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The smart Leaving Cert student wants an intensive “no nonsense” Irish oral programme focusing on EXACTLY what is needed to get maximum marks.  Our Irish oral course does just that!  The intensive programme consists of 1.15 hour sessions over 10 weeks ( total 11.5 hours).  The Leaving Cert student leaves with everything needed for the perfect Irish oral exam.


The smart student wants a class that is streamed in order to challenge them without feeling intimidated during each session. All Essential French classes are streamed.  Weaker classes concentrate on revising basics before moving to more advanced material. The advanced groups focus on perfecting accent, pronunciation and learn those phrases guaranteed to impress on the day.


The smart student looks for small class numbers.   We have the best teacher / pupil ratio nationally – 6 students per class.  This allows you to actively participate in class and to reach your full potential during each session. The key to successful learning for the oral is small class numbers to give everyone a chance to practice what they know!


The smart student wants exclusivity in course content so that their work stands out from the crowd.  Due to the small number of students per session in our programme, our tutors will ensure that your oral  material is UNIQUE.  We will show you how to build on what has been  learnt in school,  in order to develop answers that makes you stand out from your school mates – all to impress the examiner.  We concentrate on all of the oral themes as well as the topical issues of the moment.


The smart student will always have questions on the run up to the exam as well as during the course itself.  We are available online via Facebook to answer all questions you may have.  All students will be given exclusive access to our Essential French Facebook page from until the oral exams – where we will post exclusive content for their eyes only!




Programme duration : 10 weeks (1.15 hours per week = 11.5 hours tuition).

Programme starts in January.

All classes are streamed – based on your level, with a maximum of 6 students per class.

Payment of 100 euros to secure your place. Reminder of fee to be paid before the programme begins.

If you are interested please contact us immediately as places are limited!


Essential Irish was launched in September 2009, due to the new marking scheme in Irish announced by the Department of Education that same year.  As of 2019, the oral part of the Leaving Cert Irish course has been increased from 25% to 40% of the overall marks.  Our Essential Irish team have developed an Irish oral programme very similar to that of Essential French, with the best teacher/student ratio nationally.  Our team  has worked diligently to ensure that our ORAL programme remains unique and exclusive to our students. Additional facilities are provided to enhance and personalise our programme. We at Essential Irish promise to maximise your potential regardless of your level.

Essential Irish Leaving Cert Irish Oral Programme:

Why choose Essential Irish?

Exclusive Material: We promise you exclusivity in the material and in the programme.  Everything we provide you is exclusive to our Essential Irish students.  Our tutor will personalize the material –  guaranteed to impress !

Individual Attention: the best teacher / student ratio in Ireland : maximum 6 students per class.  This is to ensure you have every opportunity to practice.

An Enthusiastic Teaching Team: in a relaxed atmosphere, our tutors will build your confidence and perfect your fluency in Irish. Tá fonn orainn feabhas a chur ar do chuid Gaeilge!

Classes at your level: Classes are streamed.  Weaker pupils revise the basics before moving forward while advanced pupils benefit from a more challenging programme to guarantee that “H1” grade.

A Course that covers every part of the Irish Leaving Cert ORAL programme: Including the picture sequences.

Help outside Classroom Hours: Online support 24 hours a day via our private Facebook page.



Check out the bottom of this page for feedback on these courses! 

Essential Irish: Here is what our students have to say about our programme 

“It has been one of the best decisions I have made.  All the material is ata a very high standard and all possible aspects are covered.  The LC course is broken down so well and the small classes are great! Ye go far beyond any other average weekly grind”  Nicole Collins, Christ King

“ The teachers were great; I learnt so much during the year long programme!  I would recommend Essential Irish to everyone!”  Deirdre O Halloran, Ballincollig Community College

“Teacher was so enthusiastic and the notes were fantastic. I  feel so much better prepared now”  Jean Kiely, Carrigaline Community College

“The small classes really gives a lot of time for practice and personalising my answers! Thanks a million!”   Gillian O Riordan, Mount Mercy College

“Notes were brilliant and the help with our pronunciation was really good too.  Don’t  think I would have been able for the oral without it”  Joanne O Mahony, Christ King, Douglas, Cork.


Essential French  Language College, is a leading provider of Leaving Cert Irish grinds in Cork. Our Leaving Cert Oral Programme will prepare students for the Oral exam and also enhance their Irish Oral skills.


26 responses to “Leaving Cert Irish Oral”

  1. Jean Mc Auliffe says:

    I would highly recommend Essential Irish to all students, regardless of level and ability. The small class settings combined with the supportive help from Shauna made me feel confident and prepared for my Oral exam. Shauna was an amazing teacher who went the extra mile for her students.

  2. Laura Higgins says:

    Amazing course, Shauna was so helpful and really helped put me at ease for the orals! Amazing notes and practice speaking in class, would really recommend

  3. Amy Ryan says:

    This Irish course was a life saver!! The oral was something I was very nervous about and I didn’t even know where to start learning or what notes to learn. This course made it so simple we got a booklet that had everything we needed in it and I was able to learn it all quite easily with the tips we were given. I was able to asnwer every question in my oral and the examiner even asked me if Irish was my first language!! Such a worthwhile course I couldn’t recommend it enough.

  4. Sylvie Roche says:

    Essential Irish really helped me and made a huge impact with the Irish oral! It went from being an impossible task, to one I was confident in. The class wasn’t intimidating and I actually looked forward to it each week, I grew to enjoy the Irish subject as a result. I couldn’t recommend this course more!

  5. Sinéad Buckley says:

    Essential Irish made such a huge impact on my oral back in early April!!! I am hoping to study Primary Teaching in college so I knew my oral standard would have to be high in order to achieve a good result!!! What I like most about this course is that it is completely focused on the speaking of the language above everything else, which is arguably the most important part!! My teacher Cian was so helpful and was also a gaeilgeoir which made such a huge difference in the classes!! All the teachers in Essential Irish are so committed to the language and want you to reach your full potential!! Thanks so much Essential Irish!! 🙂 🙂

  6. Emma Peate says:

    I felt very comfortable and confident going into my Irish oral thanks to this course! During the classes I got a lot of time to speak which was great as in school it is more difficult to talk because the class numbers are so large. The Irish oral exam is such an important part of the LC Irish course and I am very pleased with how my exam went thanks to all the help I received from EF!

  7. Edel Woulfe says:

    I went to essential French for Irish oral grinds and it was the best decision I ever made. The help we received was unbelievable, so many excellent phrases and ideas were shared with us. We were always given an opportunity to speak and practice aloud in class and this made me very comfortable when it came around to the actual oral. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

  8. Sarah says:

    This Irish programme gave me so much confidence and practice! Teachers struggle in schools to practice with everyone, this program me ensures you get weekly practice ! I really enjoyed the content as it was modern involving Snapchat etc! This gvr my notes something different to others in my class.
    I would highly recommend this course without it I would have been majorly panicked!!

  9. Sarahjane O'Mahoney says:

    This class was a lifesaver! It really got me into the right frame of mind for the orals and without this class I don’t know what I would’ve have done! Having done this class I felt so much more confident heading into my oral as I felt prepared for anything! I learned so much in the 10 weeks and the extra support really made a difference! I highly recommend this course to everyone!

  10. Amy Roberts says:

    Essential Irish Is a brill course, the notes are top quality and the teacher is highly enthusiastic and friendly! Would reccomend to anyone who is struggling a bit with Irish, it really helped me get On top of it all.

  11. Grace Boylan says:

    I cannot recommend this Irish course enough. Not only did it cover all oral questions and improve my confidence in speaking irish but it also gave me useful tips and phrases for other parts of the irish exam like the Aiste. Clíona is such a lovely person and an amazing teacher and I really learnt a lot from the course. It doesn’t matter what level irish you are at, the course is suited to all. It also covers basic grammar which I found very useful as grammar was always my weak spot. I’m really glad I did it, I felt really confident and well prepared walking into the oral which took a lot of pressure off. The classes are enjoyable and well structured, I recommend Essentail Irish to anyone!

  12. Rachel Palmer says:

    I can not recommend this course enough! I have learned so much in such a short period of time! The course covers every part of the oral including the sraith pictuirs and the poems which was of great help to me! When I started the Essential Irish Oral Course my level of Irish was terrible to say the least but thanks to Eabha’s enthusiasm and fantastic notes I feel so confident speaking “as gaeilge” 🙂 The course also covers grammer basics which not only helped my oral Irish but also my written! I am so happy that I chose this course and I would recommend it to absolutely everyone who wants to suceed in the “scrudu cainte”!!

  13. Aisling Woulfe says:

    I can’t praise Essential Irish enough! Éabha has a grá for the language, the enthusiasm and dedication and really wants her students to do the best scrúdú cainte possible! The class size is great- ensuring plenty of speaking time for everyone, but listening to others you learn new things too! The arrangement of classes means that you can be sure everything is right for your level. All topics that you cover are guaranteed to impress and you will definitely leave the course with a greater confidence and fluency!

  14. Aisling Woulfe says:

    I can’t praise Essential Irish enough! Éabha has a grá for the language, the enthusiasm and dedication and really wants her students to do the best scrúdú cainte possible! The class size is great- ensuring plenty of speaking time for everyone, but listening to others you learn new things too! The arrangement of classes means that you can be sure everything is right for your level. All topics that you cover is guaranteed to impress and you will definitely leave the course with a greater confidence and fluency!

  15. Evin Cashman says:

    I would 100% recommend this course to absolutely everyone doing an Irish oral! Our teacher, Eabha, literally taught me 3 years of oral work and notes in 10 weeks in the run up to the exam, and a lot of it will be very helpful with your written work as well. You’re started off with some of the more basic topics which makes it a lot easier, and Eabha is always helpful and will correct any extra notes you’ve done. I feel so much more confident about my exams now, and I owe so much of that to Essential Irish! Go raibh mile maith agat!

  16. Megan O'Brien says:

    I started the Irish Oral course 9 weeks ago and I found it extremely beneficial! My teacher Éabha is so encouraging and boosted my confidence for my oral! I’ve found that the intimate class offers one on one attention in all aspects of the oral exam. I would really recommend Éabha and the Essential Irish oral course as it offers amazing notes and a comfortable environment to gain confidence to speak infront of others about all topics in the oral. So thankful to Éabha for all the help she has given me. I really enjoyed the course and I’m more then ready to sit my oral thanks to Essential Irish.

  17. Bebhinn coleman says:

    I did essential irish oral for 5th and 6th year, the material is exclusive and guarentees you to stand out from others in the oral exam! Éabha, my teacher is so encouraging and really helpful! I’d really urge anybody interested in the course to go for it!

  18. Caoimhe cotter says:

    Essential Irish Oral has been so beneficial to me this year. Eabha has been such a fantastic help to us. I had zero confidence back in September but now I’m more than ready to sit the oral. I would definitely recommend this to everyone if you feel your irish oral is standard. It literally cuts your work in half and makes you feel so prepared, no need for any cramming!! Thrilled that I committed to his course , well worth it!

  19. Eric O'Neill says:

    I would highly recommend doing the 10 week Irish oral course. Before starting the course I wasn’t confident at all about my level of Irish for the oral but I could see early on in the course that I was going to get my money’s worth. The vocab given is of a really high standard and I am now a lot better at the oral than most of the people in my class in school. It has given me confidence knowing that I have the material required to get 40% and I’m not relying on the notes I have gotten in school which I am unsure of. My teacher is so enthusiastic and friendly. She is extremely easy to approach if I need to ask a question. She will translate any piece of information I give to her and I know it will be of a high quality because she has a really impressive standard of Irish. I would strongly recommend the course to anybody serious about getting a high grade in the Irish Oral!

  20. Ciara O'Mahony says:

    Doing the 10 week Irish course was a huge help! Before starting the class I was convinced I would have to drop to ordinary level Irish because my oral and written work was so bad. After completing the course I had a lot more confidence, Essential Irish provided me with all the relevant information needed to get a high grade in the oral exam. The teachers are extremely helpful and because of Essential Irish my Irish oral could not have went better! I would recommend this coarse to anyone!

  21. Padraig Wilson McCarthy says:

    To be honest back in September my Irish would have been weak at an ordinary standard… Essential Irish helped me to improve my Irish dramatically and achieve more than i ever imagined… The one on one Oral classes helped my confidence at speaking the once dreaded language to grow and the comprehensive notes on all other aspects of the course cut down the workload so we had exactly what we needed to achieve a good grade and nothing to waste our time! I am absolutely delighted with my B in higher level, not only did it boost my points but it was also mandatory for my course.. Could not recommend this course enough to anyone worrying about the subject.. It takes a load off the mind and a weight off the shoulders!

  22. Deirdre Murphy says:

    I thought the 10-week Leaving Cert Irish Oral course was brilliant! The teacher was lovely, the classes were really small, and you would be so surprised at how much you get covered in 10 weeks!

    We covered every possible topic that could come up in the oral, from the basics like Mé Féin and Mo Cheantar to An Tímpeallacht and Saol an Déagóra. Every class we revised the topics from the week before so it ensured you were learning the stuff as you went along instead of leaving it to the last minute – which I definitely would have done if it wasn’t for this course!

    The notes on the Sraithpictúirí were great, and going through them in class each week really helped you get a handle on all 20 of them.

    When I came out of my Irish oral 2 weeks ago I was absolutely delighted with how I got on, and I know that if it wasn’t for doing this course I definitely wouldn’t have felt so confident and prepared going into my Scrúdú Cainte!

    If anyone was considering putting some extra time into doing a course for the Irish Oral next year (now that it’s 40% and everything!) I would really recommend signing up for this one – that extra bit of work is definitely worth it! 🙂

  23. Ciara Horgan says:

    I found the Essential Irish oral classes really helpful, as it ensured that I was prepared for my oral in the weeks leading up to the exam, covered all the sraith pictuirs and had really good notes in comparison to the notes i had received in school. Also the classes are small which is great as everybody in the class has the opportunity to practise speaking irish to the teacher, which is hard to do in a big class in school. The classes cover every possible question and I felt really prepared ,as opposed to cramming the week before the actual exam with notes you haven’t seen in months!I definitely feel it helped and would recommend the course!

  24. I started grinds with essential irish only 10weeks before my oral exam. I still had pages of school notes to learn and was under huge pressure.
    When i first started the grinds i was a bit sceptical as i thought the amount in the notes (which turns out was the perfect amount) was not going to be enough to impress the examiner. I couldnt have been more wrong.
    Along with highlighting the reems of useless crap we were being given to learn in school, especially on the more difficult topics, i literally cut my workload in half.
    We were given specific individually based work which made my oral completely
    personal and natural sounding.
    When it came to the day of the oral, there was nothing better than having your 1 or 2(max) really good irish sentences on difficult topics and moving onto your stronger personal topics. There is only 15mins, including sraiths,poetry,signing in,etc..there was no time to show off difficult paragraphs against the clock and also there being the chance of being interupted for sounding learnt off. That doesnt happen with 2 sentences.
    I’d reccomend Essential Irish to anybody, so worth it.

  25. Mairead Hennigan says:

    I would really recommend doing the course because it ensures you are learning and revising your oral the 10 weeks running up to the oral! I thought the notes on the sraithphictiúrs were great as it made sure i learned the rich phrases which really bumps up your grade! In general, there’s no way Iwould have done that amount of study for the oral without the course!

  26. Aoife Cotter says:

    Back in September 2011, I enrolled for Essential Irish hoping for the best, and that is without a doubt what I have received and more from all here at Essential Irish. The Essential Irish team have been of much needed help to me over the last few months. All the tutors are so understanding, easy to approach and the small class sizes make coming in welcoming, worth- while and benefial. From having the same Irish teacher in school from day- one of first year my standard of Irish was made up of just the basics, I can now say that with the help and support of essential team and the well layout programme, I have finally learned to appreciate the beauty of the Irish language. I can now say I am
    confident and comfortable in sitting both my upcoming oral and written exam in June. Essential Irish is definitely the way to go if you feel your standard of Irish is low and you need some help or you just need that extra push, the Essential Irish team will be right behind you! I would recommend this programme to anyone !

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