quality of the tuition you receive in EF. Certainly, without the help of EF I would not be able to do French for the Leaving.

    Overall, I could not recommend Essential French enough!

  66. Sarah Logan Lane says:

    I couldn’t be more happy that I joined EF! I joined EF in third year and French went from one of my worst subjects to one of my best and it helped me to get an A in the junior cert! I know there’s a huge jump between junior and leaving cert standards and that’s why staying with EF for their leaving cert programme wasn’t a tough decision!
    Essential french isn’t like any other grind school out there, the classes are streamed straight away so the material is based at your level and you’re not struggling! The classes are also small to ensure that you get all the help that you need!
    Aswell as your normal hour and a half weekly class you have a choice of up to four other optional classes at leaving cert level and these couldn’t be more helpful because they target one specific area of the course eg reading comprehensions, oral, listening and written pieces! Essential French really is all about helping the students as much as they can and Natasha offers support on Facebook to answer all of our questions! I would recommend Essential French to anyone!

  67. Klaudia Prys says:

    I always struggled with French, at the start of LC year I was ready to move to ordinary level…

    But then I joined EF. The best decision I made this year ! The amount of effort and dedication that EF teachers have for their work is just AMAZING. Natasha was always ready to help with my homework, not to mention that doing your work is all that it takes, After numerous Extra Grammar classes you know your stuff!
    No other grind school in Cork does extra Oral, Listening, Reading and grammar classes weekly!

    I got a B on my LC Pre – safe to say I could not have picked a better place to succeed in my LC French exam

  68. Mollie McCarthy says:

    Receiving a D grade in my Junior Cert French exam, ordinary level French for the Leaving Cert was looking likely. After 2 years of Essential French, it is one of the exams I am feeling most confident about.
    Having the ability to make contact with Natasha at any time of the day via Facebook/Twitter is one of the major benefits of being an EF student. Whether it be a question on EF homework or school homework, she’ll reply with the most effective solution within minutes.
    As well, with Natasha’s constant tweeting of French sayings/tips I am exposed to French at all times, even during holidays when I would take a break from studying!
    Natasha knows exactly how to succeed in the French Leaving Cert written as well as Oral exam and without EF I can’t bare to think how stressed and under prepared I would feel with 2 weeks to the orals.

    Without doubt, Essential French is a MUST for Leaving Cert French students. Along with a free supply of pens, you’re pretty much sorted for the exam.

  69. Luke Harris says:

    Choosing Essential French this year was easily the best decision I have made in a long time. I always enjoyed French as a subject but dreaded the Leaving Cert exam. However now, thanks to all the help I have received from the entire Essential French team I am more confident for the French exam than I am for any other subject. I can guarantee that no other grind provider comes close to the personal touch of Essential French. 24/7 assistance with any queries or difficulties is available to all students via Facebook and Twitter. I will undoubtedly be recommending Essential French to everyone I know! Thanks to all! Proud to be an EFer!

  70. Roisin flynn says:

    When it comes to leaving cert subjects half the battle is figuring out If what you are studying is relevant accurate information for that specific exam. On joining Essential French however this worry was no longer there, the material is specifically tailored to the layout and focus of the leaving cert French exam. Each area of the exam is dealt with separately which is so beneficial as it allows for weaker areas to identified and worked on. All the material is concise and easily presented , with the LC now only two months away, and the orals in two weeks time , having Ef is definitely helping me feel very confident and prepared for the French exam.

  71. Megan Desmond says:

    Essential French has helped me gain so much confidence in every aspect of french; Oral, Aural and Written.

    I started attending Essential French in 5th year, Primarily to up my grade for the Leaving Cert. But I was surprised at how much fun I could have while learning french.

    They provide the best teachers, who always have the students best interest at heart.
    I would be lost without my two teachers, Aline and Marie-Sylvie, And of course Natasha!
    Whether it’s 1 o’clock in the day, or 1 o’clock in the morning, she replies to your Facebook Messages in an instant! That’s just a snippet of the amount of support you will receive here at Essential French.

    As a Leaving Cert student about to do her French oral in less than 2 weeks, I am completely confident in myself and know that I can achieve an A standard conversation, All thanks to the amazing material Essential French provide. They even have oral prepared on stuff like Snapchat and Twitter! Who else is going to have that? That’s what makes this grinds so original.
    They don’t get the best results in the country for no reason!

  72. David Forde says:

    EF will save anyone doing French a lot of time next year, and time is the one thing you just can’t have enough of. They really condense the course to help minimise the learning you need to do while still giving you vocab and structure good enough to get an A. Natasha and the teachers are very helpful and there are so many extra classes which are free so you get even more practice.
    If you do put in some effort and take on board the feedback you’re given at EF, you will definitely significantly improve and you’ll free up a lot time to focus on other subjects, while still being comfortable with how your French is progressing.

  73. Eve says:

    French was one of my worst and least favourite subjects at the start of fifth year to being my strongest this year., with the help from EF. I would strongly recommend this to any student who is struggling or a student who is average level and wants to achieve an A. EF’s material is super original and really easy to remember and sticks with you through every exam. Yes it’s hard work and time consuming but will be 100% worth it in the long run! Thanks EF

  74. Mikey Fielding says:

    I if there’s anyone who thinks “this really wouldn’t be for me”, I can absolutely guarantee that you’re wrong. I started Essential French half way through sixth year and my only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner. French went from being one of my weakest subjects to definitely one of my strongest, and I’m going into my exams with huge confidence thanks to the EF course. Everything is broken down into the most efficient methods possible, and what struck me most about the course is that it caters for every type of student, not just those who are good at sitting down and getting things memorised. I’ve always found it very difficult to really study properly, but Essential French took all that pressure off me with their fool-proof methods. I wish I had this course for every subject, and I genuinely can’t stress enough that EF really is for everyone and anyone. Definitely one of the best choices I’ve made in my whole school life

  75. Rían power says:

    Joining Essential French was probably one of the best decisions that I have made. Every Teacher is top class. They always go out of their way in order to help you in what ever way you need, with regards to French. You will not get the same attention anywhere else. Each aspect of the course is broken down and made simple. Once you make the commitment to do your best The EF Team will match your commitment and go further in order to help you. I highly recommend EF to those who are struggling and to those who want to guarantee a top mark in LC. Thank you to all of the EF team ye really are Top Class.

  76. eimear mcmahon says:

    After joining EF at the beginning of sixth year, every aspect of my work began to improve drastically and rapidly. With only six students in each class every student feels comfortable to ask questions and is given individual attention. The material given is unique and is also very easy to understand and work with. With EF the material learned is examined weekly and homework is corrected which ensures each student progresses with every weekly class. Personally, I really am so glad I joined EF. French went from being my worst and least favourite subject to one of my best and favourite subjects to study. All of the staff are extremely helpful and friendly. I actually enjoy going to my EF classes which is not something a lot of people can say about attending grinds. Absolutely the best French grinds in cork for leaving certs.

  77. Eoin Conway says:

    Essential French is a huge help for me. I don’t study french in school but I don’t feel disadvantaged or under pressure at all because of this EF course. They put a lot of work into covering each aspect of the exam and they’re always available to help with anything. The teachers are easy to get on well with and the classes are always enjoyable. EF’s twitter is great too.

  78. Donal Beecher says:

    Going to essential french was definitely the best decision I’ve made all year. Their material is second to none and combined with their constant support and guidance in and out of the classroom you feel confident going into any exam. I’d highly recommend anyone hoping to improve their grade to sign up immediately!

  79. Eric O'Neill says:

    The course has helped me so much. It has given me confidence that I didn’t have before starting the course. I now have the material to do extremely well in both the oral and written exams. It covers every area of the Leaving Cert course in great detail so I know going into the exam that I’m prepared for every outcome. The teachers are extremely friendly and dedicated. They always have time for me and they answer all of my questions. The course is worth every penny with numerous extra classes available for free. I would highly recommend it to anybody who is serious about doing well in Leaving Cert French.

  80. Emma Murphy says:

    Can’t stress enough how helpful EF has been. The learning process is so personal and I feel I have benefited so much more from the small class sizes (only six people in mine). This really prevents you from getting distracted and I feel alot more confident to ask questions than i would in school! The social media aspect is so reassuring, help is only a tweet or facebook message away and is always available 24/7. EF brings out the best in each student and helps to improve their weak areas with regular extra classes and seminars. Would highly reccomend to all my friends and family!!!!

  81. Robyn Corrigan says:

    Can’t stress enough how beneficial EF has been to me this year. Really takes away a lot of the pressure by reducing the workload as much as possible. All of the free extra classes and seminars are so helpful and give that extra bit of help making it easier to get the higher grade! So glad I joined EF, would recommend it to anyone!

  82. Sinead Morrissey says:

    The course gave me so much more confidence in french! I used to hate answering questions in class and dread being asked to speak but now i feel so much better about it that it doesn’t phase me in the slightest! The staff get really involved and show a great interest in everyone and are constantly available for questions on anything from homework to bookings on facebook which is really handy because during the exams i have hardly any time this year. There’s loads of different classes for different aspects of the course so i found my french improved overall. Great course would definitely recommend it to anyone who finds french difficult!

  83. Brigid Purcell says:

    The material is original but not too complicated, and I am so much better at french thanks to EF 🙂

  84. Dan Colbert says:

    Absolutely great course. Last year I was an extremely average student who didn’t like French at all. Now I’m one of the top in my class and I love the language now too. And the help there is second to none. They make you feel like you’re the only person there, with all the attention you receive.
    I would highly recommend it to anyone who struggles or dislikes French. they really turned it around for me.

  85. Jack white says:

    Doing essential french was without doubt the best decision i could have made this year, i count myself lucky to be doing essential french as i have improved a huge amount since the end of fifth year.
    It helps so much and you have so much support there.The oral work is fantastic along with the learning methods they teach us for listening , written pieces and comprehensions. Definitely do essential french if you want a high grade in the subject, without doubt the best grinds imaginable.

  86. Meghan Wallace says:

    French has always been one of my weaker subjects, I could never get the hang of it. At the beginning I was reluctant when my mom suggested Essential French, but I said I would give it a go. It was tough at the start, but has definitely proved a success! Last week I sat my oral French exam, I have never in my life been so prepared for an exam, I went in there excited and ready for any type of question that they could spring on me. In Essential French you are taught smart study skills which you can apply to all subjects not just French!! You’re not given endless A4 pages of irrelevant, useless material to learn off, you are given the essentials!! No bluff!
    All the teachers and staff in Essential French are so understanding and helpful, they all want to help you to achieve the best that you can! Don’t be fooled, it’s no walk in the park, a lot of effort and commitment is needed, but there is not doubt about it, it is definitely worth it in the end!! Becoming an EFer was the best decision of my life (so far)!! My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner!!

  87. Deirdre Bevan says:

    French was always one of my weaker subjects and having joined Essential French in 5th year my level of French vastly improved. The orals were always the part of the leaving cert I dreaded the most. I have just completed my French oral and I’m still amazed at how relaxed and calm I felt going into the exam knowing how well prepared I was thanks to Essential French. I would recommend Essential French to anyone!

  88. Eadaoin Mc Donagh says:

    Though I’ve been an EF-er since third year i found the LC course brilliant in terms of helping me get used to the LC course as well as making me focus! It make french in school far easier and i even found that I already knew many thing before we covered them in class from EF. The atmosphere in EF is great- i love that all we need to know is laid out for us and that the teachers are french. For me being taught by natives makes learning the language far more real. Because of experiencing this, french is now my favorite subject and I’m even hoping to do french in college. I feel totally relaxed for my exam in june -I am so grateful to EF!

  89. Ciara O'Mahony says:

    French for me was always one of the hardest subjects to get a good grade in. For four years I was constantly struggling with comprehensions and listening tests. After joining essential french in fifth year my grades immediately improved. In essential french you are provided with all the relevant information needed for your exam aswell as excellent studying techniques which help you with every subject.
    The teachers at EF are extremely helpful, they give you loads of unique material to suit you and can be used for all aspects of the coarse. I always dreaded the oral but EF gave me confidence in my work and now it’s my strongest part of the exam. It is 100% worth while joining! Thanks for everything EF!

  90. Jennifer Barry says:

    I started Essential French in 6th year and literally it was the best decision ever! French has always been my favourite subject but I was struggling to do well in it in 5th year.. Since I started EF my grade has improved greatly! The way french is taught in EF is genius everything is learnt in a way that it can be used for any type of question (opinion/diary/message etc). Natasha and all of the teachers are so so helpful and they make sure to cover all aspects of the exam to have everyone fully prepared. She is on twitter and facebook too so she can answer any questions we have when we’re not in EF. There are also seminars organised by Natasha for other subjects for free, its great! I would most definitely recommend Essential French to anyone who is struggling with french… #ProudToBeAnEFer

  91. Sean Geaney says:

    Essential French is one best things anyone can do to help the with their French exams they put in so much effort to ensure that all their students reach their full potential and the atmosphere is really friendly and it actually made me enjoy learning all of their excellent sentences defiantly a great investment for anyone looking for a good mark in French !!

  92. Sarah McCann says:

    French went from being one of my worst subjects at the beginning of fifth year to one of my best this year, all due to EF’s brilliant system. Having gone from a JC A student to a much lower grade in fifth year, EF restored all of my confidence and made me love learning the language again! My grades literally improved immediately and I got an A in my fifth year summer exam, having only joined EF before Easter.
    It really is a pleasure to be taught by such a passionate team. As a student of EF, you are given all of the material, help, guidance and support you could possibly need and more. Failure is not an option! The commitment is undoubtedly worth it.
    I would recommend EF to anybody struggling with French, but also to those who are aiming for an A in their LC. Honestly, the extra help goes a long way! I know that while I’ll be a ball of nerves before every other exam in June, I’ll be calm and completely prepared for French! Thanks EF!

  93. Sarah says:

    Attending Essential French has left me worry-free in regards to the leaving cert exam. The focused, direct and concise approach to learning makes french the most manageable subject that I study. The support from the staff is unrivalled- any help that is required is received. I cannot deny that joining essential french was the most worthwhile decision I could have possibly made this year. Thanks EF!!

  94. Gary Beecher says:

    Going to Essential French helped me enormously. Thanks to Natasha and all of the teachers’ constant support, help and guidance, French has become one of my best and favourite subjects for Leaving Cert. Essential French is great for Oral, Written, and Listening work, so every aspect of the course is covered in depth. I felt so well prepared and completely at ease going into my Oral exam thanks to the extensive amount of topics we covered and practiced in all of the extra classes!!
    Gary Beecher, LC, PBC

  95. Charlie o regan says:

    I have gone since third year and it was made all the difference with my French results. I feel at ease with my French, the pressure is off because of the great work put in by Essential French
    Charlie O Regan, LC, CBC.

  96. Ryan Callanan says:

    Joining was a great decision. French went from my worst subject in my summer tests in 5th year to my best result in my pre’s in 6th year.

  97. Aisling Flynn says:

    Joining ef was the best decision iv made by far regarding the leaving cert.. Would be so lost without it! Got a D in my jc and was told to go pass! 6 weeks to the lc french exam and thanks to ef i couldn’t be more confident! Makes learning french seem so easy! Top class 🙂

  98. EimhearDesmond says:

    Could’nt have done the oral with out essential French, excellent teachers on hand. Made it more approachable.

  99. Deirdre HaRrington says:

    Helped me really link up all my topics in the oral, and the extra oral classes helped a lot with nerves and prepared me for the real thing 🙂

  100. Orlaith Jennings says:

    So happy with the oral work done in EF…would have been lost without it!… the practise was a big help also 😀

    • Sarah McCann says:

      French went from being one of my worst subjects at the beginning of fifth year to one of my best this year, all due to EF’s brilliant system. Having gone from a JC A student to a much lower grade in fifth year, EF restored all of my confidence and made me love learning the language again! My grades literally improved immediately and I got an A in my fifth year summer exam, having only joined EF before Easter.
      It really is a pleasure to be taught by such a passionate team. As a student of EF, you are given all of the material, help, guidance and support you could possibly need and more. Failure is not an option! The commitment is undoubtedly worth it.
      I would recommend EF to anybody struggling with French, but also to those who are aiming for an A in their LC. Honestly, the extra help goes a long way! I know that while I’ll be a ball of nerves before every other exam in June, I’ll be calm and completely prepared for French! Thanks EF!

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