Guest Blog # 2 : Jake Murphy

Bonjour mes amis! Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on our first blogger Kaumal’s post. We are going to post another general study guide, this time from an adopted EFer, Jake Murphy, now studying medicine in UCC. It is perfectly timed for the Easter Hols and how to stay motivated. Merci Jake!


GREAT NEWS MES AMIS!! We are continuing our series of Study Seminars to help students throughout Cork over the Easter Holidays.

Guest Blog No. 1 : General LC study tips – Kaumal Baig

Absolutely THRILLED with the feedback on our new Guest Blogging series. Imagine – we only came up with this idea a couple of days ago and already we have 6 bloggers who are ready to help you with tips and tricks they learned in college and in Leaving Cert year that they want to share with you!

Calling all Former EFers

We are looking for former EFers to help us help LC students with their studies.

Leaving Cert French Oral Programme 2013

The smart LC student wants an intensive “no nonsense” oral programme focusing on EXACTLY what is needed to get maximum marks. Our course does just that!

Our Exclusive 3R Study Method!

This study method is the easiest one to prepare and probably the most enjoyable. It focuses on listening technique – and if done properly, will help EVERY part of the Leaving Cert French paper.  You do not need any teacher to improve your listening comprehension. It is just a question of listening as much French […]

Free SOS – Support On Study Seminars August 2012

Due to the unbelievable success of last year’s seminars we have been inundated with phone calls and emails these past few weeks from parents and students inquiring about this year’s event. We are thrilled to announce the date of our SOS (Support On Study) programme for Leaving Cert students in Cork.

Who Wants To Win €1500?

Great competition – open to EVERYONE!

As ye know for the past number of years we give a 30 euros voucher (for shop of your choice) to each person who recommends us to a new student. To make things a little more fun we are adding an exciting TWIST!!!

Junior Cert – last minute tips for 2012 exam!

We hope you find the following info useful – remember we are on Facebook every evening to answer any questions you may have – like our page not to miss out on any advice!

Leaving Cert French Grammar Terminology Exercise!

The grammar questions in each of the reading comprehensions are worth valuable marks. The terms, however, are very confusing! Here is an exercise – see if you can find the answers –

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