5th Year Irish Oral


Are you looking For 5th Year Irish Grinds in Cork? We at Essential Irish promise to maximise your potential regardless of your level.

5th Year Irish Oral Programme:

  • 10 week course – 1 hour per week – Sept to Dec every year.
  • Maximum 7 pupils per class.
  • Parents are encouraged to contact us at any stage of the programme for an update on their child’s progress.
  • Progress Report sent to parents on completion of the programme.
  • The emphasis on this programme is on the spoken language as well as an introduction to the picture sequences and how to handle these in exam conditions.
  • All of the classes are streamed, so each pupil should progress at a comfortable pace.
  • Advanced pupils will be challenged with trickier structures and vocab, while the weaker pupils will revise the basics and build up much needed confidence in ability.
  • Our highly experienced Irish team will work closely with each pupil to perfect oral fluency.


Please contact us directly for more  information on our 5th Year Irish Grinds programme


Essential French Language College, is a leading provider of Irish Grinds in Cork  for Leaving Certificate students.

6 responses to “5th Year Irish Oral”

  1. Hannah Shallooo says:

    The Irish oral course was brilliant! The teacher was really nice and the small class sizes gave everyone a chance to speak.I was able to pick up new vocab and phrases from other people in class as well as the teacher! I would really recommend it because I realised that I just needed a bit of practise and mostly confidence in myself! This course will improve all aspects of your Irish, oral,listening and written as it improves your understanding and builds up your vocab!

  2. Alex Whelan says:

    I’m really enjoying the oral Irish class at the moment! As well as learning how to beat prepare for our LC orals we have great craic, as gaeilge! The small class size really makes a difference as it’s practically one to one! Highly recommended, not to be missed out on!

  3. Niamh Dinneen says:

    Pior to doing the 5th year oral Irish course I did not like nor have an understanding for oral Irish.
    since doing this course I can honestly say I love speaking Irish and my confidence in speaking Irish has grown. I do not fear for my upcoming oral in the summer thanks to this course.
    Go raibh maith agat !

  4. Luke o halloran says:

    The Oral class is really good for getting the basics right first and then progressing further , and it’s great how the classes are small.

  5. Aileen Mc Auliffe says:

    Finding the irish oral class brilliant ! My oral irish has improved a great deal ! The classes are small which is great and all the questions and answers are kept in the one booklet .There is a relaxed atmosphere in the class which is great ! Loving it !

  6. Lynn Higgisson says:

    The irish oral course has been brilliant so far. It is very focused and structured. My oral irish has definitely improved and i now have a focused idea about what to say about each topic. A big aspect that i like is that the answers are individualised to each person and the small class size definitely helps. I am so glad to have done the course !

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