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Essential Irish is a leading provider of Irish Grinds in Cork and was launched in September 2009, due to the new marking scheme in Irish announced by the Department of Education that same year. As of  2019, the oral part of the Leaving Cert Irish course has been increased from 25% to 40% of the overall marks.  Our Essential Irish team had developed an oral programme very similar to that of Essential French, with the best teacher/pupil ratio in Cork city.  Our team  has worked diligently to ensure that our ORAL programme remains unique and exclusive to our students.  Additional facilities are provided to enhance and personalise our programme. We at Essential Irish promise to maximise your potential, regardless of your level.


Feel free to browse our Essential Irish pages and contact us should you need further information!

Essential French Language College, is a provider of Irish Grinds in Cork for Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate students.

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