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Essential Irish was launched in September 2009, due to the new marking scheme in Irish announced by the Department of Education that same year.  As of 2012, the oral part of the Leaving Cert Irish course has been increased from 25% to 40% of the overall marks.  Our Essential Irish team have developed an Irish oral programme very similar to that of Essential French, with the best teacher/pupil ratio in Cork city.  Our team  has worked diligently to ensure that our Irish Oral programme remains unique and exclusive to our students.  Additional facilities are provided to enhance and personalise our programme. We at Essential Irish promise to maximise your potential regardless of your level.


Leaving Cert Irish Aiste Workshop

This programme shows students how to tackle the Aiste in the Leaving Cert exam and also provides exclusive material for students to use when writing their own essays. Starting in October this course is a wise investment as it allows students plenty of time to put the material into practice throughout the year in their school work. We also include a final session at the end of Term 2 to facilitate revision before the exam.

  • 7 week workshop : 1 hour 15 mins per week
  • 6 workshops start in October 2016 with the final 7th workshop at the end of Term 2
  • 7th session scheduled at the end of Term 2 to facilitate revision
  • Max 12 students per class
  • All classes are streamed


Check out this link to see information on our Leaving Cert Irish Oral Programmehttp://essentialfrench.fathost.ie/home/irish-grinds-cork/irish-oral-programme/


Essential Irish provides Leaving Cert Irish Grinds in Cork that offer:

A Student Friendly Programme: Providing you with everything you need!  Vocab packs, Swot Sheets, flash cards, study tips, revision notes, personalised cds for the oral part of the programme.

Exclusive Material: We promise you exclusivity in the material and in the programme.  Everything we provide you is exclusive to our Essential Irish students.  Our material for Paper One written pieces (Aiste, Alt etc) along with our FANTASTIC oral material is completely original and guaranteed to impress!

Individual Attention: the best teacher / pupil ratio in Cork City : maximum 6 students per class.  This is to ensure you receive our personal attention in every session.

An Enthusiastic Teaching Team: in a relaxed atmosphere, our tutors will build your confidence and perfect your fluency in Irish.

Classes at your level: Classes are streamed.  Weaker pupils revise the basics before moving forward while advanced pupils benefit from a more challenging programme to guarantee that “A” grade.

Help outside Classroom Hour: Online support 24 hours a day via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram) or email.



Essential Irish: Here is what this year’s students have to say about our programme……

*Comments on our full year Leaving Cert Irish Programme 

“It has been one of the best decisions I have made.  All the material is at a a very high standard and all possible aspects are covered.  The LC course is broken down so well and the small classes are great! Ye go far beyond any other average weekly grind”  Nicole Collins, Christ King

“ The teachers were great; I learnt so much during the year long programme!  I would recommend Essential Irish to everyone!”  Deirdre O Halloran, Ballincollig Community College

“Teacher was so enthusiastic and the notes were fantastic. I  feel so much better prepared now”  Jean Kiely, Carrigaline Community College

“Paper 2 was handled very well as it broke down the poetry and prose in a way that was easy to understand” Lorna Galvin, Scoil Mhuire

Comments from our students on our Irish Oral Programme:

“The small classes really gives a lot of time for practice and personalising my answers! Thanks a million!”   Gillian O Riordan, Mount Mercy College

“Notes were brilliant and the help with our pronunciation was really good too.  Don’t  think I would have been able for the oral without it” Joanne O Mahony, Christ King

“The oral part of Essential Irish was most beneficial because by the end I felt way more confident” Rachel Allen

“The teacher was so helpful, very approachable – you can tell she is passionate about the Irish language, she’s so enthusiastic!”Aideen Driscoll, Christ King

“The one to one attention in the oral was very beneficial – and the notes which were made to suit me” Eadoin Kelly, Scoil Mhuire

“I loved the concise and structured manner in which all of the material was presented and covered” Aoife Burke, Christ King

“In school there are so many in class – in Essential Irish the individual practice was really good” Grainne Deasy, Scoil Mhuire

“The material was really up-to-date and relevant.  The teacher was really helpful, dynamic and friendly”  Aoife O’Leary-McNeice, St Angela’s College



Essential French Language College, is a leading provider of Irish Grinds in Cork for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert students.

6 Responses to Leaving Cert Aiste

  1. Laura wilson April 16, 2018 at 7:03 pm #

    Irish was always the hardest subject for me, even the simple tasks like thinking of ideas for essays was hard. The Aiste course helped me form a H1 template that will suit any essay and it provided me with essays and vocab that I know will help me reach the best of my potential in my exams in June.

  2. Isabel Coburn April 23, 2017 at 8:50 am #

    Irish was always a weak subject for me. I found it very hard to improve my grade. After attending the Aiste corse my grade went from a H4 to a H2 in the Aiste !! The way they break down the material is excellent and they allow you to minimise the amount you need to learn off. I would really recommend the aisle course to anyone who finds it difficult to improve their aiste grade 🙂

  3. Sinéad Buckley April 21, 2017 at 5:41 pm #

    The Essential Irish Aiste course is really brilliant and rewarding!!! Almost immediately after attending the course, I noticed my grades improve significantly!! The aiste part of the leaving cert Irish paper was quite daunting at first, but after attending Essential Irish I felt much more at ease with the questions. The notes provided were excellent and were applicable to every essay title on the past papers!! My teacher Dearbhla was just fantastic and so enthusiastic, and her passion for the language was really motivating also!! Míle buíochas Essential Irish!! 🙂

  4. Caoimhe Kennedy April 25, 2013 at 12:15 am #

    Joining essential Irish was a great boost of confidence. It gave me a ton of easy to learn and unique phrases for my oral. The teacher was available whenever you needed an extra hand and for plenty of practice orals. The orals were a breeze thanks to this. As for the pros and poetry the notes are plentiful and again easy to learn. The essential Irish team is right behind you all the way and has made Irish one of my favourite subjects! I would recommend this course to anyone!
    Caoimhe Kennedy

  5. Padraig Wilson McCarthy May 20, 2012 at 10:13 pm #

    Enrolling in Essential Irish lifted a tonne off my shoulders! The amount of tuition you receive is brilliant and if you ever need an extra hand the Essential Irish team are more than delighted to oblige out of class time! I flew through the oral thanks to the extensive material and the one on one practice classes eliminated any nerves I had! The easy to learn notes for the Pros and Poetry course along with the essay notes have me feeling more than prepared for the exam. Cannot recommend and thank Essential Irish enough it has made me a fan of the language I used to dread to learn!!!!
    LC Douglas Community College

  6. Aoife Cotter May 18, 2012 at 7:48 pm #

    Back in September 2011, I enrolled for Essential Irish hoping for the best, and that is without a doubt what I have received and more from all here at Essential Irish. The Essential Irish team have been of much needed help to me over the last few months. All the tutors are so understanding, easy to approach and the small class sizes make coming in welcoming, worth- while and beneficial. From having the same Irish teacher in school from day- one of first year my standard of Irish was made up of just the basics, I can now say that with the help and support of Essential Irish team and also due to the well laid out programme, I have finally learned to appreciate the beauty of the Irish language.
    I can now say I am confident and comfortable in sitting both my upcoming oral and written exam in June. Essential Irish is definitely the way to go if you feel your standard of Irish is low and you need some help or you just need that extra push, the Essential Irish team will be right behind you! I would recommend this programme to anyone !

    Aoife Cotter,
    LC student 11/12.

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