To blog or not to blog – that is the question!

We don’t blog! Those of ye following us a while know our form. We prefer Snapchat and Instagram to engage and teach ye. That’s just us. There are some great blogs out there but personally, I find educational blogs can be very similar to study – reading and reading reams of content. And we want to make French more than that! We want to make it – dare I say it – feckin great gas altogether!

Calling All Transition Year Students!

Great news mes amis!!

We have just launched our French and NEW Irish programmes to Transition Yea students in Cork city.


EF and non EF students have been emailing me these past few weeks regarding the document – will you do one or not? So here is the inside info – from the EF point of view!

Un voyage scolaire à Paris

Merci beaucoup à tous – we are so chuffed with the response from so many schools all over the country!! A HUGE “merci” to all of the secondary school teachers who have contacted us these past couple of weeks, who are using our BLOG as a class exercise to assist in last minute oral preparation!