Reachout Ireland have asked me to put together a list of midterm tips for LC students and to post on their Facebook page – so here it is as promised!

SOS – kick starting our Support On Study Programme!

As promised we are officially kick starting our SOS programme – Support On Study – over midterm for our Essential French and Irish students! Remember all of these seminars will be held by former EF students – FREE OF CHARGE TO OUR STUDENTS!!

Once an Essential French Student, always an Essential French Student!!

As all Essential French students are aware – “once an Essential French student always an Essential French student!”

Junior Cert Results remain unmatched yet again this year!

I am so proud to fill ye all in on our superb Junior Cert French results this year!! Out of all of our students – we have -all A grades and 3 B grades .

Breaking the Rules in Grind Tuition – yet again !!!!

I have spent the summer working on new ideas that break the traditional grind mentality!! As you all probably know at this stage – we are not just a grind school!! From our Facebook online service to our extra free classes – we continue to break the rules of grind tuition.


Where has the summer gone??

Celebrations all round among our LC students!

Quelle belle journée aujourd’hui! What else can I say??

Winner of Our Decadent Debs Handmade Corsage!

Lorna of LolaDee has received fantastic feedback from her new Handmade Debs corsages, showcased at our Decadent Debs event on Tues Aug 10th.

3 more winners from our Decadent Debs Raffle …..

Thanks to Elsa and Gogo On-line Boutique, we have 3 fab prizes for raffle!

Essential French loving the silly season!

I just LOVE the month of August, often described as the Silly Season!!!