LC SOS Programme April 2019 – Killarney here we come!

Due to its outstanding success in April 2018, we will be holding our exclusive Leaving Cert French SOS Programme in Killarney at the end of April again this year. As you may know, our Leaving Cert students in Cork have obtained the highest grades in the country for the past 16 years.

Study Shark Blog #3 Study Smart not Hard!

Well – this next #StudyShark blog is for all of ye LCs out there – dreading the year ahead! Matt, from TheLeavingCertBible on Insta has come onboard to share his #NuggetsOfWisdom with ye all.

Study Shark Blog #2 10 Things I wish I knew This Time Last Year for JC

Bonjour mes amis. Our second blog comes from Katie, who sat her Junior Cert in June this year. I love Katie’s social media accounts – a mix of lifestyle, study, fashion and beauty. We started chatting on social media a while back and the gas thing is – she doesn’t even study French! As soon as I came up with our #studysharks idea – I thought of her immediately.

Study Shark Blog #1 The Set-Up to Study Smart

To kickstart our Study Shark Blogs let me introduce you to Sean. I’m his number 1 fan! I met him on SC through bants and chats and he attended our LC Dublin Workshops last year (H1 in French of course!). When he obtained 625 points in the LC last year I knew we needed his brain! He agreed to join our EF team and take part in our Dublin Workshops this past year – sharing his tips/tricks to study at the workshops and in our exclusive FB live streaming as part of the workshop programme. We are thrilled that he is taking part again this coming year.

To blog or not to blog – that is the question!

We don’t blog! Those of ye following us a while know our form. We prefer Snapchat and Instagram to engage and teach ye. That’s just us. There are some great blogs out there but personally, I find educational blogs can be very similar to study – reading and reading reams of content. And we want to make French more than that! We want to make it – dare I say it – feckin great gas altogether!


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As you may know, our Leaving Cert students in Cork have obtained the highest grades in the country in French for the past 15 years. Last year was no different – while 5.6% of students obtained a H1 nationally, over 30% of our students obtained this grade.


As you know the LC oral exam accounts for 25% of the LC exam.  These marks are extremely easy to achieve PROVIDED you are well prepared and know how to play the game to maximize marks. 

5th year Programme Jan 2018

There are so many reasons that 5th year students join the EF gang in Term 2.  Some wish to get ahead for the Leaving Cert year in Sept.   Many of our students choose EF to help identify and resolve problems they are having with the language. Others start the programme to stay ahead and maintain their high grades easily and effortlessly. This easy step by step programme guides the 5th year students through all areas of the course at a comfortable yet challenging pace. 

How to Choose a Document for the LC ORAL Exam

EF and non EF students have been contacting me these past few weeks on SC regarding the document – will you do one or not? So here is the inside info – from the Essential French point of view! Firstly, despite what many teachers say, the document is NOT compulsory!  You will NOT be penalised if you […]